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About Fitness Hula Hoops

A hula hoop fitness ring is a toy hoop that is twirled around the neck, waist and limbs. The modern-day hula hoop was invented back in 1958. However, the history of using these hoops as a toy is centuries old. The hula hoops for kids measure about 70 cm in diameter. Whereas those for adults’ measure about 1 meter in diameter. The traditional material for hoops includes rattan, willow, grapevines and stiff grasses. However, today they are also available in plastic material.

Interestingly in native America, it is a special type of dance used for storytelling that incorporates props and hoops. These hoops create both dynamic and static shapes representing different symbols, animals and storytelling elements. Despite its existence throughout history, the Author Charles Panati recorded its craze during the 14th century. It was the time when these metallic and wooden hoops got fame throughout England. The author also states that doctors treated patients with pain, dislocated backs or heart failure using these loops. However, today they are believed to be ideal for both sporting and fitness activities.

Types of exercise you can perform with hula hoops

If you think hula hoops are just for kids, think again. This simple sporting equipment has the potential to boost the fun factor in your fitness routine.  As a result, you can enjoy an excellent workout without feeling stressed. For many, when it comes to exercise, finding something that can be fun is essential. It helps to build and sustain interest in the otherwise dull yet necessary activity. When a workout is fun, you naturally look forward to doing it. And you are more likely to stick to it, stay motivated and improve continuously. Considering the widespread benefits and effectiveness of hula hoops, they are available in many different types. This article will explore these types in a precise manner.

Adult size hula hoop rings

They are larger and heavier as compared to a standard kid’s hula hoop. Moreover, they range in thickness of tubing as well as diameter. The adult-sized hula hoops range in size from 6 to about 43 inches in diameter. These types of hoops are recommended for taller sized adults. If otherwise, they are best for advanced level hula hoopers. On average, an adult hoop weighs 1.5 to 2 pounds. The heavyweight of these hoops makes them inconvenient or even impossible to travel with. Today these hoops are popular among adults for many reasons. Some use them to shape their bodies, while many are involved in their dancing and special sports performance.

Professional hula hoops

Mostly these hoops are used for professional hula hoop dancing. These hula hoops are smaller in diameter as compared to an average adult hoop. At the same time, the average weight of these hoops is around 1 pound.  As the name suggests, a professional hula hoop demands more expertise to keep the hoop on the body. Moreover, the weight also requires advanced skills to keep turning it around your midsection. Because of the effectiveness, the gyms are now offering professional hula hooping training on a large scale. There is no denying that hooping is a great workout. Studies have shown that hooping routine can burn around 420 calories per hour. Plus, it is an ideal exercise for those who wish for a bikini-ready body.

Weighted hula hoops

These types of hula hoops are generally from 3 to 5 pounds in weight. Occasionally, you can find them with features like filling in water or sand to enjoy additional weight. These weighted hula hoops offer additional thoroughness to one’s workout. However, it is also important to note that using these hula hoops can cause bruising and excessive stress on your body. Hence, for personal safety, it is necessary to use these hoops properly. Specifically, if you are a beginner level hula Hooper, the weighted hula hoop exercise can offer similar results as that of other types of aerobic activities. Thus, you can burn around 165 to 200 calories in 30 minutes of hula hooping on average.

Kids hula hoop

Hula hoops offer both fun and fitness side by side. For centuries kids are enjoying hula hooping. However, kids’ hula hoops have a unique design with durable, high quality yet lightweight material compared to adults’ hoops. These hoops help to promote healthy habits among kids with fun ways to exercise. Meanwhile, it has proven benefits in reducing stress among kids. Mostly kids’ hula hoops are best for hooping around the waist. Thus, easy for kids to get used to and enjoy the sport. Kids hula hoops generally come in brighter shades, mostly in neon. The polypro hoops are perfect for kids to learn both on and off-body tricks and spin around legs, hands and tossing.

Tips on how to buy Hula Hoops online in the UAE

It would help if you had two basic things for hoop dancing; the right size and the right hoop dance moves. Although we cannot teach you the dance moves, surely, we can help you buy the best hula hoops for weight loss or professional dancing. We know that there are so many sizes, materials and types of hula hoops out there. And feeling overwhelmed while buying is thus apparent. Just like any other sporting equipment, a hula hoop must also be according to your experience level, although only a professional can help you decide the best size and weight of hoop for you. We have some tips to share with you. These tips can help you find the hoop you are looking for.

  • Focus on the size – If you are hooping for the first time, consult a professional to know what size and weight are perfect for you. However, if you already have experience in hula hooping, pick a hoop that matches your experience level. Or move a step up.
  • Choosing the weight – If you opt for weighted hula hoops, start with a hoop of around one to two pounds in weight. Once you get stronger, move to heavier hoops. However, you must make sure that you can maintain a proper form no matter what weight you use.
  • Consider the budget – Typically, a hula hoop costs from $15 to $ 50. However, the price depends on the brand, material, size and weight of the hoop. It is thus crucial for you to set a budget limit and look for a product that suits your pocket.
  • Consider limitations – Here, we mean the physical limitations or restrictions, the skill levels (beginners, intermedia, advanced professional). Additionally, it would help if you considered the flexibility in travelling as many come with collapsible features that make them easy to carry.
  • Understand the product – Online shopping comes with a lot of benefits. The most convenient option is to get to know about any product even before you buy that. Hence, if you wish to know your hoop, go to the product description section and answer everything.

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Question & Answer

Can hula hoop flatten your stomach?

Yes, hula hooping can flatten your stomach. Certain specific hula hoop exercises can help up tone the abdominal muscles. Additionally, they help burn calories, as a result of which the person gets a flat tummy. Many claims that this is one of the most exciting, high-energy and fun ways of incorporating a playful workout into a daily exercise regimen. However, its hula hooping alone is not enough as it is not possible to burn targeted fats with a hoop exercise. Hence, it is recommended to pair hooping practice with other activities.

Do fitness hula hoops work?

Yes, recent studies from the USA supports hooping exercise for body fitness. According to studies, hooping reduces body fat around the hip and abdomen. However, the results of the hula hoop workout depend on your current fitness level. It further depends on your endurance and body size. However, it is important to note that the hula hoop is not the ultimate remedy for all your fitness and muscle shaping needs. For example, you cannot get ideal abs or a bikini body, no matter how hard you practice hooping. Hence, it better is to follow the specific exercises for such activities.

What size hula hoop should I buy for beginners?

An on-body hula hoop should measure vertically from the floor to your navel or the top of your hip bone. Meanwhile, if you have a larger body size, experts recommend going for a slightly bigger hoop. Likewise, for smaller body sizes, a smaller hoop works the best. Here the calculations work as; heavier and bigger the hoop, the slower it will spin, giving you more time to connect with it on the waist. Smaller hula hoops are more challenging on the body as they offer faster spins, whereas smaller and lightweight hoops are not ideal for waist hooping.

Where to buy a weighted hula hoop?

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