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About Rowing Trainers

Ardent bodybuilders or not, everybody wants to have a perfect body. So, if you're going to sculpt your back, hamstrings and glutes, look no further than the rowing trainers. They allow you to perform a better workout session and shed calories through their hardcore fitness mechanism. 

These rowing machines are great because they take the principle of rowing crew on an actual boat and applies that in the indoor setting. By the way, in most cases, you require no real water body! Indeed, the rowing machines enable you to take your cardio workout a notch up, especially when you get sick of your ellipticals and treadmills. Moreover, with their peculiar mechanism, you can achieve a ‘no running’ fitness routine and still target your entire body muscles. Of course, this is an important reason to get them. But there are more as such. Well, this article highlights them and more. We’ve enlisted here their types, benefits, the working principle and all other aspects you need to know for a perfect buy. 

All you need to know about the rowing exercise machine  

The rowing on boats concept dates back to a thousand years. However, the oars only came in around 500BC, which began to change the approach of riding the boats. Cut to the present, and you’ll see that rowing is still a popular sport and is used in various aspects across the world. A leisurely boat ride, Olympic rowing teams and whatnot, the concept of rowing is everywhere. But the fact here is that the rowing action one of the best workout exercises. Rowing trainers were initially developed as a way for competitive trainers to train when they are off the water. However, soon, many realized that anyone could benefit from them due to their nature of the exercise. Let us look at the various facets of these smart devices. 

The basic concept of the rowing machine 

In the most straightforward words, the rowing trainers are machines that come with a mechanism, where the motions associated with the exercise mimics rowing a boat. More precisely, the action is similar to rowing motions employed by actual competitive rowing teams. As a user of the machine, you can accomplish this in many ways. In other words, the rowing motions vary depending on the type of devices you are using. Some provide you with a strikingly similar rowing action while some emphasize on specific muscles a little more. Moreover, since there is no water afloat on, you instead slide up and down the seat when you are on the machine. Also, simultaneously, you’ll work the handles with your arms in a rowing motion. Therefore, you can engage your upper body and back. Further, you can also push back with your legs with each row. 

The different types of indoor rowing machine 

Initially, the rowing trainers use to be reasonably limited in their scope and varieties. However, now you’ll find four main models in the market. Each of them with their pros and cons. For instance, in the case of air rowers, the machines work based on resistance created by air. These rowing trainers use the flywheel that rotates against the wind force to create resistance. Hence, the result is a smooth, fluid workout session. But, if you want to get something that is advanced, then the water rowers are one of the best. These recreate the feel of actually rowing in a boat. In these, the handles are connected to a type of flywheel that sits inside the tank or water. This turns each time you ‘row’. Besides, you’ll also find magnetic and piston based rowing trainers that use different techniques to offer the best results. 

The user guide of rowing machine workout 

Of course, the principle of the machine seems straight forward; they aren’t exactly an exercise machine that you can hop on and figure out the action. You need to put in some extra coordination and also pay attention to form posture and breathing. For instance, you must lightly warm yourself up with doing pre-stretches before you start exercising on rowing machines. To get the most out of our rowing trainers, you must keep your head up, keep your back straight and hold your hands in the same position while rowing. Moreover, remember that you must always row with an emphasis on your back muscles, rather than just your arms. Note that, the pre-exercise, position and grip are all extremely important, mainly if you are a newbie to these machines. 

The benefits of using the home rowing machine 

The physical process of rowing on the device involves several different muscle groups. That’s why with these machines you can perform both cardio and anaerobic exercises. While most of you think that they mainly only involve your arms, but rowing on these machines makes you engage more muscles than you may think. Top put it differentlyyou can target multiple muscles when working out on them. Also, the pulling of the handles, helps you tone down your deltoids, pectorals, biceps, abs, and obliques. Moreover, this exercise also targets the lower body parts. That is, the sliding up and down the body platform with each row puts your weight on your lower body. Hence, it helps you sculpt your hamstrings, calves, and quads, and also your glutes. In other words, they are perfect workout machines. 

Tips on how to buy Rowing Trainers online

If you haven’t figured it out by now, know that owning the rowing trainers is no brainer. Moreover, with so many different benefits on the body, who wouldn’t want to buy one. And we are sure that, it is not the benefits of rowing that is holding you back, but then it’s figuring out how to buy a rowing trainer that fits personal preference. But don’t worry, that’s why we have created a few tips for you to consider. With the below tips, we want you to know exactly where to start and easily buy rowing machine online when you are out in the market looking for your perfect rowing machine.  

  • Understand the types – The rowing trainers are available in four main types that are based on the resistance. We’ve seen this earlier in the article. Each type has its characteristics, along with their pros and cons. Knowing these types is the first step you must take to achieve a perfect buy. That’s because knowing them well will help you confine your choices. For example, if you know you want the air rowing trainer, then you can look that their models and not spend much time browsing the others. 
  • Figure the space – Though this is an evident fact, it is also a very crucial step in buying the rowing trainers. In other words, what is the point of finding out the machine that is perfect only to see that they do not fit in your place? To avoid such situations, do this as the first step. Remember that a typical rowing machine has a similar size as a love seat sofa. You can use this as a reference when purchasing one. Also note, the hydraulic machines have the smallest footprints when compared to the others. And the water and air have the largest. 
  • Set your budget – There are several models of rowing trainers that come in the price range of under $300 to over $3000! Hence, it is best to figure out how much you have and the amount you’ll spend on the rower. Knowing this too will narrow down your search from so many models. However, the most crucial part is to stick to your set budget. As with any other product, the more you pay, the higher quality product you’ll get. But remember that this may not hold true every time. That’s because you can find many of them on discounts and sale too. Check out if you want to buy best budget rowing machines in UAE 
  • Know the usage – It is essential to understand the way you use the rowing machine before you use them. For instance, are you planning to use it for residential purposes, or will you be using it for commercial needs? Apart from that, you must also consider the number of people who intend to use one single machine. For example, you have five family members who will be rowing quite often; then you must opt for a semi-commercial type of trainer. Also, see if you are going to use them on the water-simulation. Hence, it is imperative to consider using when buying them.   
  • Start reading the online reviews – Once you have an overall understanding of the product you want; it is best to read a bunch of reviews online. When reading reviews make sure to look out for reviews about the quality and material, the performance, the comfort, handles, footrests, and storage capabilities. You could also check out the expert product review videos. They help you get a perfect idea of what the product is and their benefits. Apart from that, genuine customer reviews also enable you to know what he/she thinks about the product as a whole. 

Unfortunately, the manufacturers and most retailers only offer the necessary product information and not enough details for you to buy them. We understand, knowing only that will not get you anywhere. That’s why we listed out these tips for you. With this we hope will get you to your perfect rowing machines. In other words, though the process of buying the rowing trainers isn’t an easy job this guide will help make things easier for you and guide you through purchasing the apt rowing machine without pulling all your hair out! 

Question & Answer

Are rowing trainers a good exercise machine? 

Rowing trainers are an excellent workout machine that you can use for both residential and commercial purposes. Apart from toning and building muscles, they help you increase stamina too. In other words, this machine is a fitness game-changer. It offers an effective aerobic exercise, helps you in your weight loss journey and gives you a fantastic upper and lower body workout. Moreover, it gives you the feel of low impact cardio and helps you build an increased endurance. Apart from all of this, you will find them to be convenient, affordable, fun and easy to use! 

Can the rowing machine build muscle? 

Of course, it is a YES! They offer you a stellar workout session that helps you build muscles without much hassle. As rowers, you will exercise the rhomboids in the shoulders, trapezii in the upper back, and lats in the lower back. In addition to that, you can sculpt your body too. While exercising, you can tone your main leg muscles like the quads in the upper front of the thighs. Moreover, you’ll also feel the burn in the calves and glutes. 

Can the rowing machine help lose weight? 

The rowing trainers are an excellent machine when it comes to losing weight. You can burn calories, tone muscles, and increase your energy by rowing on the machine. The rowing trainers help you burn out around 600 calories an hour. Well, that’s more efficient than any other home gym machines. In other words, if consistently workout on these machines and follow a balanced and healthy diet, you can quickly achieve your fitness goals. 

What rowing machine should I buy for your home? 

There are several models of rowing trainers out there. Hence, it is always best to consider the space when you plan on buying one for your home. Also, look out for the brands of the rowing machines. Check out brands like BodyCraft, H2O Fitness, Proform, Kettler, Concept2, Infiniti, Life Fitness, and Sunny Health & Fitness. They offer some of the best models of rowing trainers. Moreover, you can buy an air rowing machine for sale and also get some excellent models of commercial rowing machines for sale from these brands. 

Where to buy a rowing machine? 

Of course, is the smartest product search engine where you can purchase an endless list of rowing trainers from popular brands. However, one of the most significant advantages here is that you can purchase them from over 500 online stores, a few popular ones like Namshi, Newchic, Lacoste, GAP, Ounass, Microless, Menakart, Lifestyle, and more as such. You could also buy folding rowing machine and get high-quality rowing machine for sale at low prices.  

Rowing trainers are still catching on as more among you people become aware of not only their benefits. But, also understand that how fun they can be to use. That’s why they remain one of the best ways to train as well, whether you are a rower outside the gym or not. So, if you are looking to add rowing trainers to your workout regime, then checking out our extensive collection of rowing machines is a must-do!