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About Coaching Boards

Coaching boards are an effective way to learn strategies and broaden up your knowledge about the ground. The same difference that you know of theoretical and practical knowledge relates directly here. On boards, you learn to tackle, defend, and every other move, and on the ground, you imply. Therefore, having a coaching board is a must-to-have tool inside a coaching kit.

Other than planning strategies, coaching boards do a lot of other tasks. They even help in making communication between the teammates easy and in a better way. For a player who is excellent solo but goes down when playing with the team. Likewise, response time delay, bad defence are some shortcomings that a coach need to point out to make the best out of a team. Thus, the board we are talking about helps to list down the negatives and positives of the team, which eventually helps to reduce the negatives completely. If you are looking to buy one for your team, you need to go through a lot of products with different features and try to choose the best. For that, we recommend grabbing enough information about coaching materials before hitting the buy button.

Choosing the right tactical board

A basic board is a whiteboard with a marker of the same or different colours. This sure is the same in every shopping platform. However, if you are looking for something different, you may have to dig in more. We are talking about tactical boards as these products come with pitch drawings. Along with that, you also get magnetic stickers that act as players. With all this, a coach can easily communicate the strategies with the team in a lesser time. You can buy baseball coaching whiteboard or any other sports & outdoor at our shopping platform,

Football tactics board

If you want to add one more feature to your tactical boards is the dry erase feature. In it, you do not have to waste time erasing the last strategy. All you got to do is push a button and all your previous markings will be erased. Let’s discuss one of the prominent brands, which is Murray Sporting Goods. The dimensions that this board come up with is 15inch by 9inch. It is made up of high-quality, durable material for a long-lasting approach and provides an easy to clean surface too. The accessories that this board arrives with is the marker and clipboard marker clip, so you can hang it anywhere. If you are currently on a lookout, you should check out coaching boards for sale, and you will definitely find the one you are looking for.

Basketball coaching board

Basketball boards are typically the bigger ones. You will get a 60inch by 47inch large board offering substantial space for planning and plotting. Also, this board has got 360-degree wheel alignment, meaning it’s double-sided and thereby offers more space.  Along with that, the board is magnetic, and have a storage tray of its own. Coming to exterior beauty, the board has got a sturdy aluminium frame, which sounds perfect to be put outdoors as well. If the product seems interesting to you, you can check out the brand Net World Sports. Other variations that you may find related to the size are – 12inch by 8.5inch and 8.3inch by 11.7inch. You can choose as per your liking and preferences.

Hockey coach board

We suggest looking at brand Chalk Talk sports to get yourself a perfect hocket coach board. For instance, this brand’s products come with pre-drilled holes to hang. The dimensions of the products are 18inch by 12inch and 0.025 thick. Top of all the features, customisation is the USP of this brand. It’s great as a gift item wherein you can choose border and font colours. Not just that, you can even personalise the board with the coach’s name/ team name or even with the logo. You should not miss these features if you are looking to buy a hockey coaching board online. Further, you can also hop on to our dedicated tips section to make your decision an informed one.

Tips on how to buy Coaching boards online

You already know your preferences but still finding a perfect product is a daunting task as there are plenty of options available in the market. A perfect solution is to list down everything you need and leave a small budget for a few additions in the end if required. Once done, you can start exploring the products, comparing them with each other, reading online reviews, and setting your eyes on the right product. While doing that, there are some basic pointers, which we have compiled here, and keeping them handy can make your shopping easy and comfortable.

  • Size – Ask yourself the purpose before deciding on the size. Would it be mounted in one position? If yes, then you can go for large boards. Otherwise small handy choices are great to own. If you want both the features, then a board with suction cups that can hang anywhere is a perfect choice for you.
  • Surface – Melamine, Magnetic, Vitreous enamel – these are the option out of which melamine is common for coaching whiteboards. But for tactic boards, magnetic is the choice. Vitreous enamel is the same as magnetic and is ultra-hard. It usually comes with a 25-year guarantee.
  • Frame – Do you want a frame or fine with a frameless board? The frame provides durability to your product, but most of the board owners go without it and fine with it. If you want, choose an aluminium product as it provides strength to the product.
  • Mounting – Wall mounted, removable, handy – you have these options to choose from. Ideally, coaches choose large wall-mounted or removable ones for a training room to juggle with their team on the strategies. But a handy tactical board is another purchase for outdoor use.
  • Storage – You need storage to put your marker, eraser, and magnetic dots. This is an essential feature you need to check while buying the product. If it is not available, you can buy it separately as well.
  • Accessories – Coaching whiteboard cleaner, detachable storage, paper holder, double-sided magnet, charting tape – not all these accessories come along with the product. Listing them here has the purpose of letting you know of some products that might ease out your work.
  • Ghosting – Ghosting happens when the ink starts to bleed on the board. Check the warranty & durability for that. Also, we would like to emphasise the maintenance part. Always keep the board clean to make it long-lasting.

That’s all! If you keep all these points in mind, you are not very far from owning a superb product. Our shopping search engine is an excellent platform to commence your shopping drive and grab the best product. Some of the brands that you can expect to see on our platform are Murray Sporting Goods, Sport Write, Agptek, and Kwik Goal, among others. You can find more upon your visit to

Question & Answer

What is the coaching board?

A coaching board is just like another whiteboard that trainers use to communicate with their teammates while building strategies against opponents. A basic version includes a whiteboard, marker, and eraser. But an advanced version of products includes the pitch drawing on the board and magnetic stickers to make the training visually more appealing. These are often known as tactics boards. It is up to your preferences, budget, and liking, upon which you contemplate the right board to purchase.

How are soccer coaching board used?

Soccer coaching board could be a piece of handy useful equipment used to communicate with the team before a match, during breaks or injuries, or other time-outs. They are magnetic tactical board, so no time is wasted in making pictorial representations. With the use of magnetic accessories, the coach can effectively illustrate the players’ movements. And, it helps players to decipher the tactics. If a coach is officiating a match, the product seems to be perfect.

What are the top 5 soccer coaching boards?

Dry erase, magnetic ones, two-sided boards, mounted boards, and foldable coaching board – these are some top 5 variations of soccer coaching boards. Although, all these featured boards can be summed up in one product. For instance, a magnetic soccer coaching board can be double-sided with dry-erase characteristic. You can accessorise the product with clips or storage, and a paper holder in case required. On the contrary, a foldable board with a leather covering is also worth the purchase.

Where to buy a basketball coaching board?

To buy a product that meets your expectations, you need a platform worth the price. Our shopping platform, is an excellent recommendation, which if you choose, you will see all the top-notch brands, authentic online shops, genuine reviews, and comparison tools to scrutinise the product and choose the best. We have a dedicated section of sports & outdoor wherein you can grab the products you want – all under one roof.

We hope the information has provided you with a clear picture of coaching boards. If yes, then it is indeed the right time to commence your shopping drive. Research well, explore, compare, and shop with ease as our platform has smooth navigation and advanced filter to back up. So, there is no way you get stuck in between and think of your decision to buy or not to buy.