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Sonashi Two Gas Burner Full Safety Glass Floral (SGB-206GFFD)
Sonashi Two Gas Burner Full Safety Glass Floral (SGB-206GFFD)
Lpg Gas Use / 7Mm Toughened Safety GlassWith Flame Failure Safety Device / Cast Iron Burner Holde...


Sonashi Double Gas Burner Stainless Steel Panel Enamel Fixed Pan Support Automatic Ignition System (SGB - 203SFFD)
Sonashi Double Gas Burner Stainless Steel Panel Enamel Fixed Pan Support Automatic Ignition System (SGB - 203SFFD)
Double Gas Burner / Lpg Gas UseHeay Duty Cast Iron Burner / Easy To Clean50,000 Times Auto Piezo ...


Sonashi Single Gas Burner (SGB-102SFFD)
Sonashi Single Gas Burner (SGB-102SFFD)
Indian Burner Cap / Lpg Gas Use / Heavy Duty Cast Iron Burner50,000 Times Auto Piezo Ignition / S...


Olsenmark Gas Burner, Black, OMK2197
Olsenmark Gas Burner, Black, OMK2197
Technical Details Brand Name Olsenmark Package Dimensions 75.4 x 43.4 x 11.4 cm; 8 Kilograms Heat...


Krypton Stainless Steel Double Gas Burner (Silver) (KNGC6198)
Krypton Stainless Steel Double Gas Burner (Silver) (KNGC6198)
Technical Details Brand Krypton Model Number KNGC6198 Color SILVER Package Dimensions 106 x 39.8 ...
Krypton Tempered Glass Double Gas Burner-(BLack)-(KNGC6014)
Krypton Tempered Glass Double Gas Burner-(BLack)-(KNGC6014)
Technical Details Brand Krypton Model Number KNGC6014 Color BLACK Package Dimensions 75.4 x 44 x ...
Geepas gas Burner-(Silver)-(GK5605)
Geepas gas Burner-(Silver)-(GK5605)
Technical Details Brand Name Geepas Model Info GK5605 Package Dimensions 72.1 x 38.6 x 9.8 cm; 3....


Sonashi Three Gas Burner Full Safety Glass Floral (SGB-320GFFD)
Sonashi Three Gas Burner Full Safety Glass Floral (SGB-320GFFD)
Three Glass Top Gas Burner / Lpg Gas Use / 7Mm Toughened Safety GlassWith Flame Failure Safety De...



About Gas Burners

A gas burner is something we use every day in our homes. A practical necessity, we require them for cooking, heating leftovers, boiling water and many other purposes. Burners are now standard at campfires too. 

Over the years, the concept of having a gas burner has evolved. There was a time when only having a stove would suffice. The earlier times were even more challenging with sticks and charcoal that was used to light a fire, cook food etc. However, thanks to modernisation, we now have quicker, better options. Many aspects have gotten better because of a few changes. It’s so easy to light up any stove today and use it without any second thoughts. You can buy them in so many variations including one that is travel-friendly, self-ignition and solar-powered ones too.

Different types of gas burners you can find online 

Whether you have moved into a new place or city, or you’re planning to replace the old burner with a new one to ensure safety, gas burners are so essential. There are countless brands, online stores that sell them today. So, it’s not difficult to find the perfect one for yourself while some prefer buying the best electric burner for camping, for others, it’s important for home use. No matter which one, make sure you buy from a reliable source and after checking the quality and durability. It’s one of those things that you don’t like often replacing, so being sure is very important. 

The butane stove

Butane stoves are not very common with LPG in the picture when it comes to residential use. A lot of manufacturers also say that butane gas burners can be harmful since its easily flammable. However, with some simple guidelines, you can use butane safety, and it’s great on storage too. This one generally comes in cartilages, and you can use them in butane gas burners. Since it’s readily available and very inexpensive, it’s the most preferred fuel for camping. Even for barbeque and camping activities. When using regular gas can prove to be pricey because of the long hours of cooking, butane is the best substitute. 

The portable outdoor gas stove

In the mood for a barbeque or planning some sport & outdoor activities? Well, the portable outdoor gas stove is the best option here. It’s easily obtainable, and you can even rent it if you think you won’t be using it often. The internet and online stores are the best places to buy or rent one. It is also easy to set up, and you can save a bunch of money as compared to eating out. However, you will also bond over the process, as everybody can take up turns looking after the grill while passing down the cooked food. It’s the best way to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, or even festivals like Christmas and New Year’s. 

The electric gas burner  

A lot of people prefer the electric gas burner as it is straightforward to set up and use it. Here, you don’t have to worry about having to light up the stove; wait till it heats up, and it’s very safe too. You can use this when it’s connected to an electric supply, and it’s the best thing for everyday use as well. The flat, in-built ones look sleek, and it’s easy to clean them since there are no nooks and crannies for food to get stuck. A lot of them also have an oven on the lower part, so you don’t need to invest in another one. You can also choose to cook and bake simultaneously to save time. 

The portable LPG gas stove  

A portable LPG gas stove is much needed if you live by yourself or have a small space. This one generally comes as a single stove so that you can use one burner at a time. It saves a lot of expenses too if you’re living alone or cooking very rarely. It is easy to buy one online or even check out physical stores if you want to take a look at it in person. It’s the best thing if you have recently moved somewhere and don’t know a lot about cooking, but you’re aiming at learning. The working is very similar to any regular LPG gas burner. An electric one is also the right choice. 

Tips on how to buy camping stove in Dubai

If you love camping, buying a suitable gas burner is very important. There are only so many times that the restaurant or catered food tastes good. However, when you realise the joy of cooking with your loved ones, you’ll want to do it more often. The best thing here is to go for a small butane camping stove online. There are many other options on online stores, so it’s best to weigh out your choices before picking one.

  • It should be the right size – Given you will be travelling with it; the stove should be compact. If you are using it in a garden or your backside, then choose accordingly.
  • Should be easy to clean – Cleaning is something that many people don’t consider and repent later. After every use, cleaning is a must to ensure it lasts long.
  • Cost factor – Set a budget. You can check the prices, brands and features online and then decide on this one. Keep a little breathing space too.
  • Fuel expenses – The kind of fuel that works with the camping butane gas burner is essential. If you have an expensive one like LPG, then the costs to use it each time will be higher.
  • Share the cost – Having a group who camps and hangs out together is the best thing here – you can ask everybody to pitch in then take turns to use it. You can also go for a higher one with better features as the cost will come down if divided.
  • Storage and transport – Another vital factor, making sure it is easy to carry and store. The transport factor is essential in this case because you will be on the move with it always.

There are several fantastic options soon readily available online. It’s best to do some research before you stand looking in stores or online. Online shopping will help you see the details as you go about. If possible, you can also add them to a compare list and then check for the essentials. While some factors are non-avoidable, others like budget can be tweaked if you’re getting a better deal if you put in a little more. It’s also a one-time investment, so it’s best to be thoroughly sure.

Question & Answer

Which are the best camping stoves in 2019?

With so many fantastic options available today, thanks to the very enthusiastic campers, it’s challenging to choose. You can find variations in size, brand, type, fuel, and more. The Camp Chef Summit 2 Burner Camp Stove, the Eureka Ignite 2-Burner Camp Stove, Coleman Classic Propane Stove, Primus Tupike Stove, Stansport Outfitter Series, MSR Pocket Rocket 2 and Gas ONE GS-3000 Portable Gas Stove With Carrying Case are some of the top ones.

Which are the best home use gas burners?

Whether you’re on a budget or like something environmentally friendly, you can find some of the best choices today. With a vast selection, several online stores also have some great options that you can pick from. Check out the Samsung NX58H5600SS 30″ Gas Range, GE Profile PGS930SELSS 30″ Slide-In Gas Range, Bosch HGI8056UC 800 Series 30″ Slide-In Gas Range, BlueStar RNB304BV2 RNB Series Range, Whirlpool WFG505M0BS Freestanding Gas Range, KitchenAid KSGB900ESS Slide-In Gas Range and Miele HR1124G Freestanding Gas Range.

What should you keep in mind while using an electric burner for camping?

Along with all the tips that are mentioned online, it also helps to have a first-aid kit with you. Make sure all the members of the group who will be using it have some experience with a regular stove/gas/burner. Ensure you read the manual carefully. Depending on the type of fuel, you should also know the ways to put it off, like water or a fire extinguisher may not work for all. An extinguisher is also essential, and you can carry it in your car in case of an accident.

Where can you buy gas burners online?

There are several incredible online options where buying a gas burner is very much possible. They also have easy filters as per your budget, type of fuel preference, number of burners etc., to help you segregate your options thoroughly. If it’s your first time, you can also go to a retail store to check it out. However, online shopping is also very comfortable with options like live chat that can help solve your queries almost instantly. Check out, a wonderful product search engine for some terrific options.

You can find the best brands to consider while shopping online. You can check out popular brands like Tanktechsrx, Campingaz, Calor Gas, Easigas and Coleman.