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About Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes are one of the most common pieces of equipment that many households invest in. They are effective in burning calories in the most efficient way possible. Along with that, they also strengthen your heart, lungs, and muscles. But still, you can’t just hop on to any store and pick the one looking best. There are many factors involved in buying any fitness equipment. The best possible approach is to research first, shop last, and in-between you have plenty of time to scrutinise each product you pass by.

There are a few lingos associated with exercise bikes that will benefit you in understanding the specifications while purchasing the product. And some of them we have mentioned on this page as well. The first one is a self-powered workout bike meaning there is no external electricity is needed to power the display and electronics. Another term is maximum user weight – If you are over 300lbs and the specs list says the maximum limit is 300lbs, do not buy. One more – Magnetic brake resistance that offers resistance through a magnetic field, which is way better than older bikes with friction pads& belts. And, the last one – Flywheel weight. Keep in mind that a cheap exercise bike may not display this weight because they have a lighter version, which is not suggested to own.

Character sketch of a top-rated stationary bike

We all understand that exercise bikes are stationary, but somehow we want to have a real bike feel. Along with that, the other features we desire are adjustable handlebars and secure pedals. These three points may describe the autonomy of the bike minus the technicalities. However, there are lots of factors involved in it, such as your age, figure, weight, fitness goals, or the space you have to put on the bike so you can exercise with peace of mind. You may find products that are out of the league for petite figures, or with uncomfortable seats, uneven saddles, and likewise more other abnormalities. We have been seeing such comments from customers online. To get rid of them all and grab the right product in the first place, you need to dig in as much information as you can.

Recumbent Exercise Bike

This bike is an ultimate comfort workout bike. It has a larger seat with back support, and it is closer to the ground – great for a short person. Check out the best exercise for a short person in UAE. Another added advantage comes when your workout session is a little longer on any day. You won’t feel the strain on your back at all. Plus, you can work out hands-free or scroll through your phone. Now, if there are pros, there are cons too. This exercise bike is less effective in getting a good cardio workout. And of course, the price range is a little higher also. If cardio sessions are your ultimate goal, maybe you can check upright bikes that provide more versatility as compared to recumbent ones.

Schwinn Exercise Bike

First of all, the Schwinn brand is versatile as well. You can find, upright & recumbent exercise bikes, and indoor trainers as well. In any case, you get amazed by the brand then you must look at the best price Schwinn 270 recumbent exercise bike. Sturdy with small footprints is how we can describe this product. The saddles are contoured and made up of mesh materials for ventilation. It comes with built-in exercise programs. The LCD has heart rate control, data tracking, and speaker sets. Depending on the budget, you can get accessories like bottle holder, reading racks, USB charging ports, and cooling fans.

Folding Exercise Bike

On a top note, this stationary bike has its place in the current market. If you are looking for folding ones, space usage might be your priority. Despite the facility of being collapsed, these workout bikes have smaller footprint meaning it takes less space. And about movement issues – lightweight and small, both factors add advantage to smooth relocation. Also, about the workout – it provides a low impact cardio workout, meaning it doesn’t put a strain on your joints. All the pros seem perfect for a beginner. But, it does have weight restrictions and missing techie features because they just can’t fit in due to its small size. If you are buying exercise bikes online in Dubai, you can’t resist having a look at them. Now every detail being discussed, we can move on to some tips and tricks. So, read on.

Tips on how to buy Exercise bikes online

Quality without compromises is hard to find but not impossible to get. So, list down all your priorities, explore the products that fit best and then filter out the needless. But this, the last stage of filtering non-essential products is a daunting task because one product may have upped the technology while another has the best quality. Gathering every piece of information, you can keep on searching till you end up with both of your hands full with things you desire in a product. To give you a better start, we have here gathered some tips for you to read.

  • Dependability – Will you depend solely on one exercise bike for your fitness goals once purchase? Then, you must seek a high-end multi-purpose product. If you see this product as an alternative when you do not feel like going to run in the morning or gym, you can then check out cheaper alternatives. Overall, your dependability on the product should influence the capabilities of a machine.
  • Cardio impact – There are machines available that stress less on joints. The recumbent exercise bike is one such low impact type of bike, while the upright one is of high impact. You can select as per your personal preferences.
  • Resistance level – Exercise bikes usually warm up and increase the resistance level. However, this increased level should not impact the efficiency of the machine. You can check this level under the specifications list. Cheap exercise bikes compromise with this parameter, sometimes.
  • Fitness goals – It is imperative to build an exercise program based on your goals. You may want to reduce body fat or build strength. List down everything and build an exercise program. You can even find specialised bikes available in the market featuring fat-burning models, and likewise, others are available too.
  • Fix a budget – There are ways you can buy all the technical feature under your budget. You simply have to let go of aesthetical value. You can even skip buying the monitor, and that would really lessen the price tag. IF you go to a brand page and check out the whole collection, you will know what we are talking about.

Speaking of brands, you have a huge list of ones with a quality product. Let us put some names here for you. These include Nautilus, Bodytone, Adidas, Peloton, and Kmart. You can find all of these or even more at our shopping platform, The advantage is that you get to compare products with each other without hopping to different stores. You can start to explore now with our discount section of exercise bikes for sale.

Question & Answer

What are the benefits of an exercise bike?

An exercise bike is meant to strengthen your leg and lower body muscles. It is evident because you are continuously working on your legs through movement. Other than that, it helps in weight loss also by burning your extra fat. Then, cardio fitness is another advantage of using exercise bikes. That means, it is an excellent way to get your heart pumping that leads to a better mood, better sleep, and low stress level.

What are some top-rated commercial exercise bikes?

Commercial bikes are either full-commercial or light commercial. Full commercial ones are made for memberships gyms whereas the counterpart is for hotel, condo fitness centres, and maybe home as well. Full-commercial allows six hours of daily usage and light commercial allows only three hours a day. Some of the best brands we should mention are Norditrack, Marcy, Kettler, XtremepowerUS, and Harvil.

What is the best indoor exercise bike to buy?

An upright fixed wheel indoor bike is the best you can buy. Indoor bikes are of two types – fixed wheel and freewheel. The difference is – Freewheel remains in motion even if you stop, but the fixed wheel stops when you do. You can stand on the bike for a more intense workout or lean forward also. Taking everything into consideration, you can buy a spin bike for a home peloton. This one is best for beginners, but those wanting to maintain a tight regime at home should check out commercial products.

Where to buy an upright exercise bike?

An upright bike is just like a road bike on which you can sit upright, stand, or lean forward depending on the workout session. To grab a good deal for an upright bike, you need to know a little information that the rest of this page details. To answer the questions of “where to buy”, we will highly recommend our retail search engine – Here, you can find all the top-notch brands, exclusive online shops, unheard deals and discounts.

After all the dabbling into knowing the products, it is time that you visually explore the products on our shopping platform that is But when you do, make sure you have a vision of at least 4-5 years in your mind. Well, equipment lasts more than that, but your needs may change to wanting more advanced versions. You can start with our fitness dedicated section under sports & outdoor .