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About Crosstrainers

It is never too late to adopt a good habit, specifically for tech experts who spend most of their time on a desk with almost mot physical movements. For such people, the idea of a gym can be lifesaving as it offers the need for movement to muscles keeping them healthy and lively for long. Hence, for those planning to hit the gym for the first time, cross trainers are the best.

A gym cross trainer is a special design machine that simulates running and walking without excessive pressure on the joints. Thus, making it a better replacement to trade mills that result in strains on joints. The life fitness cross trainers have a little impact and are ideal for those suffering from back or joint problems. They are also suitable for an intense whole-body cardiovascular workout. This is because they offer movement to both legs and arms simultaneously. As a beginner, you can start with a 10-minute workout on a low resistance and gradually build up to 30 minutes. Apart from being the easiest way to start a gym and burn calories, these trainers offer many benefits. Some of which are discussed here.

Benefits of using Elliptical cross trainers for beginners

The elliptical cross trainers are ideal for beginners. Being fundamental equipment, you can easily find them in the local gyms. Usually, one can find them in the cardio section of a health club or gym. By construction, it is a stationary machine. It includes two long handles and foot pedals, and a measuring meter. Generally, the exercise on the elliptical machine mimics the movement patterns of walking, climbing stairs, and running.  Such movement patterns offer an effective full-body workout. Apart from building up your body for the extreme workout, the elliptical cross trainer offers many more benefits. This section of our article will share some of the basic benefits you can earn by starting your workout with cross-trainers.

Accelerate weight loss with elliptical machines

With elliptical machines, weight loss is evident as it simultaneously accelerates the fat loss process in different parts of the body.  Researches also state those cross-trainers as preferable to some of the known alternative machines. Top on the list is stair climbers and exercise bikes. Whereas speaking of the calories burnt, the workout on cross trainers is just like a trade mill. However, one can find it easier using elliptical machines. Here a large group of muscles helps to generate the movement. However, the number of calories burnt on the trainer depends on different factors. Some to name here are gender, age, and the current level of fitness. Despite this, the fact of its high effectiveness remains the same in each case.

Protect your joints with life fitness cross trainers

The benefits of a compact elliptical cross trainer go beyond weight loss. It also offers optimum protection to joints. While considering the pros and cons of treadmill and cross trainers, the comfort and protection of joints is the most important distinction. Generally, a workout on the treadmill is considered as of high impact. Contrary, the same style of workout on a cross-trainer is impact-free. Thus, it is widely accepted that cross trainer is a marvellous alternative for people with joint pains or issues. This is because of the special construction of the cross-trainer. It offers significantly reduced pressure on the joints, specifically on the hip and knees.

Whole-body workout with compact elliptical cross trainers

Unlike many other machines, the cross-trainers involve the entire body. Thus, offering a full-body workout and an increased number of calories burnt. Meanwhile, they stand among the most versatile gym equipment available to date. You can adjust the core trainer and personalise it to help tone your core. However, in any case, it helps to boost abdominal muscles. Hence if you want to work your abs more, let go of the handles and engage your core muscles. However, if you are a sheer beginner, we will not recommend you try it until you develop a good balance.  These trainer machines also offer extreme thigh workouts.

Reebok cross trainer – Workout at home

For many, specifically mothers of toddlers, taking time out for the gym is simply a dream. As a result, they lose their body shape and end up as a saggy woman before they hit their 40s. In such cases, cross trainers are ideal for a workout at home. These are easy to do-it-yourself gym exercise machines that can help you stay active, stronger. Moreover, it helps to lose those post-pregnancy fats and pounds quickly. These are relatively inexpensive and don’t take much room while offering a full-body workout. On average, 10 to 15 minutes on the trainer daily can help you enjoy a vigorous and fit body with a fresh mind and active lifestyle.

Tips on how to buy Cross Trainers online in the UAE

Not everyone can take time out of their busy routines. When the men are busy making money for themselves and their families, the women are either giving them competition at work or running errands at home. No matter who you are and what race of life you belong to, physical activity is a must. To help all such busy lads out there, fitness experts constructed the amazing cross-trainers. They are easy to use and work wonders in snaps. However, what remains a mystery is how to find a reliable option from dozens in the online market. Let’s kill the beast of worry by reviewing these handy tips on how to search and get hands-on with a fantastic cross trainer for personal use.

  • The type of machines – Cross trainers come in many different types and features. For instance, an incline trainer allows the user to target different muscle groups, while a variable stride length will enable you to choose between slightly walking to intensive running modes. Choose what you believe can help you. Another suggestion is to consult experts to know what type of machine and exercise to consider.
  • Choose the brand – Not all brands offer an entire range of cross trainer machines. Hence, some initial market research is vital to know what brands hold your desired devices. Have some reliable names shortlisted and search their products. The best idea is to use a product search engine to find the possible options available in the market. Here you can compare the price of the same products from different brands and make your decision.
  • Setting your budget – Gym equipment and exercise machinery is always expensive. Even the cheapest quality articles demand a considerable amount from your bank account. It is thus important to set budget limitations and go for the trainer machines that meet your needs and budget both. Experts suggest setting your budget limit from $ 500 to $1000. This is what can help you get hands-on a high-quality home cross-trainer.
  • Consider warranties and policies – All such expensive and lasting gym accessories and machines come with manufacturers warranties. These warranties help to secure your investment. Meanwhile, shopping online offers you access to a product with return or exchange options. These facilities help you get a partial or full return if, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your order.

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Question & Answer

Are cross trainers good for losing weight?

Yes, according to experts, cross trainers are ideal for losing weight. These machines offer a low impact cardiovascular workout. Thus, it helps in reducing weight, toning the muscles and increasing fitness. This is why elliptical cross trainers are highly recommended for those who want to lose a few pounds. These trainers are also ideal for people who have knee and joint pains but want to lose weight. As they offer low impact training, they help users enjoy minimum strain and pain on the body with optimum results.

How much are elliptical cross trainers?

Much of it depends on your needs. An average consumer looks for an elliptical machine for home use. These machines generally cost somewhere from $1000 to $2000 for a durable and good quality machine. These options are packed with features to help you track your workout and with an excellent warranty securing your investment. Some of the average priced options available in the market are; ProForm Hybrid Trainer Pro, Bowflex LX3i Lateral Trainer, ProForm 225 CSE Elliptical, 2 in 1 cross trainer and elliptical bike, and reebok cross trainer for sale in Dubai.

Which cross trainer is the best for home use?

We believe an ideal option is the NordicTrack FreeStride Trainer FS7i. It is a 3 in 1 trainer that comes with 35 different workouts and features like Bluetooth compatibility. However, those looking for more budget, friendly options can opt for JLL CT300 Elliptical Cross Trainer. Meanwhile, some of the other hot selling items in the stores include; Reebok ZR8 Cross Trainer for beginner trainers and Life Fitness E1 Elliptical Cross Trainer, an ideal cross-trainer for families.

Where to buy cross trainers?

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