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Searching for a hockey stick is like harry potter buying his wand – you can only own what’s meant for you. And if you are currently exploring the one, you have lots of factors to consider before setting your eyes on some random product. We suggest spending an ample amount of time, compare products, read reviews, and lastly grab only the best.

Hockey sticks have a major role to play in hockey sport. The structure is almost the same on all kind of sticks that is a thin implementation with a curved end. The end is used to play with the ball by various actions required in the sport, such as push, pull, hit, strike, flick, steer, and many others. There are many forms of hockey sports and so having many variations of these sticks is logical. Often players are very sensitive about the equipment they use. So, whether it is your first purchase or second, make sure you leave no stone unturned to make the stick long-lasting and compatible.

Types of hockey sticks

Composite sticks, Wood sticks, and two-piece shaft and blade combos – these are three types you will most likely see online. Composite ones aren’t durable yet used by most NHL players today. This is one lightweight and high-performance stick on the market. On the other hand, the wood type is heavy as compared to composite ones, but they are durable and cheap. These wood sticks are not that popular because of the technological advancements nowadays. Lastly, two-piece sticks have excellent performance ability, and it is affordable as well. However, the product loosens over time, and this is the only disadvantage of this stick. Whether you are shopping hockey sticks in bulk or picking one for you, all this substantial information will lead you to a smart purchase.

Warrior hockey sticks

Let’s review one of their best products – Fantom QRE. Weighing just 360 grams, this product has a low kick point to make your shot faster. Technically, it means that the shaft bends more towards the head, thereby launching at a higher angle. You can check the flex number while buying custom warrior hockey sticks online – the higher the flex number, the stiffer a stick will be. But which one to choose? Let’s say your weight is 140 pounds, then the flex you should buy should be half of your weight that is 70 pounds. Stick flexes depend on your age as well. At a senior level, flex number 100 is ideal for you. Let’s check out other brands products and go deeper into their features.

Grays hockey sticks

Power, control, and speed are supposed to be players characteristics, but with the right tools, the characteristics can mature the right way. At Grays, low bow and medium bow are two shapes you can find for different purposes. The low bow is more towards aerial & 3D skills, and the medium bow is focused on the core skills of the game. The weight of these sticks is between 530-550g, which is great for an excellent pickup. The manufacturers are trustworthy and thereby pay much heed to the balancing nature of the stick. You can confidently pick this brand if you are considering buying field hockey sticks in Dubai. Many international players use Grays stick, such as Sam Ward, Matias Paredes and Grace Balsdon. We have another ace brand to review next. So, read on.

Bauer hockey sticks

Bauer exists as one of the best hockey stick brands in the UAE. And, they are best at ice hockey sticks made up of wood and carbon fibre. Overall, they produce lighter yet stable versions as compared to their counterparts in the market. They have categorised their sticks further as Vapor, Nexus, Supreme, Prodigy, and NSX sticks. You can easily filter the sticks with flex, curve, age group, and level of play, and Bauer will show you the perfect match. Some of the best versions are Vapor Flylite stick, 2S Pro, Nexus 2N Pro, Supreme 1S, and more. It is indeed difficult to pick up one for you because every product that you review has something great to fall for. At this point, it becomes imperative to read some tips to follow while buying a stick for you.

Tips on how to buy Hockey sticks online

A player knows best – that’s all we have to say for buying field hockey sticks online. If the player is comfortable, nothing else matters. What we are doing here is compiling a list of features, so you don’t have to seek brands and compare them with each other. All you can do is check out these features under the specifications list, and pick the best products out of hundreds of them available in the market. So, let’s get started.

  • Material – Wood hockey sticks are fine for the beginner level player, but as a professional, you need to have a composite stick. If you go for an expensive wooden stick option, you can buy a composite one at the same price either 1-piece or 2-piece.
  • Types – Fibreglass, aluminium, carbon fibre, Kevlar, reinforced are the options you can find in the market. The trending ones nowadays are carbon-fibre and expensive as well. There is a cheaper option available, which is a mix of carbon fibre with fibreglass and other materials.
  • Height – As per the experts, a hockey stick should touch your knee while you are on skates. However, the height depends on player preference as well. Some demand a short hockey stick while some tall. Overall, the stick must be productive for you – that’s all that matters.
  • Weight – any hockey stick under 450gm is light. Usually, players go for lighter versions because of the fast pick they provide. Other than that, defensemen prefer heavy stick but not the wooden one as it lacks durability.
  • Curve – While many hockey sticks get a straight design nowadays, but choosing the curve depends on whether a player is right-handed or left-handed. The blade of the hockey stick is curved at the toe, middle, or heel of the blade.
  • Lie – It is the angle between blade and shaft. These angles vary between 43, 45, and 47 degrees. If you are tall, you need a higher angle so that you can play comfortably. Some product specifications list down angle value rather than the angle in degree.

Whether you are a beginner or currently shopping hockey sticks in bulk, these features are a must to look. Creating a budget for the product is for you to decide as we have mentioned affordable as well as expensive options both. Once you are done with the budget, you can start exploring product at our retail search engine . Here, you can find all the brands, and all the variants we have discussed on this page. You don’t have to look elsewhere to compare the products and read customer feedbacks.

Question & Answer

Why are hockey sticks so expensive?

To answer this question, let’s consider the most expensive hockey sticks – the ones made from carbon fibre. No doubt carbon fibre is way more costly to produce as compared to wood or aluminium. This is one reason for hockey sticks being expensive sports equipment. Secondly, it is complicated work to manufacture and work with carbon fibre. Then, it comes to physical specs, aesthetics, and testing of the product. All this leads you to an expensive product.

How long do hockey sticks last?

The price tag says a lot about durability. Cheap options are more fragile and break after a few games. Overall, the durability of a hockey stick depends on the level of the player, the number of games, and the position you play. Also, the material of the product – wooden sticks are fragile, aluminium ones are fairly durable, and carbon fibre is the most durable amongst all. If we consider all these factors the player has a tough position and play frequently, still carbon sticks can last a year.

What hockey sticks are the best to buy?

As a beginner, you can go for cheaper options like wooden or mixed materials. As you level up as a player with good strategies, you will need to maintain good quality tools with you. The best hockey stick you can have been carbon fibre or carbon fibre mixed with fibreglass. The aluminium one is the second-best option you consider. Height, weight, flex, and curve needs to be checked as well. You can read the rest of the page to know what features to look for.

Which hockey stick brand is the best to buy?

We would like to mention a few brands here – Bauer hockey, Grays, Warrior, CCM, and more. Some of the variants are – Grays GX750 and Grays Surf Junior are best for junior level. Adidas V24 carbon composite field hockey stick has a perfect design for elite players. Likewise, every brand has different products manufactured for different purpose of all the level of the players. We have mentioned some top-notch brands on this page. Therefore, you can look for features best suited.

We hope you have got all the relevant information related to hockey sticks here. If you still feel doubtful about a product while shopping, you can consult an expert or your coach for a second opinion. We are sure they would have some beneficial insights from their experience. For more products, you can head towards the dedicated section of for Sports & Outdoor . We are sure this will fulfil all your requirements related to sports equipment.

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