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About Compasses

Compasses are a great tool for navigation, location, and direction. It even has a weather vane that point towards the direction of the wind. There are many other useful features of this one tool, and buying one would make your travel much efficient. However, you need to consider a lot of factors while buying one to make your purchase right the first time.

Compasses have a single objective of navigation and is an utterly important device to own. There are two types available online – magnetic and non-magnetic. Both have their own limitations and purposes. If you want to buy compasses online in Dubai, we would suggest understanding the basic layout of the product first. Reading navigation tools are skills that you should not miss, especially if you have an adventurous spirit. On this page, we slide you through the nuts and bolts of this navigation tool. Let’s start with an overview first.

Fundamentals of a navigation compass

Here, we are talking about a very basic product, sometimes referred to as a baseplate compass. So, the components include a baseplate, of course, on which the compass is embedded. Then, another thing you see are the needles inside the housing, which is a plastic circle. And this circle includes a degree dial, magnetic needle, orienting arrow, and orienting lines. Well, this is the fundamental concept, but manufacturing is different in traditional and modern designs. You need to know it before checking out compasses to buy. Basically, traditional design is filled with airspace to allow for volume changes caused by temperature/altitude. And, modern designs are filled with a liquid lamp for the same reason.

North direction of a navigation compass

Let’s suppose you travelled one degree off for one mile. That means you are about 100feet off track. Well, it’s just one mile, think of the next 10 or 20 miles until you realise you have taken the wrong route. To prevent such happenings, you should know there are two north directions – true north and magnetic north. Here, true north is where your map points the north direction, and magnetic north is the tilt of the magnetic field. Both can vary by 11 or 20 degrees. Especially, mariners have to take care of it a lot. A single degree misalignment can make them go completely wrong. You can check out some best compasses online and thoroughly read their specifications list to understand them better.

The basic layout of a smart compass

It can be defined as a compass in a smartphone. You need to download the application on your phone. Once installed, you need to program the compass by turning the numbered dial. As a next step, place your phone above your heart against your chest, tilt your head, and look at the compass. What you need is the red compass pointing at the N, so turn your body until it happens. Slowly, lift your head up with eyes along the arrow on the front. Find a semi-distant object in the same direction and walk towards it. One thing you need to know about the compass in your smartphone is calibrating. It is done by waving the phone in a number eight pattern in case you do not believe the compass readings. 

Fun facts about navigation compass

Some animals, like ants, birds, and fish, use their internal biological clock to help them find direction. Some animals like pigeons can use Earth’s own magnetic field to navigate because their brains are like an internal magnetic compass. Another fun fact about these products is that they are earlier used for spiritual purposes known as feng shui. Even the invention of the compass is made for divination. In it, the buildings are organised using a compass with the purpose of harmonising the environment according to the “laws of heaven”. Next, we have compiled a few insights in our tips section that you should consider before buying.

Tips on how to buy Compasses online

There are many smart devices available that replace the usage of compass and maps. However, you do not want to trust your life to a battery. You can keep both the devices and one as an alternative, whichever you find easy to use. Speaking of compasses, they are old-age products but as effective as any modern technology. There are a few things you need to consider when buying them. Here, we have pointed them all.

  • Compass housing – The housing contains fluids that help steady their movements. This fluid don’t freeze but forms bubbles, sometimes. Anyway, the needle movement does not get impacted. Having fluid in the compass is the newest model available in the online marketplace.
  • Rotating bezel – Also known as azimuth ring, you can see the ring marked with degrees from 0degree to 360degree. It encircles the outer edge of the needle capsule. The feature that you need to notice here and that concludes the precise nature of the compass is the smaller interval of degree. The smaller it is, the more precise your navigation would be.
  • Consider needs – compass purchase would be different for the mariner, orienteering enthusiast, hiker, or road traveller. Girls or boy scout should be fine with a pocket compass, but for hiking or other serious adventures, it is best to accompany an advanced baseplate compass. You would understand the differences once you start scrolling the products online.
  • Extra features – You can invest in some additional but not necessary features. For example, magnifying glass and luminescent indicators are two such features you can think of. A magnifying glass is a handy tool for reading map details, and luminescent indicators are the best deal in shady regions or after sunset.
  • Advanced features – You can stick to a basic version of the baseplate compass but can also search for some high-end products. Some advanced features the latter comprises include declination adjustment, sighting mirror, clinometer, and global needle.

You may find compass lookalikes and also the ones that work like compass attached with keyrings, zipper pull-outs, or watchband. You can use them for fun but never on your trips. Even your multifunctional watch with a compass feature cannot replace the baseplate need-style compass. So, choose the one looking at the severity of your actions. Coming to some brands, you can search for Suunto, Silva, Brunton, Cammenga, and Coleman, among others. You will find all of these names even more at our shopping platform –

Question & Answer

Are compass waterproof?

Not unless it specifies so. You set your eyes on one product, but do not forget to look at these basic functionalities. Being waterproof and shake-proof are some basic features that the compass must have, considering the actions it has to confront during the trip. And usually, they are waterproof. We still suggest you thoroughly read the specifications list before buying any product.

Are compass necessary?

If you are asking the purpose of a compass as a navigation tool is necessary or not, then yes it is. Otherwise, how do you plan to navigate yourself through your destination? However, if your question lies in the compass as a product. Then, you surely have a replacement with a digital compass and maps. But do you really want to risk it with a battery-driven product? We understand both have their pros and cons, and even a magnetic compass can break down. But the chances of running out of battery is slightly more than breaking down of magnetic compass.

Where to buy compasses?

You can check out the Suunto brand if you are looking for something with advanced engineering and no batteries. This brands’ products are fast, simple, and easy to use. You can filter them by the kind of activity you are planning to participate in. Other than that, you also have another option of Silva brand that is equally high-graded as Suunto and offer great high-end features. Likewise, there are many other brands available on our shopping search engine that you can explore, compare, and shop.

Are compasses expensive?

You can buy them in the budget range between AED60 to AED500 or even higher. There are many factors that influence the budget, top of which is the brand. The name that dedicates itself to the manufacturing of forming top-notch products is something to look out for. Serious adventurers often fall for the brand and high-end features they offer. More than a personal choice, it is an informed decision based on sports & outdoor activities.

We hope you have all the information you want to buy a compass online. Our shopping platform that is can further narrow down your purchase by sidelining the unnecessary products. We house ourselves with multiple brands, online shops, genuine reviews, all under one roof. You can confirm and validate your purchase and own it without any regrets. So, hop on to our platform and see all the interesting products worthy of your shopping cart.