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About Dance Poles

Exercise is so important in our lives. It improves our immunity, paves the way for better health and keeps us fit. With introductions like water yoga, beer yoga and aqua aerobics, exercising with dance poles has also become very popular.

Dance poles have the power to make you feel secure, it gives charisma to the person’s movements, and it’s so much fun. If hitting the gym every morning or evening seems like a bothersome task, there are plenty of other options to get that dose of exercise. Dance is a fantastic way to say fit while having fun. Different forms of dance have their movements and help add flexibility to your posture. You can dance just about anywhere, and it doesn’t even require you to step out of your home. The internet today is full of dance workout videos, which is easy to pick up while watching it. The best thing? You can involve your family and have a fun sports & outdoor workout session without spending a dime!

Different types of dance poles and exercising with them

With so many exercise fads, you don’t have any excuse to put it off any longer. Plus, once you start doing a form that you love, your body will itself start craving for it. It’s best to start slowly, then dedicate at least an hour each day to keep up the consistency. The key is knowing how much or how little exercise is enough for you. With dance gear, it’s a terrific fondness that you will love after a while. The style is fresh, refreshing, and so much fun. Plus, it helps boost confidence, makes your body posture better, and a little training can go a long way. The limits here are endless, and you can practise as much as you want, without getting bored. The equipment is minimal and straightforward too.

The portable dance pole

This is the best kind for those who travel. The portable dance pole is easy to assemble and transport just about anywhere. For those who can’t find time at home, you can install it in a spare office space and work out as needed. This one comes with a base stand, and the rod is secure but removable. By watching a few videos, it’s easy to understand how you can use the pole for workouts and exercise. It is especially great for strengthening your core muscles, like the abs, thighs, calf and upper arms. However, you can choose activities as per your requirement and perform them as per the time permits.

The fitness dance pole

The fitness dance pole is an excellent choice for those who are looking at dance poles from the core intention of fitness and exercise. These are specially designed to allow you to do a lot of activities while supporting your body. They are safer and practically designed to enable better exercise movements. A lot of trainers include gear in their workout sessions for a lot of different reasons. Before going all in, you can check out the pole dance academies in Dubai. With professional trainers, it’s the best way to get your basics right and have fun with other members too.

The spinning dance pole

A lot of people love spinning for different reasons – it gives fast results, it’s fun, and it boosts you up, be it in the morning or evening. It is one of the best ways to exercise your lower body without even having to hit the gym. The spinning dance pole is on similar lines. This one, however, is designed in a way to allow you to spin your whole body. The degree of speed depends on your comfort level. It requires training and time to pick up; however, it’s a never-ending journey of excitement! For this too, you can check out classes that teach it so you can get some inputs from a professional.

The freestanding dance pole

The freestanding dance pole does not have a top surface, so it means it’s not attached. This single aspect opens up so many options as compared to the regular gear. You can do more exercises, and the ways to use it are endless! If you want to start learning it on your own, then this is the best one to have at home. You can start with simple exercises before taking up the complex ones. However, short training is always recommended if you have never used a dance pole before. As per your comfort level, you can take up more exercises in the future.

Tips on how to buy Dance Poles

Keeping our bodies fit and healthy is our responsibility alone. Apart from consuming healthy and nutritious food, putting a little time into exercising is essential too. However, it is easier said and done since our lives are so busy. If this is something that you’re struggling with too, the best way is to find some motivation and something that fits in your schedule. A dance pole is secure. It fits just about anywhere, and you can learn some quick exercises gradually.

  • Speak to a trainer – If you know a professional dance pole trainer, set up an appointment and get an inside view. Meet a few if you can before investing in a pole yourself to get the facts right.
  • Figure out your budget – You should have a set budget for the pole, along with accessories, if any. It’s a good thing to wait out for a sale if it is around the corner.
  • Invest in a few training sessions – Don’t buy gear without finding out what pole fitness feels like. Attend a couple of sessions and then take the call.
  • Analyse your problem areas – There are certain areas of the body that the dance pole works on beautifully, however, some, it may not. So, choose your problem areas and see if it targets those.
  • Don’t be in a rush – Weigh out the pros and cons before making the call. This decision is essential and permanent, so think well before you put your money down.
  • Fit it into your schedule – Will the dance gear work well for you? Get a timetable for it, be it morning, evening or during the day and then go ahead.

With most forms of exercise, doing it for the initial few days or months is the easiest. But a lot of people give up after that. The reasons can be several; however, motivation is something that’s generally one of the issues. Your exercising form doesn’t have to be only dance poles. With so many options today, try out everything you can before deciding which one you like. Something as simple as brisk walking is an exercise that most people prefer. You can go for pretty much anything you want.

Question & Answer

Is having a dance pole for home advisable?

The concept of exercising on dance gear has caught up in recent years. Gyms and fitness studios have also launched classes especially for this. If you love the style and hate travelling to a gym to do it, buying one for home use is the best thing. While the investment can be a bit, it’s certainly less than other gym equipment. Plus, it’s space-saving, easy to use, and you can use it for as long as you want to. So yes, a dance pole for home is a great idea to make your fitness habits easier.

Which are the best dancing poles for a workout?

With so many dance poles available online, it can be tricky to choose the right one. However, choices like the Amzdeal Portable 45mm Dance Pole, Pro-Fit Dance Pole, Megabrand 45mm Professional Fitness Dance Pole, X-POLE XPert Dance Pole, MiPole 360 50mm Professional Dance Pole, Wacces 45mm New Pro Portable Professional Pole and Xperience Dance Pole Kit are some of the best. You can make your choice based on factors like portability, convenience, comfort and workouts.

What should you keep in mind while using a dance pole for exercise?

Just like any exercise medium, a dance gear, although it is easy to use, a few training sessions are a must. There are areas like your back and legs that require more support because they tend to take a load of your whole body while practising. So, ensuring you know how to warm up and ensure cushioning is also essential. For the first few weeks or a month, have a professional come over and train you. Since each pole is different, analysing its aspects is essential before going in.

Where can you purchase a dance pole for sale in Dubai?

Dance pole for sales is easy to find on the internet. The concept of working out at home is getting popular since people don’t have the time to step out and go to a gym or centre to train. So, you can find several brands with discounted equipment online. The best way is to use, a stunning product search engine to help you get the very best deals. It is easy to use, gives you excellent results and will save you time too. You can also find other coaching materials as well.

Ensure you check out online stores for some good shopping options for dance poles. Apart from this, brands like X-POLE, MiPole, Lil Mynx, MegaBrand, Lupit Pole and Wacces are the leaders in sound quality dance poles today.