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About Frisbees

Outdoor games are a delight to play! They are perfect for spending the time, being with your group of friends or having a weekend out with your kids and family. Among others, the frisbee has been one of the popular ones.

The best way to make use of a good weekend or a long one is to go camping, live in a tent or spend the nights at a different location. Such a sports & outdoor break is a sweet and refreshing change. Along with this, is a must to make sure you utilise the natural setting to get some fresh air. And what better than having a few games to help you with that? With the growing popularity of video games and so many indoor sports, we are forgetting the joy of playing outdoors. The nip of fresh air, birds chirping, the scenic view and the hungry tummies afterwards. It’s something that everybody, no matter how busy they are, should take the time to indulge in. Over time, you’ll start looking forward to doing this.

Different types of frisbees to buy online

None of us is new to the frisbee. Something that we have enjoyed playing ever since we were kids, it was the best way to utilise those spare hours. Plus, the game is simple, fun to play and does not require a lot of different accessories. The popular disc, since then has seen a lot of transformation. There are so many brands that have included it as part of their store, and the popularity that the branded frisbees have seen is spectacular! With the number of choices in colours, types and sizes of frisbees, there is no limit to how far you can go with it.

The ultimate frisbee disc

Possibly the best kind is the final frisbee disc which is the primary type that we have played since we were kids. Shaped like a disc, which is hollow on one side, this is perfect for playing with a group of friends. Even kids pick it up quickly. You can keep engaged for a couple of hours with the frisbee and won’t yet realise that the time has passed away. Be it the hillside, while camping or even in your backyard, it makes for a viral game. Today, stores have so many choices of the disc, that you can pick one that you like best. However, nothing beats the classic.

The frisbee golf disc

For those who love golf, well, there’s another reason to indulge in it now. The frisbee golf disc is the perfect way to give your golf clubs a break. For this game, there are stands set up across the course, which can hold the frisbee. Each player has to try and shoot the frisbee in the slot, and the one to puts the most inside wins. This again is an excellent way to spend an afternoon or weekend with the kids or a bunch of pals. Since the game is new, very few people are aware of it. However, it is gaining popularity and rising in demand.

The personalised frisbee

Now, who doesn’t love a personalised thing? From bags to dresses, we have certainly come a long way when it comes to customised frisbees. Be it a company logo, your name or design or brand; you can quickly get in one disc. The process is simple, not very expensive and is undoubtedly a great way to showcase your style. They also make for excellent employee gifts, and for this, you can personalise the frisbees with their names or the company logo etc. The plastic frisbees are easy to customise. With its popularity, you can easily find a lot of brands that do it.

The mini frisbee

For those who find the regular frisbees bulky and challenging to carry, how about a mini one? Yes, mini frisbee is a trendy choice for different reasons. It is perfect for taking, easy to store and great for kids. So, if you love playing with your little ones and see they can’t manage to handle the regular frisbee well, the mini one is the best option. A lot of brands who sell discs also sell this one, or you could check online for some more options. You can also get the mini varieties as custom frisbee if you like that style.

Tips on how to buy Frisbees

For any play accessories, it‘s best to consider all the different aspects before buying. Since things like football, frisbees and boards etc. are a one-time investment, it helps to be sure of your purchases before putting in the money. So, if a disc is on your list, make sure you also weigh all other factors before purchasing it. If it’s a limited-edition kind or a custom frisbee, then there is even more reason to ensure you’re sure before buying.

  • Get the price range right – The price factor is significant in this case. Make sure you check out the average prices on online stores to get the best idea.
  • Check for good brands – Reputed brands mean good quality and you can always go back if you find the product faulty later. Ensure you buy from a branded store, online or retail.
  • The size should be perfect – The disc should not be too large nor too small. This is generally a big issue once you start playing and can’t handle it well.
  • Don’t forget the quality – The quality means it will last long. You don’t want to buy another one just a few months after because of the first one as of poor quality.
  • It should not have sharp edges – The frisbee should be of the right size, and the edges should be blunt. A lot of them have this issue which makes playing with it difficult, especially for kids.

Getting the right frisbee is not challenging at all, thanks to the wide variety of options that we have today. Be it the custom frisbee, flying disc or Aerobie frisbee, it’s so easy to buy them all online at very reasonable prices. There are so many people who have grown up playing the frisbee and continue to do so even today. If you have a friend who loves the game, then taking an opinion is not a bad idea.

Question & Answer

Which are the best frisbees 2019?

Thanks to the popularity of this game, we now have several brands and companies who are producing it. There are several different types of frisbees, and they each have their advantages; if you’re looking out for one, it’s best to consider all the models, then make a choice. The Discraft Ultra-Star, Nite Ize Flashlight LED Disc Golf Set; Night Ize Flashflight LED, Active Life kid’s frisbee, KanJam Ultimate Disc game, Verus Sports Disc Bash and 9” Plastic flying sports are some of the best one’s today.

Are there any health benefits to playing a frisbee?

So, the good thing is that playing disc is not only a great pastime, but it also has several health benefits. Engaging in play helps to burn calories, so yes, for days when you don’t feel like hitting the gym, playing a frisbee game is best! It also improves your metabolism and enhances your energy levels. It’s a complete body workout in itself, and it’s best if you commit at least 30 minutes to an hour to playing frisbee. Frisbee is also great to improve social connections.

What should you keep in mind while teaching kids the disc?

This is one of the types of games that both kids and adults love. If you have a kid, who enjoys watching you play or has shown interest in playing, then its best to start them young. It is good to practice in a field or a spacious area. Teach your child how to hold and aim the disc. Then gradually, you should start teaching him how to make the throw. It’s challenging depending on the age of the child, but most of them pick it up quickly if they like it.

Where can you buy cheap frisbees in bulk in the UAE?

A lot of stores and brands offer some fantastic deals when it comes to frisbees. For the cheaper ones, bulk buying is also a good option. Retailers would be glad to get the price down a few bucks if you buy more. The best thing, however, is to use It is a terrific product search engine with over 500+ online stores. So, you can browse the best products at the lowest prices. You, therefore, save your bucks and time too, by shopping online. Aerobie, Chomper, Decathlon, Discraft, NIKE, Nite IZE, Wham-O and Innova disc golf are some of the top brands while considering buying frisbees.

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