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About Beach Mats

An underneath layer on the beach is essential to have to keep the sand particles off, and also to maintain a boundary. But there are varieties available in the market, starting from standard to versatile versions. You can choose as per your needs, so you got to explore all of them in order to understand the product’s diversity. And this page is all about it.

The first beach mats were the straw beach mats whose only purpose is to keep your body away from the sand. And it still serves the purpose. The thing is customers seek more features, such as waterproof, lightweight, portable, and many more. As a result, manufacturers come up with advanced varieties, which we are going to discuss on this page. And we know that picking one out of many is a daunting task. For that, we have a buying guide for you comprising of tips, tricks, a list of brands, and everything you need to know to end up with a product satisfying. Above all, what we have for you is Dubai’s best product finder to scroll the best beach mat for travel. So, let’s get started.

Beach mats to serve the right purpose

With purpose, we mean the activity for which you are finding beach mats. Let’s say you want it for a picnic with your kids. In that case, you can buy a basic version with dazzling looks but durable enough. However, sturdiness is a priority when you are going hiking, camping, or any other sports & outdoor activities. With sleeping bags, air pumps, tent equipment, and so many things to travel with, beach mats may consider as secondary. But with one-day excursions, these mats become essential items to carry. Thus, selecting the best beach mat for travel wants us to look for suitable features. The right process involved here is – know which product you want, create your preferences list, hop on to one shopping site, and hit the buy button. Let’s start with knowing different products.

The first-ever straw beach mat

They can be woven or non-woven. But if we talk about the history of these mats, they did not include advanced features as we see in today’s straw mats. Previously, you can find your perfect size, roll it over, slide it under your arm, and you are ready for beach time. Now, if we search to buy a beach mat online, we want it to be foldable, portable, having different patterns, and covered edges. In some products, you even get a back pocket to put newspaper or other tiny items if you need them. The folding feature gets secured with Velcro, and you can hang it on your shoulder conveniently. The only downside of beach mats is their cleaning process because sand stuck inside them. But worry not, you can buy an anti-sand design if you find cleaning fussy.

All about anti-sand beach mat

Originally, sand free beach mat is produced for military use and contains patented sandless technology. But now, a common man can buy them too. The technology behind the feature lies in the double layer. The top layer pushes the dirt and debris to the side and the layer underneath secure the sand from coming up. Thus, the sand just disappears even if you rub it. The reviews are all positive about these mats. Adding one more feature, you can buy a waterproof & sand-free magic beach mat. There are many brands involving in the manufacture. Let’s review one of them in our next section.

Let’s review CGear sand-free mat

CGear is a premium brand manufacturing anti-beach sand mat. But there are different products within this technology. Other features worth mentioning are – UV stabilisation, resistance to water & mould, and it is fast drying as well. What else do you need for an enjoyable beach time? Aesthetics? Well, there are different colours and sizes available for that. Apart from CGear, there are other brands available. You can buy a Wellax sand free beach mat or choose brands like Relax, and Camco Handy. To select one of their products, it would be good if you read our tips section to get some fine points to keep in mind.

Tips on how to buy Beach mats online

The best product is never the one with all the features but equipped with those you need. Have you made your preferences’ list yet? Do not fall for a long list of specifications or to interesting advertisements unless they are selling your requirements. Here, we have made your job simple by stacking some pointers. You can select the one you want and kick out the rest. And, your personalised specification list is ready.

  • Size – Calculate the number of people who would be using the mat at one time, and you will know the size you want. 3’ * 3’ is the extra small size you can find in the CGear brand, which is perfect for one person to sit and relax.
  • Material – Bamboo, plastic, grass, or anti-sand beach mat material – you can choose as per your preferences and budget. Anti-sand is no doubt tending nowadays in the market, but plastic and traditional woven mats are still in demand.
  • Features – You can demand beach mats to be waterproof, foldable, portable, or with pockets. These are the features most popular among customers. Other than that, machine washable is something people want to ease the maintenance part.
  • Accessories – D rings, pegs, and drawstrings are some accessories that make beach mats easy to use. The accessories make the mat suitable for hiking, camping, picnic, and photography. And, the carry case is much-needed, of course.
  • Budget – You might be buying the tent equipment in bulk or spending on the beach mat alone – it is imperative to understand your budget. You bought a large beach mat, and there is only one person to sit with. Thus, you should select the features, so they don’t get wasted.

Apart from the tips, it is imperative to choose an authentic shopping platform. And if you do, you can guarantee the product in your hand is not a counterfeit product, by any chance. Secondly, a clear and concise platform saves a lot of your time and money. Considering all of that, we totally recommend our retail search engine . It can kickstart your shopping drive and make that a seamless experience. So, hop on to it and see all the interesting product worthy of your shopping cart.

Question & Answer

Where can I buy beach mats?

It is disgusting to jump to different sites to compare the brands and find the products not listed. But what if you can find a diverse product list under one roof. Well, that is what our online shops are in demand for – we have something for every customer. Here, you can find bamboo beach mats wholesale online or buy one for personal use. We highly recommend everyone reading this to try refining products at our site, and we believe it won’t be disappointing.

Are beach mats waterproof?

Beach mats made up of polyester is waterproof. So, yes – waterproof beach mats are available in the market. You need to check the materials they are made up of under the specifications list. You can find features written as ‘water-resistant’ in most of the sand-free beach mat, which means they are waterproof. But, straw beach mat or bamboo mats are not waterproof. If you are particularly looking for waterproof mats only, go for polyester ones.

Where to buy a sand-free beach mat?

You can choose our product search engine as your one and only stop for all camping related shopping. We have a dedicated section of Sports & Outdoor under which you can choose your activity and explore the diverse products. From brands to online shops, you would not be disappointed with the products enlisted as you are going to feel something new in every search you hit. We believe you should just hop on to the platform and check by yourself.

What beach mat is the best to buy?

You can choose among brands like Aubllo, Matador, Fylina. You can find all of them at our online shops or even more upon your visit. All in all, ours is an all-rounder platform with all the itsy-bitsy detail that every one of you loves when you shop. There are mats that have patented their sandless technology and some with great high-end features. You need to be well-informed before you hit the buy button. So, check out the detailed specifications list, scrutinise every single detail, and set your eyes on one product.

That’s it! Now you know the features, accessories, brands, and tips to find the best product, it is indeed a good time to start scrolling down the products. Make an informed decision and not an educated guess. Our shopping platform that is is happy to make an alliance with you in your shopping drive. Let’s get started.