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About Ground Cloth

The ground cloth comes into the picture when you talk about camping. Be it as a ground tarp or using with the tents, these are very important. Often an accessory that isn’t spoken about, this one is a necessity if you talk about camping.

One of the most common reasons to use a ground cloth is to protect your tent from scratches and damage while you’re camping. It sits well on the base of the floor. You can start building your tent over this. It is also a good idea to lay it down under your sleeping bag if it’s not very comfortable. At times, when the monsoons have just started, or they are ending, you can use the cloth for sitting. This acts as a shield against being on the surface directly. The ground cloth can be as sturdy or thin as you want. You can also use it for sports & outdoor things. With a sturdy choice, the longevity of the product increases; however, the thinner one is easy to carry. 

Different types of ground cloths you can opt for 

If you love camping, having ground cloth as part of your kit is very important. A lot of people don’t consider it as they feel there are plenty of other substitutes like a quilt, blanket or a throw they can use instead of it. However, these are not meant for camping and will never give you the comfort and support that a real ground cloth will. Plus, today, you have so many options to choose from that you will want one. If you do know where to start, then these fantastic choices should be your top picks. Check out the best ones below. 

The tent ground cloth  

Perfect for campers, the tent ground cloth is just what you need to make those trekking trips better. This one is available in different materials; however, opting for a sturdy one is the best for the long run. This one is designed to fit on the ground correctly when you lay the tent down. If you’re laying it out on a flat surface, then you don’t need one. However, most tents are on grass or rough areas, and although the bases are suitable, they may not be very comfortable to sleep on. The tent ground cloth fits perfectly in that case. Make sure you buy the right size by taking the tent along with you. 

The ground tarp  

If you’re headed for a day trip without any tents or sleeping bags, then instead of carrying a mattress or any ordinary base to sit on, choose a ground tarp cloth instead. You can use it on your own or with the tent on the ground, and it works well either way. This is lighter and more comfortable to carry as compared to the regular ground cloth. However, you must have it, since you can use it for day and overnight camps too. It also works well as the base for any tent set-up; however, choosing a larger one to fold and use is recommended in this case. 

The lightweight ground cloth for the tent  

For those who love travelling light or have space constraints, the lightweight ground cloth for a tent is the best option for you. This one is ideal as it saves space and makes it easy to travel with. A lot of backpackers also love the option as you can roll and keep it right in your backpack. You don’t even need a car to move about with this one, thanks to its lightweight material. If your kids love camping and are heading out with their friends, you can pack them the lightweight one, and they’ll be glad you did. Be it sitting, using on the tent floor or underneath a sleeping bag, you can do a lot with this. 

The waterproof ground cloth 

Perfect for monsoons, the waterproof ground cloth is the safest option to buy. Even if you usually don’t camp or trek during this season, you never know when the morning dew poses to be a concern while sleeping. The waterproof cloth is perfect to avoid any moisture from entering and keeps things dry. This comes in various sizes and materials. You can layer it with a cotton spread to make sleeping more comfortable. Instead of going for two different ground cloths, i.e. one as a regular and one as waterproof, it’s best to go only for the latter.

Tips on how to buy Ground Cloth for tent  

When it comes to camping stuff, a lot of people are confused and don’t know where to begin. With it being a dying activity, thanks to indoor games and technology, so many of us have forgotten the idea altogether. However, it’s definitely the best way to de-stress, spend tie with your friends and family and get closer to nature. It will do you so much good and is inexpensive too. If you love the idea and want some camping details, here’s how to go about with it.

  • Don’t rush into buying a ground cloth – Like any camping or activity product, make sure you have all the information at hand before you start shopping. It will help to get to the best one very quickly.
  • Consider the locations – Where have you decided to camp or trek? Maybe some places you’ve been before? Consider the sites, whether they are rough, see a lot of rainfall, dry etc., before buying the gear.
  • Ask for advice – Since it’s not the most common thing to buy, what will help is asking for some information. You can speak to friends or someone you know who camps/treks often.
  • Buy as a set – Buying your gear together will give you some discounts, and making sure it’s of the same brands makes it work well too. Check out the best brands, then choose as per your budget.
  • Wait until there is a sale – If you’re buying everything together, the cost factor may not be comfortable. Waiting for a sale is the best thing, or check online for deals and offers.
  • Spend a few extra bucks for quality products – Camping or trekking gear is a one-time investment, so it’s best to go for the quality. Even if that means extending your budget a little, it is worth it.

Your research will go a very long way in helping you understand your needs. Although camping is dying out, many companies still manufacture and sell some fantastic supplies. The best way to pick the right one is to measure your requirements and then go ahead. Buying online, of course, is a good idea. In this way, you can compare costs, check the additional features and weigh your choices before settling down.

Question & Answer

Which are the best camping ground cloth 2019?

Lightweight and heavy-duty are two factors that we all want when it comes to ground tarps. It can be confusing to choose from the many brands and their fantastic options. However, some of the best one is – SKL Hammock Rain Fly Tent Tarp, Kalinco Hammock Tarp Tent, Unigear Hammock Rain Fly Waterproof Tent Tarp, REDCAMP Waterproof Camping Tarp, OUTRY Multi-Purpose Tarp and YuEdge Waterproof Tarp. These act as a shield against being on the surface directly. The ground cloth can be as sturdy or thin as you want.

Which features should you consider while buying a ground cloth?

Thanks to so many brands coming up with ground cloths, you can get some of the most comfortable options today. To start with, making sure it’s waterproof is the primary requirement. It should be spacious and convenient to carry and store. Check on the sizes that are available and choose the right one. It should have holes for tent stakes, sand proof, be dustproof moisture-proof, and dry quickly. A wash-friendly one is important to keep it clean. It should also be UV resistant, durable and multi-purpose.

Which are the best tents you can use with ground cloth?

The REI Grand Hut 4, Eureka Space Camp 4, Marmot Limestone 4P, Coleman Octagon 98 (with Full Fly), Ozark Trail 8-Person Family Cabin Tent w/ Screen Porch, Vango Utopia Air TC 500 and Terra Nova Laser Compact 2 are some of the best tent options today. Depending on your budget, requirement, number of people etc., you can opt for several others that are readily available on the internet. Always choose quality and comfort, as these are important while trekking and camping.

Where can you buy cheap camping ground cloth online?

The many international brands in Dubai make shopping for cheap camping ground cloth online extremely easy. It helps to check their online stores before going in for a purchase. Ensure you check out, a terrific product search engine. With more than 500+ brands under it, it is the best thing to buy anything in the UAE. The search engine is easy to navigate and will instantly show you all the options on the websites to make your buying easier. Brands such as Tyvek, Polycryo, Cuben, Zpacks, and Dyneema are some of the best ones to consider.