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About Fishing Rods

A fishing rod is a uniquely flexible, long rod that is used by fishermen to catch fish. Or we can say that fishing rods are specific poles or sticks that are attached to a line ending in a hook. The length of these rods varies between 2 to 20 feet or 0.61 to 6.10m.

No matter what length or type of rod you have, they all work with the same phenomenon. To entice fish the lures or baits are impaled on one or more hooks attached to the end of the line. Customarily this line is stored on a reel that reduces the tangles and helps in landing a fish. Previously made of bamboo, today you can find them in materials like carbon fibre and fibreglass. Contrary to nets, these rods are a must for commercial and recreational fishing or competitive casting. These rods come in different sizes, lengths, configurations and actions depending on if you want to use them for small, mid-size or large size fish. Here are some common types of fishing rods available in the market.

Different types of fishing poles and their uses

There is a wide variety of fishing rods available in the market. All these types are configured to perform different tasks. They intend to target different species of fish, for different fishing methods and locations. At the time when some rods are long and flexible for casting, others are short, rigid and heavy-duty. Knowing the types of fishing rods, reels and their appropriate use is of great importance. It is the right type of rod that can help you enjoy successful fish hunting. Once you know the different types of fishing rods, it is important to get the right type of fishing reel. The right combination is important to enjoy a fishing day out with your friends or family. Some common types of rods people use are as follow.

Telescopic fishing rod

They are the ultimate compact rods. These rods are extendable and range from one to two feet long when closed. And extend up to 20 feet when fully lengthened. Most of the telescopic rods resemble simple spinning rods when extended. These styles have several eyes and flexible tips to make casting easier. However, you can also find some telescopic rods without eyes. Here the line is guided through the centre of the rod. These are exceptional rods for expert fishers. Telescopic rods are portable with easy folding to adjust in the car for transportation. Therefore, these rods are popular among surf or backcountry fishermen and those who want to have everything compact and travel-ready.

Casting fishing rods and reels

These rods help to assist fishermen in placing a bait or lure wherever they want to. Overall, they are vital into two main categories; bait casting rods and spin casting rods. Most modern rods are sold as casting rods without any other differentiation. However, both models have eyes on the top of the rod. These types of rods have smaller eyes and a forefinger trigger grip. A prominent feature is that they have one larger eye nearest the reel. These rods are designed to use with a spin casting reel. On the other hand, the bait casting rods are much similar. The only difference is in the fact that the last eye (closet to the reel) is slightly smaller.

Fly fishing rods

A fly rod comes in a range of shapes and sizes. These rods are specifically designed for fly fishing. These rods are fragile and extremely flexible, allowing you to work the flyback and forward. Plus, they are incredibly lightweight and smaller in size compared to other fishing rod holders. This unique size helps to target fish from the tiniest trout in a small mountain stream to large saltwater game fish like tuna or marlin. Another distinct feature is that the fly rod lacks a butt section below the reel. It means that the angler can cast with speed and complete freedom most experienced fishers prefer the wooden mount as it is supposed to be more sensitive to the slightest movements.

Surf fishing rods

Surf rods are special sea rods famous enough to justify their category. They are long and allow heavy sinker and bait to cast a long way. These types of rods have long butts that will enable the fishermen to use two-handed casting techniques. These rods resemble much with a heavier, longer version of a spinning rod. Generally, the length of rods varies from 3 to 4m. This length helps to cast past the breaking surf where angle tends to assemble. In the meantime, they are also strong enough to cause substantial draws or lure to hold the base in unpleasant waters. However, you can also use them on a variety of surfs or waters including rocks, beaches and other shore features.

Tips on how to buy Fishing Rods online in Dubai

The days are long gone when fishers used a single fishing rod for all types of fishes, water, and weather conditions. Like many other hobbies, fishing has become a specialised sport. It now comes with specific types of baits and equipment to suit every variable of water one can imagine. Although the available information on today’s fishing rods is daunting, an average sportsperson majorly needs to gain the knowledge necessary to buy useable rods and reels for the specific situation. To help first-time buyers or those who are looking for fishing rods for sale after a long time, here are a few tips. These tips can help you make your selection process more manageable and sophisticated.

  • Learn about options – Online market has an influx of products. Thus, to buy online, start with learning about different types of rods. Apart from those mentioned above, there are dozens of types of fishing rods. You need to know what type will suit your needs.
  • Learn the speed of the rod – It is also known as the action of the rod. It ranges from fast to slow based on how far the rod bends. A fast action rod is stiff and allows slight vibrations. Whereas a slow rod bends more and can be more forgiving to your fish. Choose what is easier for you.
  • Learn about the power – Another important factor is the power of the fishing rod. It refers to the resistance to the bend that could be heavy or light. Note that a heavy power rod is good for quick hook sets and quick pulling of fish. Whereas, lighter power is better for lighter lures and thin fishing lines.
  • Check the info about rods – Most rods will have information about their power, speed, length and other features in the product description section of the website. It is important to read it carefully to evaluate if the selected item matches your needs and style of fishing or not.

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Question & Answer

Can fishing rods float?

The answer is yes. There are some rods in the market that float on their own. But a rod with considerable weight or reel can not float.  This is because the weight of the reel makes it impossible for the rod to stay on the water surface. Hence if your road does not have the floating property it will sink the moment it goes out of your hands. So if you don’t want to lose it, make your choices carefully. A good idea is to consult customer reviews or get peer reviews before heading to shop. Plus read the product description section carefully to find what the rod is capable of and whatnot.

What fishing rod is best for trout?

Trout is a freshwater fish that abundantly exist in cool, clean water with enough food and cover from predators like rocks, logs and water vegetation. However, finding trout also demands special types of fishing rods and reels. Some of the best fishing rods available in the market are; Okuma CE-S-461UL-1 Celilo Graphite, St Croix Triumph, St.Croix Trout ULF 2pc rods and SHIMANO Solera. All these types of rods are also available on our online store Whereas you can find many other options to explore and compare before you can make any final decision.

Are fishing rods expensive?

Fishing rods are not a new invention. If we speak of conventional bamboo rods, they are almost free. But if you ask for modern-day technologically advanced fishing rods, they cost considerably. This cost varies according to brand, type of rod, material, additional features, and other aspects. Hence, we cannot place the fishing rods in any specific price range. Therefore, when it comes to fishing rods, the world of choices is open to you. You can buy a locally made fishing rod for $100 or can go for a branded high-quality rod that will cost somewhere $1000 and above.

Where can I buy the best fishing rods online?

If you need just any fishing rod, the world is open to risk your time and money and give a try to as many options as you want. But if you are looking for the right return of your money and make should be your top priority. Here you can find products from top brands like Shimano, Daiwa, Okuma, Zenaq, Abu Garcia, Penn, Lixada, Gomoku, Tenryu, and Sougayilang. This is the only place where you can compare the prices of products from different brands with just one click. Hence explore, evaluate and buy what is best for you.

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