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About Jeu De Boules

Basketball, football, volleyball, petanque boules – wait for what? Isn’t that what just came to your mind? If you’re yet to experience the joys of playing the French ‘boules’ (or as the French call it, the petanque) then we suggest you go through this article now! In this guide we highlight different types of Jeu de boules and a few tips on how to buy boules set online in UAE. 

Petanque is an outdoor game played by the French. The game has two opposing teams, trying to throw the ‘boules’ to a ‘but’. The ‘boules’ are metallic spheres with the size of an orange, while the ‘but’ is a little wooden sphere the size of a plastic bottle cork. Sometimes, this cork is also called a cochonnet, meaning piglet. Quite interesting, isn’t it? However, like all other games, these too have an intriguing history, different types and many other facts and figures. Therefore, if you are tired of the conventional games out there and want to try out something new, then go for Jeu de boules. But, remember that you need to understand them first and buy the apt boules set to play and enjoy the game in the right way. 

The different types of petanque balls to purchase  

The game came into the limelight in 1910 in a charming little village called La Ciotat. However, in those days the people played the so-called jeu provençal. It required the player to gain momentum by taking one or two running steps before throwing the ball. However, this rule changed. It so happened that one of the games great figures named Jules LeNoir became confined to a wheelchair and couldn’t run. He became mortified, believing that he cannot play the game anymore. But the other villagers were kind enough to change the rules for him. They eliminated the running requirement from the game. And that’s what the modern game of petanque follows in the modern era. Today, you’ll find different kinds of petanque boules with which you can add a twist to your game. We’ve rounded up some of the best Jeu de boules set below. 

The metal petanque competition boules

Unlike leisure balls, these petanque boules come in specific designs for serious competitions. This also means that the balls are certified by the International Petanque Federation (FIPJP) to use in tournaments. You’ll find such balls in many different sizes, hardness, weights, and striation patterns. However, mostly the competition petanque balls measure between 70.5 mm to 80 mm in diameter and 650-800 grams in weight. By the way, it is important to note that the competition balls are made thicker and comes in stronger steel than the leisure balls. The balls are carefully designed, and machine cut so that they stay consistent in weight and size. That’s one of the reasons why we recommend buying the cheaper leisure balls when you are practising. Later, you can move on to the professional ones. 

The indoor boules

What if you do not have an ideal outdoor space to play this game. Will you be able to play in the same way? Well, of course, you can. You only require a very little area to play this game. Moreover, you also get petanque balls that are specifically made only for indoor purposes. Such balls come in much softer materials, unlike the balls made for competition and leisure. You cannot count these softballs as the real petanque balls. That’s because they look very similar to the toys. However, interesting they aren’t toys either. Typically, these indoor Jeu de boules look like a cross between a bean bag and a little soccer ball. In other words, they are sand-filled bags that are very poorly made. This is also the reason why they do not weigh or play like the actual petanque balls. 

The leisure Decathlon boule

You know that the game of petanque is void without a good set of petanque balls. However, if you are a novice or a newbie to the game, you can always go for the most common and inexpensive set of balls, which is the leisure boules. You often call them recreational, weekend or generic balls. By the way, you’ll find them only in one weight and size with a bright chrome finish. Though these too come in metal or steel, they tend to be thinner than the actual metal petanque balls. Moreover, they are filled with sand or dirt to bring them up to the ideal weight. The French company Decathlon makes leisure boules of good quality. Hence, it comes with a bigger price tag too. In such cases, where you want to save a few bucks go for Chinese brands of boules. 

The mini petanque balls

The actual jeu de boules themselves are small. But, do you know there is an even smaller version of it. You call these mini petanque balls. They usually come in sizes around 35mm and are made of metal. Moreover, the French normally call them ‘carpet boules’. So, basically, they look like the mini version of the actual balls. However, note that it must have the usual six in number. As adults, you can buy them for your toddler. This will encourage them to play and engage in the games that you play. This will facilitate a great bonding between your kid and yourself. Moreover, they prove to be one of the great sets of toys for the kids to play with. They are weightless and harmless too.

Tips on how to buy Jeu De Boules online

So now you are quite familiar with the game of petanque and the role that the balls played in the game. With this, you must’ve also figured out that there are several types of Jeu de boules out there too. But you still need to buy one. Now, this is where everything gets tricky. Do you buy an indoor ball, mini or the actual expensive set of petanque balls? These questions keep hounding you when you set out to buy the product online. Well, below are a few tips that’ll come in handy to buy the best petanque boules out there on the market.

  • Understand the usage – One of the most important and foremost things to do before purchasing the Jeu de boules is to know their usage. In other words, you must know where you are going to play the game. Are you going to a competition, or perhaps are just trying a hand in it and playing for leisurely purposes? Each of these will determine the kind of ball to purchase.
  • Explore the different types – There are several types of Jeu de boules out there. There is one for competitions, and there is another for indoor play and some for leisure as well. Hence, it is imperative to first understand their various types. You must carefully weigh their straits to pick the perfect one that best suits your needs.
  • Check out the material – When it comes to the petanque game, the material plays a crucial role in a successful game. For instance, if you cannot use a lightweight indoor petanque ball in a tournament. You need to have the heavy, thick and hard Jeu de boules that come in metal. Hence, once you know your usage, you must then check out the material of the balls to achieve a perfect buy.
  • Keep an eye on the diameter – You must know that there is a potential difference in feeling the weight of the big and small petanque balls. And this weight is determined by the diameter. Therefore, you must weigh them before you buy them. However, you might get this convenience while shopping online. Nevertheless, you can always check out the product specification to see their exact weight specs.
  • Look at the cost – Like any other sports & outdoor ball, you’ll find both expensive and cheap boules sets. This is exactly why you ought to set aside a budget for yourself before you start your search online for the perfect model. Also, a tip; do not go for expensive ones if you are a novice. Try and get the boules for sale online in UAE.
  • Read reviews online – Just before you hit the ‘buy’ button, make sure you read a bunch of reviews online. This genuine customer feedbacks will help you weigh the merits and demerits of the product. This will largely help you in deciding the brand of the product. But, if you are still not convinced, you can always dig in a little deeper and check out the expert product reviews.

The right set of Jeu de boules can make a world of difference when playing the game. And trust us, you do not want to be trying something for the first time and spoiling the fun and thrill because of the low-quality game gears. We hope the tips above will help you pick out the perfect set of petanque balls without much hassle. Also, ensure that the product you choose is in sync with your likings. You do not want to be disappointed once you purchase them.

Question & Answer

How to throw petanque ball?

Petanque is a popular French game. Like any other game, you’ll see a set of rules for this game too. Typically, the game requires you to throw a set of balls while standing inside a circle. But there is a specific technique to throw the ball too. You need to swing your arm and hand forward while clenching the ball in your hand. While doing this, your left arm must stay more or less up and behind you. Once, you are in this position; you release the ball, snap your curled wrist upward and open your fingers to let the ball fly.

Where should I get personalised petanque balls?

We know that there are many among you who are pro petanque players. Thus, you would want to go to customized balls that fit your hands perfectly. For that, you need to approach the retailers who can customise your petanque balls. There are several stores in the market that offer personalised engraving on the balls. For example, you can get your team’s logo engraved or even a name on it. However, just remember that the weight, style and size of the original balls remain unchanged.

How many boules does petanque have?

A typical game of Jeu de boules has three boules. Usually, two teams play the game of Jeu de boules where each team has one, two, or three players. In the singles and doubles game, each player plays with three metal boules. In triples, every player uses only two of them. To learn more you can consult the experts or online sources to know how many boules does petanque have.

Where to buy boules set online in UAE?

Several online stores and other sports stores offer high-quality Jeu de boules to shop. If you’re out trying to get a perfect set of boules, then go ahead and check out the options available on Our product search engine offers you a whole new range of boules set from popular brands like Obut, Bocce to KTK Okaro, Ton’r, and Futura. Better yet, you can compare the prices of each model and buy them from your favourite online stores.

Petanque is a great sport to play and therefore, all of you must at least try it once. But remember to get yourself the right balls before you play. We hope this article has given you a fair idea about the game and the crucial role of the petanque boules in the game.