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About Golf Trolleys

You can conveniently carry your belongings on a golf trolley without any worries about uneven terrains. These trolleys are designed to provide you with comfortable access to essentials and let you focus on your game. Before you set your eyes on one, let us just give you a heads up that there are a lot of variations available in the online marketplace. If you think you have explored it all, you might not. So, spend a little extra time on research and see the possibilities and that too in your fixed budget.

While exploring online, you will see mixed reviews and people are engaging in a discussion about whether buying a trolley is the best option or having it on rent. Well, renting them might sound like an affordable option in the first place. However, it seems not that affordable if you calculate the prices. All in all, buying and renting come down to the same pricing. Then, why not own a golf trolley with exclusive features and additional attachment. For yours to be trending, you need to explore a bit, and we hope you are ready for it.

Choosing a perfect golf trolley

Usually, there are three variants of trolleys that you will find while looking to buy golf trolleys online in UAE. First and trending option is the electric golf trolley – saves time and energy so that you concentrate more on hitting shots. And, thereby the product is expensive than all other variants. The second and third options are push and pull trolley. As the name suggests, these are both manual machines that work with push and pull actions. You can choose among these three options, contemplating your personal choices and budget range. Here is a little suggestion – once you are trying to put a budget, always spend a little room for last-minute accommodations.

Electric golf trolley

By being electric, these trolleys are effortless that run on either lead acid or lithium batteries. Other quality features of golf trolleys include smooth folding, weight capacity, battery upgrade options, and many more like these. Take NovaCaddy S2R electric trolley for instance. It has got 200-watt motors, which is highly efficient and powerful. There are seven-speed controls, remote control covers the area up to 120 yards, and it has a manual operating feature as well because you might need it while confronting difficult terrains. You can start exploring cheap electric golf trolleys for sale and see if something interesting pops up.

C4 follow golf trolley

It is the next advancement in the field of technology – golf trolleys following you everywhere. So, all you do is walk with a remote in your pocket, and the Bluetooth enabled trolley takes the signals automatically. Or you can choose to give instructions with the remote. C-4 is the latest among c-series with four controls as forward, left, right, and reverse. You can control the remote up to 50m, which is termed an active zone. The storage is fantastic, the lithium battery is lightweight, stability is excellent, and functionality is top-notch. Top of all, this product has got stunning looks too. Other than C4, you can also consider buying Stewart follow me golf trolley.

Push golf trolley

If you are into investing in Bluetooth or electric technology, you can get a basic version as push or pull golf trolley. There is not much difference between the two. If the product has a 2-wheel design, it is a pull trolley, and if the wheels are three, it is a push trolley also known as a 3-wheel golf trolley. The features of a push trolley include brakes, smooth bearings, and comparatively larger wheels to provide stability. You can buy a Powakaddy push golf trolley if smooth functioning is what you are looking for. You can explore such variants on our shopping platform,

Tips on how to buy Golf trolleys online

Purchasing a product online means going through different sites to compare the prices, select a few products, check out reviews, adding them into the cart, and finally picking the best among all. It would be much convenient if you can do all the actions on the same platform. is Dubai’s one of the best product finders. But before you hop on to it, let us provide you with a compiled list of points to keep in mind while exploring golf trolleys.

  • Weight – Material and batteries: the weight of the golf trolley depends on these two. Aluminium and lithium batteries are lighter options as compared to steel and lead-acid batteries. There is no use of batteries on push golf trolley, so they are lighter in comparison with an electric golf trolley.
  • Assembly – Fold-up or three-piece detachable design are the available features when it comes to assembling the golf trolleys. Some even provide removable wheels for easy storage. Check it under the specifications list of the product.
  • Portability – Will the product fit into your car? For that, you must check the standard dimensions and folding dimensions. And, both should fit in your vehicle in case there is a breakdown, and you have to adjust the unfolded trolley in your car.
  • Climbing – Bat-caddy is one of the brands that provide 30 degree of climbing ability beyond which the operation gets manual. Most of the brands offer this much ability as a must-have. Check these features if you are purchasing an electric trolley.
  • Handle – Does the product provide height adjustment? If yes, it’s an added benefit and if no, you need to check if the height is appropriate according to your stature. Otherwise, pulling the trolley by bending down makes the overall golf experience too uncomfortable.
  • Load – 77lbs is enough for your golf bag, which most of the brands provide. You can find more weight capacity in C4 follow golf trolleys or other follow-me trolleys. In fact, they are meant to use other luggage bags as well.
  • Accessories – Scorecard, cup and umbrella holder are some must-have features you can go for if you are considering to accessorise your trolley. More advanced features are USB ports, GPS cradles, distance functions, and more.
  • Warranty – Typically, you will get a one-year warranty on parts and labour. And, one year on the battery if you opt electric trolley. These are the minimum that we have mentioned. Do check this feature and save your warranty card for future use.

We hope the tips will help to narrow down your purchase. Other than that, we would also like to mention a few brands as having them handy will benefit your purchase. Some of them include Motocaddy, Bat-Caddy, Stewart Golf, GoKart, Clicgear, and Rovic. You can find all these brands or even more on our shopping search engine . If you do not want to brand-specific at this point, you can start with some of the best & cheap electric golf trolleys at our online shops.

Question & Answer

Are electric golf trolleys worth buying?

To make up the decision, you need to explore both pros and cons of the product. So, the pros are these are great for difficult terrains and convenient for heavy golf clubs. These are effortless and put no added strain on your body. You may invest in extra features to make it more comfortable like cup holders, USB, GPS, and lots more. Coming to cons, these are expensive as compared to other types. All in all, they are worth buying looking at the pros, and if you do not have a budget constraint, you can invest in the upkeep as well.

How much electric golf trolley cost?

One product can be worth AED3000, and another can cost you AED25000. The factors that influence the price are brand, features, material, and additional accessories. What will you get in an affordable electric trolley? 4wheels, ergonomic handles, bag straps, wear resistance, and non-slip rubber tires. There may be more based on the budget range. On the other hand, what will you get in a premium or should we say in the luxury trolley? Well, an ultra-long life battery, high standard vacuum tires, and probably a multifunctional one, meaning you can use it in the golf course, travel, or use it as a commuting scooter.

Which is the best electric golf trolley to buy?

There are so many brands you can trust on being the best at manufacturing electric golf trolleys. Some of them include Powakaddy, Motocaddy, and Novacaddy. Choose any, explore their product’s list, and you won’t be disappointed at all. They have variations in their products so you can choose the features you like to own. It is almost as if you have customised a certain product. There are more brands like these that you can see upon your visit to our online shops. So, hop on to our product search engine and check by yourself.

Where to buy golf trolleys?

Our shopping platform that is can give you a kickstart to your shopping drive for golf trolleys. Be it electric, follow-me, push trolleys, or pull one – you can explore them all on our platform. Not just that, you can further validate your decision by comparing the products, reading genuine reviews, and scrutinise every single detail. After all this, how can your decision be wrong? Our online shops make sure that your drive is as seamless as possible, and that is why we have it all under one roof.

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