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About Spinning Bikes

Riding bicycles is a fun way to get yourself in shape and what if you can do that staying indoors. Well, with the spinning bikes, you can do that and more. In other words, you can experience workout sessions that are infused with adrenaline and provide you with a significant endorphin boost even in low-impact cardio workouts.

There is no denying the fact that these spin cycles are fast becoming, one of the most famous indoor exercise equipment, whether at home or the gym. Well, one of the primary reasons for this is the convenience they offer. In other words, you can consider them as an excellent long-term investment that provides you with an overall workout session. Moreover, it doesn’t take up much of your space for both residential and commercial places alike. Hence, we can conclude that they are straightforward. Yet it isn’t always an easy task to choose the perfect one. Hence, in this article, we aim to create awareness about the various facets of these spinning bike to make your buying process a piece of cake.

Everything you need to know about the indoor cycling bike

What exactly do you think spinning is? Well, it is a high-energy class where you perform climbs, descents in intervals on the spinning bikes. You usually do this in a gym, but nowadays many people prefer to carry out these workout sessions at home or personal spaces itself. Well, why not! You have such smart devices as spinning bikes. But, remember that for residential or commercial, you need to get yourself the perfect spinning bike to experience its maximum performance. That said, you should also know that purchasing such training equipment isn’t an easy job, particularly if you are oblivious about the product. That’s why here we’ve listed out everything you need to know about these spinning bikes. Understanding them in detail will help you buy the perfect spinning bikes.  

Understand the mechanism of home spin bike 

Using your spinning bikes can be a little tricky, mainly if you are a novice. Well, luckily, the mechanism is straightforward. Well, there are two key parts that you need to understand before you start using the spinning bikes. It is – the set-up and the workout out of which the set-up is the crucial step. Only a correct set up will give you a productive workout session and reduce the chances of injury. When it comes to set-up of the spinning bikes, you must consider the seat height, the seat fore and aft, the height of the handlebar and the foot straps. You need to adjust all of them to carry out a perfect workout session. Once, your bike is correctly setup; you can go ahead with your workout sessions. Remember that your workout sessions must be personally tailored.

Explore different types of commercial spin bikes

With such innate features and mechanism, you’ll find a handful of these spinning bikes when you browse online. However, each of them has its pros and cons. One of the most popular spinning bikes is designed like a traditional bicycle. It is the upright stationary bike. In such bikes, you’ll see the seat is located almost directly over the pedals whereas the handlebars are situated nearly equal to the height to the seat. However, when it comes to the recumbent stationary spinning bikes, the seat is located almost in line with the pedals. In other words, when you are on this, you are in a laid back position. This indeed, far more comfortable than its other counterpart. Apart from this, you’ll also find the dual-action spinning bikes that is one of the most popular options. They come with bicycle motions and moving handlebars.

The benefits of a spinning bicycle

With such peculiar features, it is quite evident that these spinning bikes are packed with advantages when it comes to a whole-body workout. One of the most important and obvious reasons to go for spinning bikes is that they help you lose weight and improve your fitness. However, one of the distinct benefits is that it ensures that you do not train too hard. In other words, it prevents those injuries that are likely to happen when you train too hard. Well, this is also one of the reasons why you will want to push yourself harder during workout routines. But above all of this, one of the best benefits of spinning bikes is that you can use them anytime and anywhere. So, they allow you to make the most of your time and help you achieve your fitness goals without much hassle.

The mini portable exercise bike benefits

As the name states, these exercise bikes are tiny and have been around for some time now. However, because of its shape and size, many people doubt its efficiency. Well, it is an understandable question. That’s because, when you compare its size, shape and physical appearance, they look ineffective. The bike does not have a seat, no handlebars and no discernible wheels either. Well, with such structure, who wouldn’t doubt its performance efficiency. But trust us, these bikes come with many other features that make you want to buy them. That’s because a typical mini portable exercise bike offers almost all those features that come in a regular spinning bike. However, the only difference is that they aren’t as advanced as spin cycles.

Tips on how to buy Spinning Bikes online

So now you know the various aspects of the spinning bikes. Shouldn’t we head out to buy one? Hold on! There are just a few more things you need to consider before you browse online and buy a spinning bike for yourself. Remember that the right bike will increase the effectiveness of your workout session and makes sure that you meet the fitness goals without much hassle. Below we’ve listed a few crucial factors that you need to consider when you set out to buy the spinning bikes.

  • Understand their various types– As discussed earlier in this article, knowing the kind of spinning bikes is always essential for a good buy. Moreover, it helps you considerably narrow down your search. Also, the preference varies from person to person. But, remember the upright is best suited for those of you who are on a budget. But go for recumbent if you require stability and support.
  • Look out for the features– With more types, come more features too. Display, hear-rate monitor, programming, resistance, storage are some of the vital things you must look for when assessing their features. Moreover, check if the spinning bikes come with any extra features that contribute to its performance and efficiency.
  • See if it has a warranty – With such a considerable investment, it is always a good idea to keep your eyes out on warranties. It is best to always go for the ones that have at least two years warranty on major moving parts. Also, see if the brand offers coverage for a year of labour charges as well. Having warranties help you cut down the maintenance and repairing cost for at least a couple of years.
  • Consider the price – Undoubtedly, the price is something that you need to consider for every product you purchase. It is always a better idea to compare prices from various stores and online shops before you decide to purchase the final product. Sometimes. You may find more durable bikes in less money. Of course, there are many more high-quality models that you can buy by spending a little more.

Congratulations! You are now a spinning bike pro and are ready to buy the product. Hope the tips mentioned above will help you pick out the best among the lot. Moreover, getting the one that best suits your needs ensures that you perform your workout sessions with ease. Above all, you’ll be able to achieve your fitness goals stylishly. 

Question & Answer

What is spinning exercise bikes?

A spin bike or spin cycle was developed in the 1980s. Also known as the indoor cycling bike, it is designed to give you the experience of riding the bicycle when indoors. Most cyclists use this to train themselves indoors when the climatic conditions outside do not favour. In the spinning bikes, you sit on a bike seat and lean forward to hold the handles. This makes sure that your posture is similar to that when you are riding an actual bicycle. The crankshaft and pedals are the same as that of your regular bike.

How much do spinning bikes cost?

There are several types of spinning bikes out there. With many varieties come many features. And the different features determine the price of the product. For example, you may have to shed a bit more for those spinning bikes that come with high-end features. However, many online stores stage indoor cycling bikes for sale and offer top-quality bikes for discount prices. This will cost you half the original price.

What spinning bikes are the best to buy?

Though there are several varieties of spinning bikes out there, you must go for the branded ones. That’s because they display high performance and efficiency. Check out the brands like Schwinn, Keiser, Peloton, Technogym, Nordictrack, Precor, Skyland, Sunny Health & Fitness, Impulse Fitness, Realryder, and Matrix. They offer a staggering range of spinning bikes that are best in performance and look. 

Are spinning bikes good for weight loss?

Cycling is long known to cut down your belly and thigh fats. Well, since the spinning bikes primarily come with the mechanism of the regular bicycling, there is no denying the fact that the spinning bikes are a great tool to sculpt your body effortlessly. In other words, these machines play a vital role in your weight loss plan. Moreover, it makes sure that you achieve your fitness goals without getting bored.

Where to buy spinning bikes?

Browsing through the various models is always fun, but getting a reliable retailer is no funny business. You need to shop from a reputable retailer to ensure that you get the best for the money you spend. Browse through the various products at Here you can buy spin bike professional 4500 JK, buy Schwinn commercial spin bikes and even shop for best Keiser spin bikes for sale in UAE. In other words, our product search engine has it all. Moreover, you can shop all of this from over 500 online stores like Namshi, Newchic, Ounass, Lifestyle, Lacoste, Microless, GAP, and many more.

Well, we’ve tried our best to cover all the essential aspects of the spinning bikes. We also hope that the tips above will act as a guide to choose your perfect bike easily. Well, last but not least, remember that before you spend on the spinning bike, consider how you are going to use them.