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About Bite Reminders

A bite alarm, bite indicator or bite reminder is a mechanical or electronic device that indicates an angler that something is happening at the end of your fishing line.

A fishing lover can understand the irritation of a failed fishing venture because they often don’t know that the fish was in the hook and managed to escape with the bait.  To help such fishing enthusiasts, the fishing equipment manufacturers came up with the unique idea of bite reminders or bite alarms. These devices are mechanically equipped to help you know that the fish is trapped right when it bites the bait on the fishing line. If set up properly, they can help you enjoy the best of your hunting time in the water. However, every type of reminder has different methods to use effectively. Therefore before you head to buy one, you need to understand these different types of bite alarms and know which one will meet your needs the best. 

Types of fishing bite alarms

When we speak of fishing alarms, most choices go down to personal preferences based on style and colour. But in technical terms, there is only one difference: swinger or bobbin. The bobbin design is fixed to the line and lets off its indication, and you will come to know if there is something on the other end. At the same time, hangers or swingers hang below the line. They are much sensitive to the slightest movement. However, they can often give you a false alarm. As a result, you will waste a lot of energy and time, simply for nothing. Today we are going to introduce you to some of the many types of fish bite alarms.

Audible indicators

These indicators come in the form of a bite alarm. They are small electronic devices that make a sound when the line moves either backwards or forward. Most of these alarms implement a roller system where the line actually sits. So when the line moves over the roller, the alarm will make an indication sound. It also indicates that the fish has picked the bait and is trying to escape the hook. These alarms come in a variety of options, including tone, volume and sensitivity settings. Each of these settings plays an important role depending on what conditions and type of water you plan to search for the fish.

The visual indicators

Once you get the audible indicator settled in place, you will need a visual indicator in the setup. These indicators show how the fish is behaving when it picks a bait.  So when the fish picks the bait and move towards the bank, the indication will drop. It is known as a drop back. Likewise, if the fish moves away from you, the indicator will move upward and then fall off. a visual indicator is important with the audible one as it will inevitably result in a deeply hooked fish. There are different types and sizes of visual indicators that you can search and pick from.

The front and rear indicators

The front indicator will sit below the bite alarm. They come in various styles and from including bobbins to solid metal arms that incorporate a counterbalance weight. They are ideal for use with the bait-runner reel setup. At the same time, a rear indicator is a traditional approach that sits below the reel with an open bail arm. This combination results in reduced resistance. The rear swinger keeps the line tight with it is clipped up. It also ensures that the line is not automatically peeling off the reel spool.

The rod and line alignment

When fishing with gadgets like bite indicators, the rod and line alignment will explain your fishing venture’s success and failure rate. For optimum bite detection, you need to ensure that the rod points in the same direction as your line. It will ensure that the line directly goes back to the alarm immediately. As a result, it will get damp by the rod tip first before making any contact with the alarm. Besides such basic tips, it is also important to pick the most appropriate and high-quality item from the available products online.

Tips on how to buy Bite Alarm online in the UAE

Buying fishing equipment (like the best budget bite alarm sets) can be fun, just like fishing. However, for a successful and workable buying process, you need to know the needs and the features of the best value bite alarm set. And to do so, you can list down everything you need and do some research; you can take care of it. You will also end up with the right quality equipment that won’t disappoint you in the months to come. Since this equipment is expensive, it’s better to be entirely sure before you come up to a conclusion. Also, keep the following pointers in mind while doing the hunt.

  • Start by reviewing prices – There are dozens of brands out there, and each comes with its own price tags. Some items will undoubtedly be more expensive than others in the same league. Be sure to check online and ask around for prices of special equipment. Always look for branded items and avoid settling for low quality make for a lesser price.
  • Ask around – Check online and in stores for cheap fishing accessories. You can also ask your peers who have experience in fishing and buying such materials. With some advice, you’ll learn more and avoid making the mistake of buying gear that won’t be of the right use to you later.
  • Understand the main differences – Before you head to make a purchase, educate yourself. You need to understand the basics between hooks, rods, lures and other terms. Likewise, you need to know the uses and benefits of different types of indicators. The knowledge will surely go a long way in making the right choices.
  • Check recommended items – If you’re buying an indicator for the first time, or even if you’re on a budget, why not go for something second-hand or something on sale. You will save a lot of money, and you won’t have to worry about getting damaged. If you don’t want to continue later, it’s no problem which used equipment.
  • Prefer brands – Equipment like bite reminders are an essential part of any fishing venture. To avoid heading to local, make that do no good for you most of the time. Rather buying from reputed stores ensures the quality is good and it will last you longer.
  • Check out advanced models – The better models offer you more comfort and have several add-ons to make your experience easier. The electric fishing rods, for example, are some of the best today. If the price difference isn’t much, it helps to go for a better model, which will add to the experience.

If you fish or have little knowledge from previous experience, landing the best equipment is not a big deal. However, for many, it can be a bit tricky. In this case, the best thing to do is take your time, be patient and lookout. The more you hurry, the more chances of making a rushed decision. With the wide range of products available at, you can easily make a wise buying decision that can save you a lot of money and hassle.

Question & Answer

How does a fish bite alarm works?

Start by finding an appropriate snag-free location to set up the bank stick and rod pod. Now screw the bite alarm onto the front end of the pod and bank stick. Ensure that the rear portion of the pod and bank stick is well equipped with a butt rest. This way, it will firmly hold the end of your rod in place. Now turn the alarm on; you can follow the user’s manual for instructions. Once the alarm is on, cast out the bait and set the rod onto the bite alarm. Now engage the free spool drag on the reel and enjoy fishing.

What is the best bite alarm for fishing in the sea?

When it comes to fishing equipment, the choices and preferences highly depend on your fishing style and the type of water you plan to do the venture. There are times when the equipment that can work fine in the lake or rivers might not work well in deep seawater. So if you are heading to do some fishing in the open seas, choose bite alarms like  FREE TOO, which is the best sensitive electronic fishing bite alarm indicator. You can buy Wings flying 4 Pcs with LED Light Fishing Bite Sound or choose PLUXL Electronic Fishing Bait Alarm for night times.

Where to buy a fishing bite alarm online in the UAE?

When it comes to buying fishing gear online in the UAE, you can enjoy many options. For that, you need to head on a reliable retail search engine. This is where you can find all the possible and latest options from top global brands and manufacturers. You can find products from top brands like Fox, Nash, NGT, Lixada, or Prologic in our sports and outdoor section. You can also take advantage of the unique and efficient price comparison tool to compare and buy products at cheaper rates.

Ensure you browse our retail search engine well enough to find the entire range of fishing alarms available in the market. Luckily here, you can find more than 500+ in a few clicks.