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About Golf Clubs

Golf is one of the widely played and most popular games in the world today. And anyone who has at least seen somebody playing golf can say that the most important equipment that you need to play this game is a golf club and a ball.

Everyone knows that golf clubs are the things that you need to hit a golf ball. But not all the clubs are created equal. Beginners will be amazed by the variety that exists within the golf clubs. If you want to become better at playing golf, you need all the right equipment, including a versatile set of clubs. Because they can cost you a lot of money, it is really important to get it right the first time you buy. Read this article to know more about golf clubs. Having a better understanding of them will help you make the right choices when you shop for them.  

Types of golf clubs and their uses 

Golf equipment can be generally more expensive than the equipment that you would require for other types of sports. This is true for golf clubs as well. However, you need not go for the most expensive clubs that are available on the market. Without experience and practice, a highly sophisticated club is not going to make you the next Tiger Woods. This especially true if you are a beginner. People who are just starting out playing golf need something that is affordable and versatile. You might damage or break a few clubs when you are learning to swing them.  

Woods golf clubs 

It is easy to find the woods among different types of golf clubs. All you have to do is to look for the club with the largest head. They are called woods because, traditionally, these clubs used to be made from wood. Even though nowadays steel is a popular material for clubs, the name hasn’t changed. But one typical feature of a wood club is that the head will be hollow material. Not only are these clubs wider than others, but their heads also extend from front to back a few inches as well. Because of the longer shaft, golfers can swing them faster than other types of clubs, thus hitting the ball farther. 

Irons golf clubs 

You will notice that Irons clubs have numbers ranging from 3 and all the way to 9. This numbering is based on the pitching of the head. The clubs with the lowest number will take the ball farther while number nine can lift the ball higher in the air. Irons have smaller clubheads than the woods. And some of them have solid heads while others have hollow heads. Irons offer better control over the ball than the woods. They have special grooves on them that will let you spin the ball and control its trajectory. Golfers usually use irons for making tee shots or for taking shots from the fairway.  

Hybrid golf clubs 

Hybrid clubs are relatively new among the golf clubs. They only came into being in the twenty-first century. However, they are really popular these days. Basically, it is a cross between the irons and the woods. So, you can reap the benefits of both of them by using a hybrid club. That means you get both better control over the ball and also you can hit it farther. The numbering on the hybrid clubs goes similar to irons. Because how useful they are for golfers, some even call these clubs “the rescue clubs”. 

Putters golf clubs 

Putters are not something that you use all the time on a golf course. Rather, putters are specialised clubs for special purposes. Also, they come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. So, when are you supposed to use them? Well, as you can probably say from the name, putters are something you should use when you are taking the finishing shot to put the ball in the hole. As there are so many different types of putters out there, do you really need to get all those different types? Not necessarily. You should at least have one putter that works great for you.

Tips on how to buy Golf Clubs

There are really so many things that you need to consider while selecting a golf club. However, most of that knowledge is best learned through practice and experience than by reading. That being said, there are a few things that you should know before you buy your first set of golf clubs. That way, you can make sure that the one you are buying is well suited for you as a beginner. Here are some tips that you can follow when you are shopping for golf clubs.

  • Type of the club – There are mainly four different types of golf clubs. But that is not a comprehensive way of classifying golf clubs. For example, you can further divide the woods into drivers and fairway woods. But if you are just starting out, it is okay to just call them woods, irons, hybrids, wedges, and putters. Ideally, you will need more than one type of golf club.
  • Length – Selecting the right grip length of the club is a bit complicated. Firstly, you have to consider your height and find something that you can comfortably hold without bending down to reach the ball. There will be variations in club length even then. In some cases, a shorter club is better, and in others, a longer one is better.
  • Numbers – In the case of Irons and Hybrids, certain numbers are used to represent the pitch of the club heads. These numbers will tell you how angled the head is. The lower the number, the flatter it will be. Flatter heads will carry the ball farther, but the height of the ball will be less. But the exact angle for each number varies between manufacturers. Therefore, there doesn‘t exist a standard that you can refer to.
  • Selecting putters – Putters are a league of itself among golf clubs. It is hard to find a putter that is perfect for you when you are shopping for it for the first time. Instead, it is better if you try a few different types of them by getting them as rentals and try them out personally. The putter that works for you might not work for another person. It will take a bit of trial and error to find the perfect putter that suits you.

Regardless of whether you are somebody who regularly plays golf, or you are new to the sport, there are a few sports equipment that you will need on a golf course. These include golf trolleys, golf shoes, and sports bags. The good news is that you can find all of them using our shopping search engine. That way you can compare the prices and features of different products and find the best one among them. Also, don’t forget to check out other amazing products from the Sport & Outdoor category.

Question & Answer

How tall should you be for men’s golf clubs?

Golf clubs are not cheap. But that doesn’t matter if your kid is growing fast and if he is quickly growing out of his junior golf clubs. So, you might be wondering whether they are old enough to use men’s golf clubs so that you don’t have to get them new clubs every year. A good approximation is 1.5 metres. Above that height, you will be able to find a suitable men’s club for them that actually works for them. But one thing to keep in mind is that although you can extend the time between replacements, you will still need to get him a different one if they happen to grow taller than 1.7 metres or so.

Are golf clubs of different lengths?

Yes, golf clubs come in a lot of different lengths. But it gets more complicated than that. Not only does the length vary between different types of clubs, but the length varies even within the same club type. This is because the speed and accuracy with which one can swing the club depend on the length of the club. Sometimes you will need to take a shot with more force to get the ball farther. In that case, you need a club that is longer. In case if you want better control over the ball, a shorter club is the best choice.

What size golf grip should I buy?

You shouldn’t confuse the grip length of the club with the actual length. All golf clubs follow certain standard grip lengths that are comfortable for the majority of the golfers out there. Usually, the size of the grip is such that the average golfer can hold it comfortably with his or her two hands. Depending on your preferences, you can choose a grip that is a little bit longer or shorter than that. However, a grip that is too long or too short can actually affect your performance. In order to find the grip size, you can consider the size of your hands.

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