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About Pedometers

Walking is one of the best forms of exercise. You don’t need a gym, no cardio equipment and no trainer. However, the pedometer is one gadget that can help you ace your walking goals. It’s a good thing to check out some options before getting started. 

A lot of people often complain about not finding time to hit the gym or for sport & outdoor activities. Add to that the lack of motivation, and it does no good. However, getting your daily bit of exercise is so important. It helps you stay fit, boosts your metabolism and helps you shed those extra kilos. No matter how busy you are, only by creating a schedule you can stick to some regular exercising. The best and easiest way is walking. Yes, those brisk walks are so healthy and help you feel refreshed. If you’re not an early bird, stick to evening walks. There’s nothing like a long walk after a hard day, and you’ll come back feeling so energised! You can go for a pedometer to track your steps and the kilometres, and it also boosts confidence. Over time try increasing your steps and the distance while keeping the amount of time the same. This way, you will walk faster and burn more calories, resulting in a much better output. 

Different types of pedometers you can buy today 

When it comes to a pedometer, it helps you in many ways. Along with knowing the steps and the calories, it also keeps pushing you to get better. You will try to use the stairs more to complete your goal, walk wherever you can and never take the easy way out. Over time, you’ll love the satisfaction you get when you complete your steps for the day goals. It’s a good thing that some amazing fitness brands are coming up with their very own pedometers. You thus, have a lot of options that you can pick from. It’s also essential to check out the different types of pedometers and their features before you make a choice. 

The clip-on pedometer  

The most straightforward style, the clip-on pedometer, is undoubtedly the perfect option for everybody. If you don’t like the fact that you have to wear the pedometer like a watch, then you should go for this one. For businesspersons especially, wearing anything other than a watch on their wrist does not look good. This, clip-on is a perfect choice in this case. The best place to use it is just about your hip or knee so that it can track accurately. Make sure you don’t throw your clothes into the laundry hamper without taking out the pedometer. If you have faced this issue, then go for waterproof choices so the pedometer doesn’t get ruined. 

The wrist pedometer  

Using a wrist pedometer is a classic choice. A lot of wrist pedometers have the aspect of time included so that you can ditch the watch in this case. There are some terrific choices, and you can choose the best one to suit your needs. The wrist ones are generally designed to be very sleek and fit perfectly on your wrist without causing any inconveniences. A lot of teenagers also love the wrist pedometer, as it looks good on jeans and casual outfits. The fact that you can quickly look at it to get an idea of your day’s activity makes it one of the best choices when it comes to convenience. 

The ankle pedometer  

If you don’t necessarily want to flaunt your pedometer but still feel comfortable having it on your body, then the ankle pedometer is a terrific pick. You can easily hide this when you wear pants or trousers, but it works just as well as any regular pedometer. A lot of people still don’t know about these options, as it’s a newer introduction. However, many brands have now devised their versions of the ankle style, and it’s a terrific choice. It’s also practical as you won’t end up getting things caught up in the pedometer. This one comes in many shapes and sizes, so choose something comfortable for you. 

The pocket pedometer  

It is recommended to have a pedometer somewhere on your body for the most accurate results. However, a pocket pedometer is suitable for those who can’t wear it due to professional reasons. These are small and have no straps, just like a compass or pocket watch. You can tuck it in your pocket and let it do its work. It also has a clip-on for safekeeping. However, the major drawback of this style is that wearers often forget to remove it before tossing away the shirt of the jacket in the laundry hamper. If you fall in that category, then it is better to pick on what you can wear on your ankle or wrist. 

Tips on how to buy investing in a pedometer for yourself 

With so many pedometer options, there is no better time to pick one. It will keep those motivation levels up, as you will want to fulfil your daily goals. The best way to choose the right style is to check out the options at a sports or electronics store. With several variations together, you can make the decision better. If you still don’t know how to go about it, here are some easy tips to get you started.

  • Pick the right style – The right type of pedometer is essential because it should work with your outfit. For most corporate individuals, wearing one on their ankles or the wrist is not an acceptable choice. The clip-on or pocket pedometer is best in this case.
  • Buy from a reputed brand – Always put your money where it is worth it. Commonly, you will find the same style and features in a device that is of an unknown brand but costs almost half or less than that. However, you can be sure of the quality, and with electronics, this factor is significant.
  • Ask for warranty or guarantee – With electronics, you will end up paying through your nose if the device starts to malfunction or completely stop working in the future. If the brand offers coverage for this, you won’t have to pay a penny.
  • Ask for recommendations – Ask your gym buddies or someone in fitness about which pedometer they use and if they like it. You can also read recommendations and find the pros and cons of different ones.
  • Wait for a sale – If the pedometer is pricey (most of them are) then waiting until there’s a sale is the right decision. In the UAE, especially, you will always find good discounts on online buying and purchases around the corner. Along with saving some good bucks, you can also find some fantastic freebies and deals if you wait for a sale.
  • Don’t rush it – Don’t be in a hurry, which often results in a hasty decision. Take your time to understand which style, type and model will work for you. This depends on factors like lifestyle, comfort, results and so on. You can also try on one that a friend has for a few days before you make the decision.

Buying a pedometer is an essential choice, and you should not jump into it hastily. You should also do your bit of research. Fix a budget after checking out the online decisions. Find out other features that pedometers have and see if it‘s worth your money. It‘s always a good idea to put in a bit more and go for an advanced model that will work for several years. This way, you save on the cost of upgrading a few years down the line.

Question & Answer

Which are the best pedometers in 2019?

With a large number of options, sometimes you really can’t decide which is the pest pedometer out there. Well, your budget is one aspect that can create a filter, next to the preferred style and the add on features too. However, here are some unbeatable ones that you should check out – Omron Walking Style IV Step Counter, Fitbit Flex 2, Apple Watch Series 4, Xiaomi Mi Band 3, LETSCOM Fitness Tracker, Garmin Vivofit 4, Misfit Shine 2 and Striiv Fusion Lite.

Which cheap pedometers as a clip-on style are highly recommended?

The clip-on pedometers are the most affordable ones. They are also easy to carry and perfect who don’t feel comfortable with the wrist or ankle style pedometers. A lot of brands have some excellent clip-on choices. Some of the best ones are – OSports Pedometer, Omron HJ325 Alvita, Ceilein Simple Walking Running 3D Pedometer Step Counter, 3DFitBud Simple Step Counter Walking 3D Pedometer with Clip and Lanyard, LEAP 3D Walking Pedometer Clip-on with Strap, Weak 7 Days Memory, Accurate Step Counter for Walking and Miles and PINGKO Best Pedometer for Walking Accurately Track Steps Portable Sport Pedometer.

Which are the best wrist pedometers?

Wrist pedometers are comfortable and practical. Plus, they can also tell you the time and date, making them the perfect watch replacements. They also look sleeker and more compact, and you can always choose a colour that works well with your outfits. The best thing is it is the perfect style as it fits perfectly on your body and tracks movements easily. Some good options are the Fitbit Alta HR, LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR, Activity Tracker Watch with Heart Rate Monitor, Smart Bracelet Fitness Tracker, Garmin Vivofit 2, Hocent Fitness Tracker, Activity Fitness Watch Waterproof Pedometer with Sleep Heart Rate Monitor, Vigorun Fitness Tracker Watch, Activity Tracker Waterproof Sleep Monitor and GOLiFE Care-X Smart Band Fitness Sports Wristband.

Where can you buy pedometers online in the UAE?

Dubai is the best place to buy electronics. There are brands from around the world that have stores in the UAE, making it easy to get whichever brand you prefer. However, online shopping is the way to get the best deals, offers and quick products, without any of the hassles. If you prefer to shop on the internet, check out, a brilliant product search engine with more than 500+ online stores. It does shopping online even better and leaves you with the best choices on a single platform.