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Having a sound sleep is one of the necessities of the human body.  However, many of us find it challenging to get a peaceful nap, especially while travelling. When some are allergic to noise, light and other factors, many cannot nap (during travelling) because of neck aches. To help those who struggle to sleep while travelling, the travel pillows are here. A travel pillow is a unique style cushion to help you sleep in a while sitting at a 90-degree angle. These cushions also make travelling comfortable. Plus, they offer support to the neck for sleep while sitting.

With technological advancement, travel pillows are now available in many different types of materials and designs. However, they are always available in a standard travel size, which means they are small to snug around your neck comfortably. The aeroplane pillow is the most classic type of travel pillow. This style offers maximum support to the neck for those who want to sleep on long flights. Most of the travel pillows are in C or U shape. This specific shape ensures that the neck and head are not contorted with someone falling asleep while sitting on the carrier. Further, in this article, we will discuss some of the most common types of travel pillows available and used.

Common types of neck support travel pillows

Long gone are when the travellers were limited to blow-up neck pillows and small cushions to have some comfort while travelling. Today there is a whole new world to explore. Each product you can see on shelves comes with various options to suit needs, personal preferences, and sleeping styles. Hence, the standard sleeping style of an individual can determine the type of pillow. However, some frequent travellers also invest in a couple of pillows for different types of travelling. Although the standard u-shaped pillow is the best, there are many other considerable options available in the market now. Some of the top listed are;

Solid U-shaped and inflatable travel pillows

The inflatable u-shaped pillow offers optimum neck support. They are super small in size when deflated, which makes them easier to carry. At the same time, most of them require minimal effort to inflate. At the same time, a solid u-shaped pillow gives support to the neck and head. This type is mostly made from memory foam. The unique feature of the foam makes them comfortable. Hence, many people prefer this type over its inflatable counterpart. Here, when you get to comfort, the price is the loss of convenience. Even when a solid pillow can easily be compressed to a fraction of its size, it remains bulkier than the inflatable option.

Wraparound and plane pillow

A wrap-around pillow commonly offers the maximum support for both the neck and head. However, a disadvantage of this style is the rigid internal features that make this pillow bulkier to store and carry. The plane pillow offers a unique shape that supports the head, chin, and neck at the same time. Meanwhile, the foam inside the headrest is easily compressible and is lightweight. The outer cover is cosy and soft, giving you a plush feeling while sleeping. These types of pillows are machine washable. Such neck cushions are best to use during long flights. These types of pillows are readily available in stores and are economical to buy.

Trtl travel neck pillow

This style has a scarf appearance; this makes it stylish, comfortable and functional side by side. It is available in different colours and is soft to touch because of the fleece finish. The strengthened ribs and soft foam are hidden underneath this fleecy exterior. This style is highly adjustable and thus can support individuals with different sleeping styles. Moreover, if you are looking for a lightweight pillow, a travel pillow is the best neck pillow for air travel. Most people like to carry it in the colder region because it snugs around the neck, keeping it warm and cosy.  Another winning quality is the tiny and packable style that helps keep it in your hand-carry while travelling.

Kids travel pillow

Kids travel pillows surely make a difference in how comfortable the kids are during travelling. Kids generally fall asleep easily while travelling. Hence the right type and size of the pillow are essential to keep their neck secure from jerks and pain during sleeping. The expert knows how delicate a kid’s neck is. This is why they have developed special kids’ versions of travel pillows. Generally, kids neck pillows are made of microbeads. It is important to note that memory foam travel pillows are not suitable for kids. Conversely, a pillow with small polystyrene beads is more malleable. This is why they are helpful for kids to move into the right position, thus being the best travel pillows for kids.

Tips on how to buy Travel Pillows in the UAE

Comfort is the core concern when one heads to buy travel pillows online shopping in the UAE. However, with a lot of technological advancements, there are much more to consider. With advancements in online shopping, retail search engines offer a comprehensive range of travel pillows. Each available option is different from the others on the list. It thus calls for special attention when it comes to start searching for a travel pillow online. It is important to be clear if you want to buy a travel pillow for camping or looking for travel pillows for kids. However, there are some generic tips that you must keep in mind for an accurate search and smart shopping online. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Consider your sleeping position – Do you move around a lot while sleeping? Or does your head tend to loll forward if you sleep while sitting? In such cases, a wrap-around style is more suitable and convenient. Read the product description section to know if the style suits you or not. You can look for a style if you want to offer support to the neck, head or chin.
  • Consider the size of the pillow – The travel pillows come in many different sizes. It would help if you looked for a pillow of a size that can hug your neck nicely. It should be neither too tight nor it should be too loose. The size of a travel pillow also varies according to style. For example, a wraparound turtle style is bulkier as compared to the common u-shape style.
  • Consider the cost of a pillow – Pillows are expensive. Technological advancement has made them stand in luxury travel accessories. It is thus important for you to set your budget limitation and shop from the right place. Generally, on product search engines like, you can compare the price and make a buying decision according to your budget and needs.
  • Check the product thoroughly – A common myth about online shopping is that you cannot check the product precisely. In fact, while shopping online, you can know about the product by reading the product description section. Here you can find all the details about the size, material, internal and external construction and performance of the product.

Luckily, more and more brands are working to offer travellers new and innovative products. At times when these products are making travelling easier, many offer your body comfort. Articles like travel pillows can help you land fresh and active even after hours of flying. This is why investing in a quality pillow is worth considering if you travel a lot. If you don’t own one, now is the time to take the right step by ordering your travel pillow online.

Question & Answer

Which travel neck pillow is best?

The baseline is any pillow that can offer comfortable support to your neck and head while sleeping is the best. However, the choices vary according to the personal preferences of the users. Based on our market research, some of the hot-selling articles include; Self-Inflatable Daydreamer pillows, Travel Rest All in One style pillows, Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam and Daisy Travel Neck Pillow. Meanwhile, many prefer to use BCozzy Chin Supporting Travel Pillow for additional support and cover to the neck.

How to deflate a travel pillow?

There are certain styles of travel pillows that can be deflated when not in use. These types of pillows are easier to carry and are lightweight. Plus, deflating is an easy process. At first, you need to take out the stopper from the plastic nozzle on the values. Now what you need to do is to press the base of the value on the pillow. You can press the pillow by putting in slight pressure using your fingers. However, it is important to pressure the pillow slightly; otherwise, the pillow may burst and be useless.

Can you use a travel pillow in bed?

Yes, you can use a neck pillow in bed. You can use this pillow in many different ways. Either you can use it by sliding your neck onto the pillow. To do so, you can lie down in bed ad place your neck in or on the pillow. However, make sure you are not moving much while using a neck pillow. It is also important to make sure that your head, shoulders and back is touching the surface where you are lying on.   It is also important to check your full body alignment while using a neck pillow in bed. Whereas never use a neck pillow if you are a stomach sleeper. Doing so can cause pain in the lower back and neck.

Where to buy travel pillows?

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