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As we talk on the date, soccer is arguably the most followed sport in the world. The fame is mainly attributed to its progressive play and easy-to-follow rules. At the same time, it requires minimum gadgets to play. All you need is a professionally made ball and goal nets. The goal nets are the focus of the game and the most guarded parts on the field. Just like any other sporting item, these goal nets also come in a range of options.

A retail search engine is the best place to find all the possible options in a few clicks. For instance, in the sports and outdoor section of Shops, you can find products from all the best-selling brands. However, do not expect to fin FIFA qualified nets on these stores. Such products are available at authorised stores only. However, for local and state-level football fields, these brands offer a range of options. These available products range from portable soccer goals to main goal replica nets. Therefore before you head to make a purchase, it is important to know the product in detail.

The types of goal nets available

With varying types and levels of football played across the globe, there is a wide range of nets available to buy from. Therefore, choosing the right type of net as per your needs is a serious task to deal with. However, understanding the size, shapes, qualities, and type of football net will make the process easier. A kids football goal net will not fit for an adult’s game. Likewise, a portable soccer goal is much different in performance from a fixed one. Therefore before you start your search, know what type of goal nets can meet your needs. Today we are explaining some of the common types of goal nets used across the globe.

Standard Goal Nets

They are mostly used on full-size soccer goals in official soccer games. Owing to their larger size, they can take any shape of the goalmouth. Here the preferred bracket is D shaped on the top of each corner. It has a flowing back and assumes a trapezium shape to complete the goal back. The net shape allows hooking on the ground or the extended ground post at the back of the goalmouth. Such goal nets are used in international games across the world and are recognised by FIFA. There are specific brands that offer these types of nets. At you can find all these brands with their best prices. Go through the list to get the best standard goal nets in the UAE.

Straight Back Goal Nets

It is one of the simplest goal nets used in soccer games. They are common on training grounds or lower cadre leagues, owing to their simplicity. You fix it by attaching the net directly on the goalposts on each corner instead of the D-Shaped bracket. It flows to the ground, making a triangle shape with either end of the hypotenuse touching the earth and the goal post. The net has designated places for hooking both on the ground and the bar. These types of goal nets can be medium or full size, depending on your needs. Visit our outdoor and sports page to sample some of the straight back goal nets available.

Knotted Football Net

It is a simple net that consists of square knotted lines to form a net. Each corner has a knot that links it to the next knot to create a web. Some knots form a hexagon shape, which connects with other lines to complete the net. Thanks to their easier structure, these nets are relatively cheaper and are used in street or lower division soccer games. Fixing it is easier since it does not involve replacing any undone knot. These nets are cheaper and readily available online. This is an ideal option for grassroots level football games. Hence they are mostly in demand by young players and local level ventures.

Braided Soccer Netsgoal

The braided nets assume a hexagon shape, with each of the corners attached to the next shape. With its unique design, this net is much more durable compared to other options available in the market. This durability mainly comes from the complex web structure. For the same reason, they stand among a range of premium goal nets. Because of their durability and higher performance, you can find these nets on all top brands. So, if you are looking for one such item, explore and buy the best possible option per your needs and field size.

Tips on how to buy Goal Nets online

It simply doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or ready to get into state and professional level games; the right tools and accessories are the secret of success. The fact remains for the football. Moreover, investing in the right type and high-quality product actually saves you a lot of money. Therefore it is important to look for products from trusted brands and sellers. offers you all the best selling and reliable brands under one banner. Hence, it makes it easier for you to explore and buy the best option. However, there are some points that you need to look at the football goal net. This section of the article will explain the pointers you need to consider while choosing a goal net for the upcoming soccer session.

  • Goalpost size – Ensure you get the right goal post-measurement before purchasing goal nets. You can find smaller nets used in training and bigger ones used for official matches on our website. We also have the goal post design, either standard goal nets or straight back goal nets.
  • Durability – Durability is of great importance as it defines the life of your investment. Knotted goal nets have long-lasting weaving patterns that guarantee quality and are stable. The weaves should also be spaced enough to avoid wear and tear, especially when subjected to harsh climatic conditions.
  • Shop credibility – You should look for reliable brands with better customer reviews. A brand or store with at least a 4-star review is something you can consider for your next purchase. Such credibility means the seller is offering a better price and genuine products. Also, ensure that the selected brand offers better customer services like return, exchange or repair in case of damage.
  • Cost – Each brand has its own price tags. Likewise, you can find different deals and offers from one brand to another. Therefore it is important to explore a few options before making a final decision. With the efficient price comparison tool of Shops, you can easily find budget-friendly products to meet your sporting needs and budget.

Reading customer reviews on shortlisted products is also a great idea. These comments are available at the bottom of each product. Reading these comments from existing users gives you deeper insight. It explains much about the material, quality of the product, its make, durability, and whether it is worth the price mentioned. Always read these comments carefully and pick a product that most users trust. This is a surefire way to ensure investing in the right goal nets.

Question & Answer

What should I consider when buying goal nets?

Goal nets come in different sizes and shapes. The most important thing is to get the right measurement of the goal post. Once you have the right measurements, you can move to decide what type and level of sport you will be playing. Once you choose a specific type of goal net, pick a brand. The price of the product is another important factor to consider. However, the price varies based on brand, type and size of the net, quality of net and delivery location.

Can I find good goal nets in Dubai?

Indeed you can find all the best selling sports and outdoor products in Dubai. However, the range of options depends on where you are looking for. At you can find all the leading sports brands. Here these brands are selling an entire range of products at the best prices possible. Buying these brands online serve you several benefits. You can compare products from different brands without stepping out of home and get the best deals in town. Moreover, the price comparison tool can quickly give you the list of cheapest branded products to buy without worrying about quality or budget.

Where can I buy goal nets in Dubai?

There is nothing you cannot find in an online store. From top brands like Forza and Skiz to best sellers with endless economical options like Pugg and Golme, has it all. Just explore the sports and outdoor section at to find all the top brands selling goal nets from around the globe. Besides above mentioned, you can also search and buy products from brands like Samba Goal, Powernet and Quickplay. Not to mention, the price comparison tool at can help you land the most appropriate option in just a few clicks.

Soccer is currently the most followed sport in the world. Creating grassroots tournaments to develop the sport goes a long way in creating a new generation of players. Goal nets are a significant part of this journey as they determine the outcomes of every soccer game. Explore for quality goal nets and other assorted sport & outdoor equipment. Here you can also find kids’ football nets to match up experience.

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