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About Balance Trainers

According to fitness experts, balance and stability exercise can strengthen your muscles and improve body coordination. Do you have any such activity in your daily work routine? If not, the balance trainers might be a new term for you.

Many people want to add intensity and fun to their workout routines. And this is where the balance trainers get their way into the gym time. A balance trainer is a special professional and home gym equipment. It has one side as a flat platform and the other with a flexible dome. We can precisely call it half of an exercise ball. A balance trainer is fun exercise equipment that allows the user to work on multiple fitness aspects. It has proven effects in setting focus, balance, stability, and core strength while working cardio endurance, cardiac strength, and other aspects. Today we will share some common yet useful exercises to help you step up your body fitness at home.

Beginner’s guide to using balance trainer work out machines at home

A balance trainer comes with two sides but multiple purposes and benefits. You can use the dome side for everything from cardio moves to extreme strength training exercises. At the same time, the platform side is mainly for working on core muscles. If you have never used a balance trainer before, it better is to take some time and develop a familiarity with the equipment. Today we will talk about some elementary beginner moves you can practice on a balance trainer. These manoeuvres can help you get used to the surface and attain a specific level of grip, balance, and strength to upgrade your fitness game. Here are some tricks you can play using a balance trainer on your own.

Heel digging or Push steps.

With heel digs, you can easily get used to the dome side of the balance trainer- and it is the simplest one. All you need to do is stand in front of the trainer and place your right heel on the dome. Now return to starting position and repeat it with the left foot forward. Try to do it as quickly as possible. You can add a jump and switch the feet in the air to make it harder. Make sure you repeat it for at least 30 to 60 seconds. Whereas in push steps, you need to stand a few feet away from the trainer. Now step forward with your right foot right into the centre of the trainer’s dome. Now push back to the initial position and repeat with the left foot. Repeat it for 30 to 60 seconds. 

Basic stance and compressions

For a basic stance move, you will need a wall or chair to hold onto. But once you get skilled and used to the movement, they won’t be necessary. To practice, you need to step both feet into the dome. Make sure they are placed on either side of the bull’s eye. By simply standing, you will feel your feet moving and torso contacting. You can add difficulty by letting go of the wall or chair, raising your arms overhead or by closing your eyes. However, you will need to shift weight from foot to foot using arms to maintain a balance in compression exercise. It would help if you kept your hip and shoulder straight. To make it difficult, march or run on the top – repeat for 30 to 60 seconds.

Squats or basic crunch

To do squats, you need to stand on the dome with feet slightly forward of the centre. Bend your knees and squat in a position as you are sitting back in a chair.  Now keep your back straight and your torso up and extend your arms out to maintain your balance. In the next step, lower as far as you are comfortable and push up.  You can slightly shift the position of your feet to maintain your balance. For more intensity, you can hold weights or medicine balls. Repeat approximately 8 to 16 times. But for the dome, you need to sit on the dome with the hip forward at the bottom of the dome and bent knees. Now contract the abs and curl up. You must repeat it 8 to 16 times.

Tips on how to buy Balance Trainers online in the UAE

A BOSU balance trainer is exciting exercise equipment that stands among the simplest exercise machines. It has hit the fitness world in the past few years and has become a staple item in health clubs and personal gyms. This tool perfectly targets multiple areas of fitness like strength, endurance, stability and balance. The mushy dome side on the top offers a bouncy surface for everything from strength training to cardio. In the next moment, you can flip it over and use the flat side for core work, flexibility training and lower body workout. With the versatility of this tool, the buying process is considerably simple. However, here are few tips on what you must keep in mind while you head to buy one.

  • Quality of trainer – Only high-quality tools will work the way they should. And they stay with you for long. However, all these semispheres come in plastic material. They need to be durable to deal with the shocks and weights.
  • Price – Budget is always a core concern no matter what you wish to buy. When you head to shop BOSU ball balance trainer pro, keep a generous amount in your pocket. On average, the price range starts from $200 and goes to $1000 or more.
  • Manufacturer – Higher quality is the reason why you can have all the benefits from your balance trainer. However, good quality and reliable products are only available at top brands. A local item might save you a few bucks but will soon make you shop the trainer again.
  • Product descriptions – It is important to know the product in detail. Hence read the product description section to know the make, size, material and other specifications. It will also help you decide if you need to buy it or move to the next consideration.
  • Buying policies – When buying online, product return or exchange is of great importance. You must look for a seller that offers easy buying and return terms. It can help you reconsider your purchase if you find it is less than expected.

Here at we have an extensive collection of sports and outdoor equipment and accessories. We have a long list of returning customers who trust us for offering easy access to top global brands. Another reason is our price comparison tool. Plus, this online tool helps the users to find products within a specific price limit. Hence with just one click, they can get all the possible options within their budget and enjoy economical, efficient and smart shopping online.

Question & Answer

Where to buy half ball balance trainer?

Here you have two choices. Either you can explore dozens of brands, visit their online stores and search for the product you wish to buy. Else, you can explore to get more than 500 brands under one banner. Here you can enjoy comparing the products and their prices from different brands. Hence, you can get hands-on the most economical, top-selling products available in the online market with the price comparison system.

Is bosu balance trainer ball effective?

According to fitness experts, these balls are as ubiquitous as the squat racks and mirror selfies at gyms. But, depending on the users’ sensibilities, they can either be a logical evolution of balance or a gimmick, primed to go the way of shaking weight. However, some common benefits and proven effectiveness of these balls include the fact that it improves balance and is helpful for older people. Plus, they are ideal for people who are looking for fewer impact exercises.

How does a Bosu ball trainer work?

A balance trainer comes with two different sides. Each side aids in different physical activities or fitness exercises. Overall speaking, all these exercises and activities push the user past their comfort zone. Although we have discussed some common practices, you can do them with the balance trainer. Better is to consult a fitness training expert to know what exercises are suitable for a beginner, older person or someone with specific fitness goals.

What is the best balance trainer brand to buy?

On average speaking, a branded balance trainer should be your only choice. Many brands sell different types and sizes of balance trainers. Among the vast range of products, many are trusted and liked by all. However, some of the most reliable brands you can consider are available here. It includes New Balance, Bosu, URBNFit, SKLZ, York Fitness, inSPORTline, Everlast, Kettler, and Gym-Pro. Luckily, these brands are known and trusted for their highest quality and unbelievably moderate rates for all types of balance trainers in the market.

Whether it is home or the professional gym,  a balance trainer is undoubtedly a healthy addition to it. Without a doubt, it is ideal for beginners and exceptionally versatile gym equipment one can ever have. Meanwhile, you can also explore products from stores available on our retail search engine.