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About Border Judges Flags

If you’ve observed a good game of soccer, you might have seen a person on the touchline waving some low flying aircraft. Well, they aren’t aircraft, but border judges flags. And those flags have a very important role in the game.  You might probably know this if you’re here to purchase these flags. However, we’ve put together this guide for beginners who wish to understand what these flags mean and purchase the best soccer referee flags online in UAE for a perfect game. So without much ado, let’s get started.

The person who carries these border judges flags is usually called a linesman. However, today, people commonly refer to them as referees. Hence, the flags they carry are named linesman flags or referee flags. As we mentioned before, the flags have a very critical role to play during the game. They help the border judges to give out various signals and instructions during the game. Some common signals given out by linesmen using referee flags include throw-ins, substitution, and offside. A simple wave of the flag in different directions helps the linesman to give out precise signals. Although all the border judges flags have a similar function, they’re still available to you indifferent quality. Some are better than others. Let’s take a look at a few of the trending referee flags for football and their uses, next.

The different types of soccer referee flags and their uses in the game

It’s true that all the border judges flags play the same role. That is, to allow the linesman to display required signals and instructions during the game with ease. However, the function apart, you’ll find different colours, quality, and brands of the linesman flags out there on the market. Therefore, you must know which one to choose. For instance, a professional game might require a higher-quality flag. Whereas, a lower-quality version will do if you plan to use them as coaching materials during practice sessions. Either way, you need to know and understand each type before you start your search online. Below, we’ve listed a few linesman flags for everything.

The touchline referee flags

The border judges flags from Touchline have been tested on the English Premier League. The flag cloth comes in the finest quality. Besides, the sticks utilise the highest engineering standards and feature eco-friendly materials. Moreover, they also give you a comfortable grip in all climatic conditions. Usually, the manufacturers here use polycarbonate ABS materials to construct the handles. Some models even use the contemporary touch lock mechanism. This allows you to disconnect your flags from the stick and wash them easily. This, in turn, helps you preserve the fresh look of the flags for a longer period.

The NFL referee flags

Many of you might already be familiar with NFL. However, for those who aren’t – NFL (The National Football League) is an American football league. It consists of 32 teams that have been divided equally between the National Football Conference and the American Football Conference. The league comes with its own set of rules, and thus sports & outdoor materials too. This includes different types of whistles, timers, stopwatches, and of course the border judges flags. The NFL flag is a yellow cloth used in several field sports. The flag helps the linesman in the game to mark the location of penalties.

The refs throwing flags

The linesman or referees throw the flags for various reasons. Many a time you must’ve seen the referee pull out their flags and signal them for a broken rule. Let’s break down some of the most common reasons the linesman does this. For example, holding is one of the prevalent penalties in football. The referee waves the border judge flag when a player tries to block the path of another player during the game. Similarly, the linesman throws the flags for other reasons like pass interference, player safety, and the extra point.

The assistant referee flags

Generally, a game of soccer appoints two referees along the touchlines. Each over their own half of the field of play. Typically, an assistant referee carries out many functions. This includes assisting the main linesman with offside offence decisions, managing substitutions, and identifying other offences. Therefore, they too require a border judges flag to indicate the fouls, penalties and to carry out various other instructions. An assistant referee, in general, carries brightly coloured flags like red, yellow or flags with patterns carrying these colours.

Tips on how to buy Border Judges Flags online

Now you know that border judges flags come in different qualities, colours, and styles. So, let’s get started with shopping. But wait! Are you completely equipped with their buying knowledge? Unfortunately, you’re not yet fully there. However, the tips below will guide you to carry out easy navigation through the various options online.

  • Check the material – The material of the border judges flag is significant, as it determines the durability of the flag. Besides, the maintenance also depends on the material of the flags. Typically, the flags come in polyester fabrics. However, you might also find cotton and mixed versions of the same.
  • Examine the mechanism – One of the primary functions of the flag is to allow the referees to perform their functions and give out instructions when needed. Therefore, you must pick a model that allows them to handle it with ease. Some products come with easy lock and release mechanisms. Whereas, some have a simple design. Therefore, go for the ones that suit you.
  • Look for colour variations – Just like any piece of cloth, these flags come in different colours. However, this depends on your brand or team. Therefore, understand what your team requires before checking out the colour variations online. Also, you can buy a plain white flag and then custom-dye them as per your requirements.
  • Explore the styles – Though the functionality aspects of the referee flags remain the same, you’ll find different varieties of styles. For example, you can find the one with a lock mechanism and some without them. Therefore, you must choose the one that best suits your needs. Always assess your usage and then set out to buy one.
  • Pick high-quality models – Only the best quality flag ensures durability and longevity. Besides, it allows you to easily store and maintain them. One of the easiest ways to ensure that you have premium quality border judges flags is to buy them from the reputed brands across the market.
  • Set a budget – You’ll find both expensive and cheap referee flags out there on the market. The price typically depends on the quality and style of the flags. Therefore, it is always a better idea to keep a budget aside. This way, you will not spend unnecessarily. By the way, you can also get some referee flags for sale online in UAE during promotional offers.

So, you now know, that the little piece of cloth your soccer linesman carry are more than just a piece of cloth. Besides, you’ve also understood that what you should look for, in them to purchase the perfect and best linesman flags online. We hope the tips above have contributed to this. But still, ensure to carefully weigh the pros and cons of the flag and then make the final call as per your needs.

Question & Answer

Why are there different colours of linesman flags?

The border judge flags in the soccer sport do not come in the same colours. You’ll find different colour variations of the flag. This is purely for identification purposes. The different tones of flags help the media, clubs, and teams to identify a particular linesman and the instructions he gives to the teams. However no matter what colour you are in need of, can give you access to all. Just explore hundreds of brands and global sellers and make your purchase in minutes.

Are linesman flags universal for all sports?

No. You’ll find linesman flags of different colours for various teams across the world. Besides, some might also differ in terms of pattern and style. Therefore, these pieces of cloth aren’t universal. It’s best to get the flags that suit your requirements. But, of course, for the world-renowned leagues, you’ll have a single style of dedicated border judge flags to maintain uniformity.

Where to buy linesman flags online in UAE?

Several online stores offer different quality linesman flags online in UAE. You could also check out the options on Our product search engine brings you some of the best and cheap linesman flags from popular brands like Ervocom, Precision, Dawson Sports, Mikasa, and Tandem. Better yet, you can compare the prices of different flags from these brands and get them from your favourite online store right here on this platform.

Just like any other piece of referee uniform, the flags play an important part, both in the game and a linesman’s job role. Therefore, whether it’s for practice sessions or for professional games, make sure to get premium-quality border judges flags online. And yes, of course, we’re here to help with our comprehensive range of flag options right here on