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About Referee Whistles

Rules, regulations and symbols have always been a part of sports and soccer is not an exception. Since the beginning of football, the referee signals for player law violation have been an intriguing subject. At first, a white handkerchief was raised to signal a foul, then came in an audible signal (a bell), and finally the evergreen referee whistles.

The modern era of whistles began its journey in 1878 when a referee blew a whistle during a sporting event. Hudson, a toolmaker who was fascinated with the whistles, made a brass instrument. He used it in a match at the Nottingham Forest Soccer Club. Many people found these whistles superior to the normal referee’s signal of waving a white handkerchief. In the subsequent years, Hudson worked on his initial model and came up with the advanced version known as the ‘pea whistle’. This whistle had a small ball enclosed in the whistle’s air chamber that produced the famous trilling effect. Well, these models clicked and now remains the world’s largest selling whistle types. Today, in this article, we will understand these whistles and will go through a few tips that’ll help you buy them effortlessly

The different types of football referee whistle

Except for aesthetic touches, like a gold-plated, rose engraved, or a cubic studded safety whistle for a loved one, the metal whistles manufactured by the American Whistle Corporation have not changed substantially in the past 40 years. However, you will find slight variations in different models that are available in the market now. Therefore, purchasing them also becomes a little tricky. Hence, it is important to understand their types first. This way you’ll have enough information about the product that you are about to shop. Keep reading to find out their types.

The classic referee whistle with finger grip; the fox 40 whistle

The loud and piercing sound of this whistle makes it a viable option for any sports. That’s why many referees and coaches prefer them for many outdoor sports. It comes with a secure grip that enables you to hold them between your fingers very comfortably. You can find such features in all classical models of the referee whistles. However, the Fox 40 is one of the best. It comes in an impactful acrylonitrile butadiene styrene or simply ABS thermoplastics which makes the whistle impermeable to moisture. In other words, it can resist all attempts of moisture penetration. However, the well-known selling point of this whistle is the sound production. It makes a loud and sharp pitched sound that is perfect for sports.

The official whistle for soccer referee

The Acme thunderer is one of the best if you are looking for a comfortable and flexible whistle. This stick pea type is suitable for any environment. For instance, if you immerse them in water, you can produce whistles of different frequencies with low pressured breaths. Moreover, it considers the safety of its users, as it is made up of lead-free materials. With such peculiar, you can label these whistles as one of the best among the lot. In other words, it is that golden standard for all sporty individuals and leaders like officials, coaches and referees. 

The sonic blast sports whistle

Unlike others, you do not have to worry about the mouth grip here. That’s because they come with a comfortable and well-cushioned mouth-grip. Moreover, it boasts of a very clear and functionally loud sound-producing capability. The sound coming from this whistle has the immense ability to travel over a long distance uninterruptedly. It is flawless, with the ability to produce a sound that is more than 120dB. One of the classic examples of this is the Fox 40 Sonik. You can easily blow into it, and with a little pressure, you can produce loud and perfect sounds for attention.

The coach whistle with flip grip 

The flip grip mechanism of the whistle is an excellent choice for referees and coaches who are always on the move. It comes with all the perfectly engraved features that qualify it for using it in outdoor sports. Also, the whistles come in iconic materials that guarantee its durability. Apart from this, the sound produced by this tool is high-pitched tones that cut through the air to be carried along with longer distances. Of course, all of you know that most of these whistle types were made to use in outdoor activities. Hence, it is ideal for the football referees and coaches to use them. Also, these referee whistles produce a four-octave sound in two frequency ranges that you can hear over a large surface area.

Tips on how to buy Referee Whistles online

So now you know the essential types of referee whistles. So, let’s get started with shopping. But wait! Are completely equipped with their buying knowledge? Well, unfortunately, not yet. Understanding their types might indeed help you buy referee whistles. But for a hassle-free and informed purchase, you need to look out for a few more factors. We’ve listed down a few tips that will steer you towards your perfect whistle.

  • Check the material – Material of the referee whistles is significant, as it is a tool that you’ll keep in your mouth. While them, you should avoid the metal ones, as it freezes to your lips in very cold weathers. You could go for other materials that are lead-free and the ones that sit just right on your lips without any damages.
  • Examine the sound quality – One of the primary functions of the whistle is to produce sound for attention. Hence, you must check its sound quality. However, when you are online shopping, you may not have the convenience of checking the sound physically. At such times, you can look at the technical specifications of the whistle. For instance, some of the whistles produce sounds up to 120dB.
  • Look for colour variations – You can purchase these sound devices in many colours now. However, it is best to buy black or silver if you want to use them in a collegiate game. Well, the referee is not out there to put on a show! However, a few exceptions are there. For example, in charity events for breast cancer awareness, you use pink whistles.
  • Explore the styles – Though the technical aspects of the referee whistles remain the same, you’ll find different varieties of styles. For example, you can find the one with flip and some without them. Therefore, you must choose the one that best suits your needs. Always assess your usage and then set out to buy one.
  • Set a budget – As with any other product, it is always a better idea to keep a budget aside. This way, you will not spend unnecessarily. Moreover, you can buy cheap and best whistles. Checking out various stores for discounts and deals will also help. For instance, you can buy Acme thunderer plastic whistle sale on stores like Sun & Sand Sports.  

So, you know, that little pipe of plastic or metal is more than just a piercing stop sign. If used correctly, it is a part of the entire picture that makes a good referee into a great one. We hope the tips above will guide you towards your perfect referee, whistles.

Question & Answer

Where to buy a whistle?

Referee whistles are now popular in many sports other than soccer. However, only good quality ones can outperform. For that, you need to purchase them from trusted vendors. Check out if you want to buy electronic sports whistle that offers a wide range of sound options. You can also buy online professional referee whistle that portrays smart features and classy designs.

Where to buy basketball referee whistle?

Fox 40 is one of the best basketball referee whistles that you can buy. Our product search engine features some of the high-quality whistles from brands like Molten, Golvery, Windstorm, and Lanyard. Apart from that, you could shop for them at our platform from over 500 online stores like Menakart, Namshi, Newchic, Gotothelist, Lifestyle and many more. 

How to blow a fox 40 whistle?

Fox 40 whistles are one of the most efficient referee whistles. They come with peculiar technology behind its sound efficiency. It owes this to pealess technology that was developed by Foxcraft. The ordinary whistle comes with a small ball inside the whistle structure that helps you create a pulse in the whistle. These whistles produce low sounds and often get jammed by saliva, water, dirt or ice.  

What is the best referee whistle?

Several factors make the whistle a good referee whistle. Sound quality, the decibels, and the design are some of such factors. Further, the loudest referee whistles come from brands like Acme, Fox 40, Flox blast, Valkeen and more. Each of them has varying decibel levels. Apart from that, they also come in designs that facilitate such sound quality. You can check out if you want to buy fox 40 mini whistles in bulk. 

Are metal or plastic whistles better?

There is no denying the fact that the metal referee whistles produce excellent sound quality. However, they become an issue when you are using them in colder climatic conditions. In freezing weathers, it tends to stick to your lips and might cause you damages. However, with the plastic whistle for a referee, you need not face such issues. However, it is entirely your choice to pick one, as both have their benefits and limitations.

At the end of the day, all that matters is your personal preference. For example, a referee whistle that works for one does not work for the other. Therefore, you need to pick one that suits you and your environment the best.