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About Pocket knives

Everybody is familiar with pocket knives. A lot of us own at least one or may know of someone who does. Those who like trekking, camping and adventure especially prefer having one whenever they head out.

The best part about a pocket knife is that it’s so handy. You can shed pieces of wood, use the corkscrew part for popping open a bottle, the knife for various reasons, and the list goes on. There are so many uses that a lot of times, we’re unaware of the many parts and use the ones we know. However, to get the most out of it, it’s essential to study the manual and do some quick research online. The uses also depend on the type and brand of the pocket knife. While the basic one has the regular tools, a lot of the newer knives have additional features, making it a must-have accessory. Plus, it’s a one-time buy, so it’s best to go with the latest introduction.

Different types of cheap pocket knives to add to your collection

Be it a limited-edition pocket knife or a Spyderco Delica 4, with the plentiful choices on offer. You’ll never get satisfied when it comes to looking for the right one. The product is not new but has thankfully never been one of those that faded its importance over the years. Brands keep coming up with later versions with better features, graphics and style, and collecting them is something that a lot of people love! Buying a pocket knife in the UAE is also something you can easily do online or check for them in a good retail store. Look for brands with a reputation and buy only quality products.

The Swiss army pocket knife

A legendary product manufactured by Victorinox, the swiss army knife is perhaps one of the best in the market. The style came across several years ago and instantly worked its charm on interested buyers. It’s one of the largest brands, and thus, the quality of the pocket knife is spectacular too. This one, you can buy without having to check on the brand and reliability. It has several variations such as the Skipper, Hunter, Work Champ, Adventurer, Picnicker, Alpineer, Ranger Grip and more. They also make for the perfect sport & outdoor gift– guaranteed to put a smile on anybody’s face when they receive one.

The folding pocket knife

The primary purpose of carrying a folding knife is to make storing it easy. It can have several features or be a simple pocket knife. The only distinguishing feature is that the blade slides back into the cavity of the holder and turns into a small, comfortable size. A lot of these knives don’t have additions like scissors, two-end during etc., but it is very handy. It is also easy to find a Victorinox pocket knife in the folding style. This makes for a great carrying knife when you need a basic one. It’s easy to store too and doesn’t cost as much.

The rainbow pocket knife

Created from Titanium that gives it the ‘rainbow colours,’ the rainbow pocket knife is a must-have for those who love visual appeal in their products. This one can be as a simple foldable knife or a multipurpose Swiss-style knife. You can choose as per your liking, as several brands now have their versions of the rainbow one. The brilliant colours are very eye-catchy and make for the perfect gifting solution. If you love collecting these knives as a hobby, this one should be a part of your collection. They are relatively easy to find anywhere and look stunning.

The mini pocket knife

Those who hate the bulkiness of the regular one should consider buying the mini pocket knife. However, don’t go on the size, as the mini ones too, packs a fair punch when it comes to being a practical gadget. It’s best if you are travelling light, as you can tuck it in your pocket, ready to use when needed. The best part is you don’t need to skip to any aspect, even though it is small. Brands have come up with several variations of the mini pocket knife, so you can check them all before picking the right one. Make sure it’s easy to use, and the size doesn’t make it uncomfortable.

Tips on how to buy Pocket Knives

With the countless options of the best pocket knives today, sometimes it can be a real challenge to buy the one that is right for you. If you happen to pick the wrong knife, you might need to go shopping again. To ensure this does not occur, there are a few simple yet essential things to keep in mind before you head shopping. Whether it’s retail or online, you can get the perfect one as per your needs once you know a little bit about them.

  • Go as per your needs – Figure out the purpose of wanting a pocket knife. Be it for camping, boating, hunting or something else. As you need change, the type of knife will too, so it’s best to know ahead.
  • Check out the best brands – A lot of amazing brands have their variations of the classic pocket knife. So, whether you’re looking for something basic or an advanced model, it’s very easy to find them.
  • Keep a budget – Going without a budget may not be the best since you might end up paying more for a product that costs less. Check the internet and get the best idea of the price range before you start shopping.
  • Ask for advice/recommendations – If you know someone who is a frequent camper or trekker, ask for some suggestions. They would probably know better. Personal recommendations are the best, and they will help you in shortlisting.
  • Know the purpose before you buy – If you are going for a multi-purpose knife, ensure you educate yourself on its uses before you buy. This is because you may not end up needing the additional components, so it’s just a waste of money.
  • Great for gifting – Pocket knives make for excellent gifts. Even if the person that you know doesn’t have a significant fascination for adventure, it can be used for different purposes. Check for an all-purpose one in this case.

The best thing to do if you’re on a budget is to wait out until there’s a sale. With some fantastic discounts during the Dubai Summer Festive, Dubai Shopping Festival and the various mid and annual sales, it makes everything so affordable! So, you can check online and if any of them are just around the corner, then waiting is the ideal thing to do. It also helps to look online and find some ongoing discounts, most of which are exclusive for online buyers.

Question & Answer

Which are the best Swiss army pocket knives today?

Victorinox pocket knives are genuinely the best when it comes to Swiss ones. If you have owned one or read about it online to understand its make and features, you’ll know why. Buying one isn’t difficult, because there are so many excellent choices. The Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD, Victorinox Swiss Army Super Tinker, Victorinox Farmer, Victorinox Swiss Army Huntsman, Victorinox-Swiss Army Trekker and the Victorinox Swiss Army Swiss Champ are probably some of the very best ones.

Which are the best pocket knives for a beginner?

If you have never had a pocket knife before, it’s never too late to start. However, don’t be too intimidated by the ones with hundreds of features and uses. You can surely begin to small. These beginner ones are designed to help start smoothly, and you can, of course, go for the intricate ones later. The Gerber Paraframe Mini Knife, Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops SWA24S Liner Lock Folding Knife, Case Small Red Bone Lockback Pocket Knife, Orvis Folding Pocket Knife, Buck 110 and Kershaw Clash Black Serrated are some excellent picks.

Which mini pocket knives are the best?

Mini pocket knives are perfect for carrying every day. Even for a trek or hike, they will fit comparably. A lot of people prefer them over the bigger ones because they are less complicated too. Plus, if you don’t use the many features of a regular pocket knife, it’s better to go for a simpler one. Check out the Opinel No. 6 Carbon Steel Pocket Knife, CRKT Pilar Folding Knife, Buck Knives Vantage Pro, Higonokami MiniSHOP, Case Tiny Trapper and the Mini Executive Stag Bone.

Where can you buy a pocket knife in the UAE?

Buying a pocket knife in the UAE is more uncomplicated and more comfortable than most people think. With plenty of online options, it’s easy to find the best deals, brands and options as per your taste. Even if you’re not sure, checking their features online is the best way to go about it. Makes sure you check out this terrific product search engine – With over 500+ brands and products, it’s the best way to make sure you get the most promising deals online.

Pocket knife brands like Klein Tool, Oumers, Benchmade, Miller and Coldsteel are highly recommended. You can find all of these brands or even more upon your visit to our platform – Check out now!