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About Fishing Hooks

Do you know that Forbes in 2005 listed Fishhooks as one of the top twenty tools in the history of mankind?

A fishhook is a small gadget for catching fish either by impaling them in the mouth or by snagging the body of fish. For centuries, anglers are using catch saltwater and fresh fish. Usually, these hooks are attached to some form of lure or line that connect the caught fish to the fisherman. There is a vast variety of hooks in the fishing world. The material, size, shapes and designs of these hooks vary depending on the intended purpose. These hooks hold different types of bait and act as a foundation for false representation of fish prey. Today we will explore some of the commonly used kinds of fishhooks available in the market. We will also study how one can buy fishing hooks online.

An ultimate guide for beginners on fishing hook types

Beginners often get bogged down when it comes to selecting fishing hooks. To the fact, there is nothing complicated in it. It is important to know that some hooks work better than others with specific baits or plastic lures that need rigging. The secret of hook selection is that it must match the size of the bait and the type of fish you want to catch with it. Here you may need more than one type of hook from one trip to another. Therefore better is to own more than one style of hooks that we are going to discuss now. Below mentioned are some of the most common and handy fishhooks for worms and help in all types of fishing ventures. Let’s explore what the market has to offer.

The bait and circle hook styles

The bait comes in different styles and is a white-bread option of hooks. Mostly features barbs on the shaft to hold the bait in place. A longer shank hook is ideal for beginners. Whereas a circle hook is a specific design of a fishing hook with a round shape. Generally, these hooks are used for live bait fishing. These hooks offer increased hooking percentage and help to prevent gut hooking fish. During the strike, the hook slides out of the fish’s throat, and the barb does not penetrate until the hook reaches the corner of the mouth.  At that point the hook point pivots and sets for a firm hook-up. These types of hooks do not require a standard hard hook set.

Treble and Siwash hook styles

A treble hook features three bends and points in a single hook. They offer greater coverage for artificial lures like jerk-baits, topwater and crankbaits. Most of the bait anglers like to use trebles. Whereas a cut bait (for catfish) or threading minnows (for trolling salmon) are some examples where trebles are commonly used. On the other hand, siwash hooks have long shanks and straight eyes that help them sit properly. These hooks are often used on single-hook bait like spinnerbaits. Plus, they are an impressive alternative to factory-provided treble hooks. The siwash hooks are handy to replace the treble hooks on hard baits when fishing a zone with limited hook points per lure.

Octopus and Aberdeen hook styles

Octopus hooks are short shank hooks that feature a bent with round shanks. But they are not as dramatic as circle hooks. These hooks are best for bait fishing as they have minimum hook size and weight to give a natural presentation. Octopus hooks are ideal for hooking leech via sucker. Whereas, Aberdeen fishing hooks are lightweight with thin wire and ideal for bait fishing. The thin metal structure helps the Aberdeen hooks to face minimum damage. This is why they are long-lasting. The light wire also makes them ideal options for timber fishing for crappie. However, when snagged, you can also bend the hook and pull it free with some pressure.

Jig and Worm hook styles

The fishing hooks for worms work on fishing soft-plastic baits.  The worm hooks have a slight bend just below the hook eye for Texas-rigging plastics to make them weedless. A standard worm hook features wide gaps that ensure adequate clearance for the point to penetrate a fish’s yap when setting the hook with the heavy plastic offering. These hooks are sharp with fine penetrating power to hook fish. On the other hand, jig fishhooks sit in particular jig moulds. These hooks feature bend below the hook eye. Pouring your jigs can save money and is a fun winter hobby to gear up for the coming season. The ease of use is the reason why you can find the jig style hooks in every fishermen’s hook collection.

Tips on how to buy Fishing Hooks online in Dubai

Even the novice angler know that if you go fishing without the right type of fishing hooks, you will achieve nothing. Interestingly there are so many types of fishing hooks that even the most seasoned fisherman have a glance at the stores. All they are left with is wonders of what all these types and sizes can do for them. No matter what type you pick ( obviously as per your needs) fishing hooks are an integral part of fishing. As we have already discussed the types of hooks that exist in the market, it is time to buy one. Hence to help you proceed with your buying venture here are some tips to help you decide which products to look for among thousands of options available at

  • Choose the right style – We have already discussed all common styles of fishing hooks for sale. Each serves differently and come with specific benefits or losses. It is thus crucial for you to decide what type of fish you want to hunt and what baits will suit your needs. Decide accordingly.
  • Choose the right size – Fishing hook sizes vary, no matter what type of shape it is. The sizes are as important as the style of fish. With size the thickness and strength of the hook shift. It results in affecting the performance of the hooks. It’s better to read a professional aided hook size guide before buying.
  • Consider brands – Water sports equipment commonly lose their life because of rust that resulting in decreasing the efficiency of the equipment. It is thus important to consider quality over price. Hence, when it comes to buying fishing hooks, go for top brands. It will save money in your pocket and the time you will spend in the water.
  • Consider price – Not all brands are expensive. Many big names offer high-quality products at economical rates. You can use the price comparison tool of ae to find all possibilities in your price limit. Here you can explore a variety of options with just one click and make smart decisions.

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Question & Answer

Which fishing hook is the best?

Every fisher has its preferences on fishing hooks. These preferences can be based on durability, sharpness, price, variety or salt-water versus fresh-water capability. Apart from these basic elements, dozens of additional features change preferences. However, here are some of the best-selling items on the list that you can consider buying. Many fishers rate  Eagle Claw 139RQH 24-Piece Set of Red Assorted Baitholder Snelled Fishhooks as the best option. While other suggested buying JSHANMEI 7384 150-pack or Shaddock Fishing 180-piece Set of Sports Circle Octopus Fishing Hooks.

What fishing hooks are illegal?

According to the law, you cannot use any hook which is directly/indirectly attached closer than 18 inches to any weight more than ½ ounce. Also, you cannot use multiple hooks or more than single hooks on a non-buoyant artificial lure with a weight of more than one ounce. The law also forbids using any weight that is directly attached to below the hook. Moreover, according to law, one person should use any single hook with a gap greater than 1 inch or multiple hooks with a gap of more than ¾ inches.

Are fishing hooks expensive?

Not really. Fishing hooks are not sold as a single piece. Instead, you can find them in boxed sets. These sets contain different types of hooks and variable sizes of each type of hook. The price of these sets varies from one brand to another. In the meantime, the price also varies according to the number of hooks a set contains. Some of the high quality yet economical fishing hook sets available in the market are; Fish Tackles Tool with Box Kit 500diaoyu, Fishing Lure Set Hard and Soft Bait Hook with Tackle Box, and Hooks Swivels Lead Fishing Sinker With Ring Carp Fishing Tackle Box.

Where to buy bulk fishing hooks?

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