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About Dumbbell Benches

Whether you are looking to buy a dumbbell bench for your gym or personal use, a better understanding of a product can make your own the best of all. So, first thing first – start your research and explore products online rather than setting your eyes on one product based on limited information. Do not fall for influential advertisements as they show half-baked truth. Search for yourself, ask experts, family, and friends for suggestions. Products bought this way surely last longer than any impulsive decision.

Different people have different purpose for hitting the gym. Some want to build their strength, release their stress, while some go to wipe off all the insecurities. Overall, you have an objective and an image of yours you desire after all the sweating. And for all of that, dumbbell benches play a significant role. So, here on this page, you will get all the relevant data, including brands, online shops, deals, discounts, and every other thing making your investment a smart purchase. Let’s start by knowing variations available around.

Different ways to use a workout bench at the gym

A few exercise benches can be flat, and others can be narrow ones with padded support in the back. Apart from the size, they can be adjusted in an inclined or declined position. When you incline the bench a few degrees, it helps in building muscle fibres of the upper chest. However, if you decline the bench, it helps in the lower chest. When you are using dumbbells, the bench can be in the upright position to provide you with full support. There are more ways, and once you start exercising, you will get to learn more.

Adjustable weight bench

Adjustable dumbbell benches have a minimum of 4 angles and maximum 6 angles. Some of the angles are – flat, decline, 45-degree, 90-degree, and 17-degree. One of the prominent features includes transportation wheels and removable leg. Wheels allow easy stowage and removable legs gives an added decline support.  If you want to fix the bench in one place or to keep the floor safe, you can also consider buying a mat with interlocking tiles. One of the premium brands, Bowflex 3.1 has got all these features we just mentioned. In case of budget constraints, you can check out some cheap dumbbell bench online on our shopping platform,

Folding weight bench

Let’s review one of the best foldable benches of Gymenist that arrives fully assembled once bought. If you are using it as a weight bench, it can take up to 550 pounds. More characteristics include – 6 backrest positions, 3 seat positions, 3 leg positions, and padded covers. Tops of all, it folds into a compact space. Buying this product will be a great deal if you are creating a home gym. Other than Gymenist, check out Adidas essentials utility bench for sale on our shopping platform, Do consider the weight of the dumbbell benches that you see online because if it is foldable, it must be lightweight to carry around. An ideal weight is 30 pounds. This is just a review of one brand, and likewise, you can see more on our platform.

Flat bench dumbbell press

Press is a gym lingo meaning heavy lifting objects. So here, the object that is dumbbell needs to be put at 90 degrees to make the bench flat because that’s what the term says – flat dumbbell press. You need to lie flat holding a dumbbell in each hand. Start exercising by facing your palms forward and bells slightly wider than shoulder-width. Your upper arms must be parallel with the ground, and your elbows must be at a 90-degree angle. Start by pushing the weights up by straightening your arms. As you push up, move your arms until they meet over the centre of your chest. And then, lower the dumbbells back with your elbow back to a 90-degree angle. If you think this exercise will definitely help you to reach your fitness goals, check out the equipment required at our shopping platform,

Tips on how to buy Dumbbell benches online

Before buying an exercise bench, it is imperative to know the activities you would be indulging in. Otherwise, you might end up with a not-so beneficial product. Or you have to buy more accessories to keep up with the product. As a result, the bench that you chose to buy thinking as a budget worthy choice comes out as more expensive than an actual expensive product. So, it’s better to prioritise your preferences beforehand. We have gathered some tips here also, so you can give yourself an excellent start.

  • Activity – Listing down your fitness goals and relevant exercises are important that you must do before starting to explore products online. You may see all the muscles and body parts you need to focus on, so you can contemplate the features you want in a product. We hope we are making sense by saying that.
  • Size – If your professional space or home does not have enough space, you can invest in a foldable bench. However, you should make sure that the foldable bench or smaller version you are ready to invest in does not evict some necessary features.
  • Weight load – When you give a read to the specifications list, you will see the feature – weight load. Now, this load is the upper limit of the person using the bench, meaning the load you can carry during the exercise.
  • Adjustments – How many angles that the product can provide? Flat, incline, decline, and upright are some common angles useful for nearly all muscle groups. This can be found under the specifications list.
  • Rack – Emphasising chest and shoulder movement? Get the bench with a rack having a height adjustability feature. There is a squat rack available as well if you want to consider it. You can check out both at our shopping platform,
  • Upholstery – You should really focus on the thickness of the padding as that can become uncomfortable while exercising. Below 1.5inch of thickness is reviewed as thin and uncomfortable. Also, the material of the padding matters too. We highly recommend reading the reviews for upholstery selection.
  • Storage – Once you buy any product, you should also think about its storage. While a dumbbell bench might not be a storage item, but foldable ones are. Also, the weights you use during exercise should keep rolling on the floor, leading to a mishap. So, buy relevant storage items and keep everything safe.

We hope the tips would let you make an informed decision. Other than tips, you would be off to a better start with a handy list of brands. Some of them are Reebok, Technogym, Precor, and Ironmaster. There are more you can find upon your visit to our retail search engine. Not only the product list is endless, but that comes along with many virtues of a seamless shopping experience. So, hop on to it and check out yourself.

Question & Answer

What essential multi-purpose bench should I buy online?

Adidas brand has one of the best multi-purpose benches that you may be looking for. It has a built-in barbell rack, preacher curl pad, padded seat with back support and apt for upper body workout. It also has an adjustable seat and backrest that makes it compatible with 5feet bars. Do check this out at our shopping platform wherein you will find more such products from different brands, such as Rogue, Kettler, Vicore, among others.

How much should I dumbbell bench press?

An average person can bench press 90% of his body weight. However, this is an estimate because lots of other factors like age, size, build, and fitness level matter here. After that, any expert might be able to give you a precise answer. Another estimate would be like this – a 220lb man can lift 225 or more when in his 20s. Men are strongest in their 20s and 30s, after which they decline. So, at the strongest level, you might be able to lift 100% of your body weight. We would again ask you to consult an expert as well.

When to increase the dumbbell bench press?

A very simple way to answer is this the time when you feel the current weight is easy-peasy – it is time you increase it. To be more precise, if you can do 15reps of an exercise with ease, you have surpassed a level, and it’s time to reach higher goals. However, you should increase more than 10% of the current dumbbell weight at one time, no matter how fit you feel. So, this is pretty much a well-versed answer about increasing bench press weights.

Where to buy a dumbbell bench?

Dumbbell bench is a one-time investment that lasts long for years. So, you need to be extra cautious of what and where you shop. On our product search engine, you can explore endless variations so you can exactly buy what you have been searching for. Along with that, the platform is built for an easy shopping experience that you feel no need to go anywhere else for tiny things, such as reading reviews and comparing with other brands. You can do all this under one roof.

We hope you now have a clear picture of where and what features to invest in. Keeping all the gathered tips and tricks, you can now start exploring the products online, filter out needless so as to come up with the perfect one, in the end. If you also desire to buy other equipment, you must check out our fitness dedicated section under sports & outdoor.