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The importance of fishing equipment is impeccable when you go out fishing. No matter how good you are at fishing, having the right tool always makes your job easier. But do you need to buy all the fishing gear out there? Of course not! Only the ones that you need. When it comes to the ones that you need, you definitely should include the feed boats you’re your fishing gear list. Why? Well, that’s what we’re going to find out in this article. In this guide, we shall give you some of the best-selling feed boats to buy online and some useful tips on how to buy bait boats online in UAE smartly.

Feed boats in the right hand are a fantastic tool. This brings us to the next most obvious question – what are feed boats? Well, feed boats or as they’re commonly called bait boats, is a remote-controlled boat that comes with 1 to 2 hoppers. The hoppers carry a rig and the bait. You can easily drop this pretty much anywhere where the operator drives the boat. So, does this makes your job easier? Indeed, yes. It helps you to refrain from sitting hours on the pond side to catch a fish. You can easily prey on your desired fish breed even if you’re in the middle of a lake. However, not all the bait boats give the same kind of performance. Some are any day better than others. That said, let’s take a close look at some of the best value bait boats for you to buy.

The best-selling fishing bait boat to choose from

Fortunately, manufacturers of feed boats have been coming up with all sorts of feed boats. Each has a peculiar design, function, style, and features. This means there’s one for each fishing enthusiast. But, remember, not all the types might suit everybody. Each of us has different likings, which is why it’s important to thoroughly check your available options before you start your search online. Understanding your available option is crucial for a successful purchase. Not only that, but you must also know the various characteristics and features of each product. Below we’ve compiled a list of high-end fishing bait boats for you to invest in.

The Flytec bait boat

Flytec brings you some of the most popular, practical and functional baiting RC boats for you, the fishing lovers. Among the other models, the Flytec 007 is particularly trending right now. Why? Because it’s worth it! This super-high-speed racing boat is a fast and multi-functional freak in water. This boat allows you to go left, right, forward and backward without any hassle. Moreover, it’s easy to use too. Further, when it comes to its design, the feed boat adopts a high-quality material moulding. This gives it a firm and stable structure that withstands strong winds and waves.

The WaveRunner bait boat

The brand WaveRunner has introduced four main bait boats in its catalogue, and their Atom feed boat is the best. From sleek aesthetics to premium performance, the product has a lot to catch your eye. Firstly, the product features a stylish, shiny jet black finish. Besides, it also features two large white headlights and two blue gear lights. These lights are bright enough to really stand out when you’re moving in the lake. Fact is, it helps you see how the boat’s orientation is. Better yet, the product recently went into a revamp and now comes with an upgraded 5.8 GHz radio gear and much more.

The Anatec carp fishing bait boats

Anatec is a big name in the feed boat arena. They bring you numerous types of best and cheap carp bait boats. With a robust German design and high-level stability with catamaran hull design, the product shines in terms of structure and style. What’s more, you can operate the boat without an antenna. Plus, it’s an easy gear to maintain and service too. Apart from that, the boat comes with two independent hoppers. These hoppers deliver more than one kg bait on each. And yes, they also include a rear line clip feature.

The cult ranger bait boat

Cult offers its Ranger feed boats in a series of three basic configurations. Better yet, you can further customise them as per your needs. You can add GPS functionality, create your own design, and more. At first glance, you’ll see an 8 kg well-moulded boat with a stainless steel bolt that joints the hull and the upper section. Inspect a further, and you’ll notice that there’s a silicone gasket in between. This provides a watertight seal between the two sections. Furthermore, the boat has two battery compartments with magnetic lids to keep the water out. Thanks to these covers, the boats are virtually unsinkable.

Tips on how to buy Feed Boats online

As far as the fishing gears go, feed boats are amongst the most exciting bits of kit that you’ll ever find to purchase. However, choosing the bait boats isn’t an easy decision to make, considering the sheer number of choices out there on the market. Here are a few valuable tips to help you steer through the various best budget bait boats out there and make an informed decision.

  • Know your requirements – This is the first and foremost thing to do while buying your feed boats You should know what you need. Try and figure what kind of boat you need, the environment you’ll be fishing in, the type of functionality you’re looking for and more. It’s best to sort out your needs first, as it helps to easily narrow down your choices based on your requirements.
  • Research is important – Nothing beats a well-researched online buying session. Not only does it give you confidence while purchasing the product, but also makes your buying process a breeze. Try and check out the various places from where you can buy them, the top manufacturers, and more. The more you know about the product the better it is.
  • Explore your options – We did see earlier that not all the feed boats come with same design and performance ability. Some are always better than others. Therefore, try and eye a few options before you start your search online. You can also give a detailed look at the features, characteristics and designs.
  • Check out the propeller – A propeller is a crucial part of any boat, and bait boats aren’t an exception. However, here too you’ll find variations. You’ll find a standard model as well as a jet propeller. Jet propellers tend to be faster, quieter, and thus stealthier. Better yet, they’re more effective on weedy terrain. Thus, choose an appropriate one.
  • Look at the size – Make sure you think about the conditions you’ll use your boats in before considering the size. Generally, taller models fare better on wave prone water bodies. But, they’re more susceptible to wind conditions. Shorter models are less susceptible to the wind. However, they fair worse in wavy conditions. Therefore, size plays an important role.
  • Consider the range – If you plan on fishing out on large venues, then you should take into account the range of different bait boats that can reach. Remember, the range varies dramatically from about 100 meters to over 1500 meters. And the last thing as a boater, you’ll want is your boat sailing off uncontrollably into the distance.
  • Evaluate the battery usage – Some feed boats, particularly the angling range use more battery when compared to others. The more power they use, the sooner the power runs out. You can definitely not find a power source to recharge in the middle of the water body. Thus, the battery, power and efficiency are worth considering while buying them.
  • Check out the additional features – For some models you’ll find extra features. Getting such products are a boon to your fishing experience. Additional features like echo finder attachments, solar chargers, and GPS systems make it easier for you to find the fish and drop the bait exactly in the same spots. Remember, not all models come with extra features. So, it’s worth sussing out before buying one.
  • Consider the maintenance – Nobody wants a model that needs heavy maintenance. Therefore, try and pick a model that requires less maintenance. You could also pick a model that comes with warranty. Also, see if you can easily clean the product and store them away easily without any hassle. Also, make sure they have a durable built.
  • Read reviews online – Some serious buyers take time to pen down their experience with the feed boats they bought. Try and check out the feedbacks and comments. Their reviews help you get an idea about the performance, durability, and reliability. It’s better to go for products that have more positive reviews than the one with mixed comments.

Regardless, of what factor you consider, in the end, it’s always your choice to pick the boat. Therefore, make sure you’re fully aware of what you want, and what to look for when you’re frisking through the product list on the buying platform. Do not make any hasty decisions. Take your own sweet time to make a decision. Because nobody wants to end up with a substandard product. We hope the tips above will guide you in the right direction.

Question & Answer

Why are bait boats so expensive?

Indeed, a few models of feed boats are expensive. But, that doesn’t mean all are. You’ll always find an affordable model that fits your budget. Apparently, each feed boat is different and comes with distinct features. This means it’s priced at different rates too. You’ll find expensive standard models and cheap remote control bait boats. Therefore, try and set aside a budget before you start your online purchase process. You can also get bait boats for sale online in UAE if you’re a serious economiser.

Which bait boat to buy?

This depends on your needs. What kind of environment are you planning to go fishing in, do you like a model with high-end features? Or are you planning to get only a simple, standard bait boat that you can use easily? Asking a few such questions helps you steer clear during the buying process. Just remember to pick a high-quality model in terms of functionality and design, regardless of which model you choose.

Which is the best bait boat?

The best feed boat is always the one that fulfils your requirement. And of course, it’s also the one that offers you high-performance, quality, durability, and functionality. One of the best ways to get the finest feed boats is to buy them from popular brands. The brands like Flytec, Topacc, Zanlure, Angling Technics, and Waverunner offer you a range of premium quality bait boat models.

Where to buy bait boats online in UAE?

Several online stores, today, bring you a range of feed boats online. While you’re here, you can check out the amazing collection right here on Our product search engine houses some of the finest bait boats from famous brands. Better yet, you can shop them from your favourite online stores right here on this platform. Explore the various options here, to find out the one that fits your deal.

So, there we have our guide to buying the best feed boats online. If you’re motivated to buy one, then get started right with your shopping drive. And yes, do check out other sports & outdoor products too, while you’re here.