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About Metal Detectors

Metal detectors are conventional, and we have all seen them at some point or the other. Be it in malls, at the airport, they are significant and help detect suspicious objects easily. It’s one way of minimising human efforts. 

Invented in 1881 by Alexander Graham Bell, metal detectors are not new. However, a lot of industries have only recently made them a part of their activities. Another reason for this is that new age metal detectors are a class apart. With many other features above regular detectors, they make for great devices. Today, there are many types of detectors that you can find. It, hence, becomes effortless to use as per your requirement. For example, the security or police detectors are heavy and sturdy and are the long-range type. The sensor used in a mall or the airport is not the same. Here, the bag or the person is close to the detector, so a regular one works just fine. These different features make a big difference. However, one significant fact of all new indicators is that they are all susceptible and give the most accurate results. 

Different types of metal detectors you can find today 

With the increasing need for metal detectors, there are several different types, brands and models you can pick from. Sellers will be able to help you with the best in the domain if you clarify the purpose. If you are new to this, then you can check the internet for some aesthetic choices, along with its features. Educating yourself before going on a shopping spree for metal detectors is the right thing to do. In this way, you also come across the newer additions, and it’s always an excellent choice to go for a better one. This way, you save on the hassle of having to upgrade in the future. Some of the very best metal detectors today are readily available online as well. 

The handheld metal detector

A common and popular type of metal detector, it’s effortless to find this one just about anywhere. The fact that it is the handheld type is one reason why it’s so lightweight and convenient to use. Storing and travelling with it also is no challenge. You might have to check the norms, however, especially while travelling in an aircraft. A lot of detectors also require proof, so if your office needs it, a letter would be good to allow easy carrying. The good thing, however, is that they are readily available online, so you can buy them anywhere if issues with travelling are not something you want to consider.  

The very-low-frequency detectors (VLF) 

A popular type, most of the standard metal detectors are the shallow frequency types. It is made of two spherical wire coils, known as the transmitter and the receiver. This is commonly in use for searching for treasures. The receiver is there to pick up signals from the ground. When both the transmitter and receiver collide and detect something, the beeper goes off. The tuner is an additional part that can be used to identify a particular metal only. Since aluminium and steel can frequently get detected, you can set this to spot only gold or silver. You can do this by filtering out the signals for the right ones. They are also used in sport & outdoor activities.

The industrial metal detector

Primarily used for security purposes, the industrial metal detector is more substantial and more massive. This is not like the handheld ones, and one cannot use them at airports, malls and lunges. The primary purpose of the industrial detector is for treasure and gold hunting. The doorframe detector is a common type of industrial detector you can find everywhere. This is also in offices and complexes that allow a lot of people every day. It again eliminates the need for human assistance. It’s also definitely more reliable. These detectors use standard electromagnetism principles to operate.

The long-range gold detector 

These work by using low current 9v or AA cells and help to locate a target that is far off. With this, the need to handhold the device and use it carefully is not in the picture. The signals of the long-range gold detector are dominant and thus able to identify the metal even from a distance. The need and usage of these long-range varieties are slowly going away. At the moment, very low-frequency detectors are the best choice. However, you may choose as per the requirement. The long-range detectors are also more expensive in comparison to the other types. 

Tips on how to buy Metal Detectors

Buying a metal detector – be it for personal or professional reasons is very common today. However, this gadget is pricey, especially if you go in for a good branded one. The thing to remember here is that you would instead go for one good detector, then several ordinary ones because they keep breaking down. Especially if you will be using it frequently, ensuring you think about this factor is very crucial. Today, it’s effortless to find the best metal detectors online.

  • Make sure it’s the right type of detector – Good metal detectors come in several different types. Be it the handheld type, VLF or the long-range, you should know which one is ideal for your requirement and choose wisely.
  • Ask for a guarantee or warranty – With electronics, it’s always a wise choice to ask for some backup in the form of a warranty or guarantee. If you face any issues in the future, you don’t need to shell a ton of cash from your pocket to get it fixed.
  • Buy from a reputed brand – Always buy from a reliable brand and store, to avoid duplicates and first copies. This is very important if you want to use it for a long. Quality is one aspect that you should not compromise upon, even if it costs you a little more.
  • If it is online, test it immediately – If you have made a purchase online, make sure you try using it soon as it arrives. This way, if you see a faulty product, you can arrange to return or exchange it immediately. For most brands, this window to ask for a replacement is very short, so take the step immediately.
  • Buy one with additional features – Along with a detector, if it has other features like waterproof, frequency, ground balance, headphone capability, digital target ID and so on. All these make it a better product, and you should surely consider them.
  • Do your research – If you’re not well aware of metal detectors, do your homework. Be it setting a budget, listing the best brands or checking the exclusive features of some detectors, make sure you are thorough before you go ahead.

While it’s undoubtedly tricky to find someone who owns one, if you do, ask them for some feedback. This is the best way to get some intel about the product before you purchase it. Another good thing to do is search the internet, mainly e-commerce sites that sell it for reviews. Honest reviews by customers will help you in identifying the pros and cons of the product. Focus more on the cons and see if it’s still worth it.

Question & Answer

Which are the best handheld metal detectors 2019?

Handheld metal detectors are possibly the most common ones. The fact that they are super easy to use, and even a beginner can figure out his way of using one goes to show why they are so popular. The Zircon M40-FFP Handheld Electronic Metal Detector, KKmoon Portable Light-Weight Metal Detector, Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector, Waterproof Metal Detector 7.5″ Sensitive Search Gold Digger Hunter, Ricomax Pinpointer Metal Detector and Pyle Pro Pinpointer Metal Detector are the best ones today.

Which metal detectors are the most affordable ones today?

If you are looking for a cheap detector, well, you’re in for a treat. There are a lot of choices available for those who are on a budget too. You can check out options like the Fisher F22, Garrett ACE 300, Bounty Hunter Tracker IV, Bounty Hunter Land Ranger, Teknetics T2, Bounty Hunter SS2 Sharpshooter II and the Tesoro Mojave. You can also check the regular ones if there is something you like and opt for the beginner ones, which are easily very affordable.

Which metals can a detector find?

Metal detectors can easily find aluminium, iron, nickel, copper, brass gold, silver, bronze tin, and lead. Along with these, you can also hunt for jewellery, coins and other metal substances in the ground. Here, the process of ‘discrimination’ comes into the picture. It mainly refers to the process of distinguishing between alloys and metal targets, as per the need. You can also set the detectors to pick up signals for particular metals only.

Where can you buy metal detectors online in Dubai?

Dubai is home to some of the best electronic stores. This makes it super easy to get access to an extensive range of detectors. You also have several brands from across the globe online, making it easy to see the chokes you have. The best way, however, is to use a product search engine like It’s the best way to make online sopping super quick and easy. With this one, you can access all the online sites on one platform and choose as you need.

The popular brands when it comes to metal detectors are Garrett, Minelab, Ceia, OKM and Fisher.