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A true traveller always wishes to be on the trails and tracks surrounded by mother nature. However, each tiring day demands a few hours of sound sleep. This is why having an air mattress is a must for travellers who wish for a long journey in the wild. Air mattresses are lightweight, portable cushions that help is sleeping well even on rocky and the most uneven land. What comes as a must with these mattresses is the air pump.

Air pumps are special injectors used for pushing air into any shape like a tire or air mattress. The air pumps are of many different types. Today’s most portable mattresses come with built-in air pumps. However, these pumps get defective after some time. Ultimately the user needs to get an external pump to inflate the mattress. These pumps come in many different types, sizes and features. This is the reason why we are here to share some food for thought on these minor yet essential travelling accessories for those who love to go on long expeditions. Let’s explore the types of air pumps and how to buy one like a pro.

Common types of external air bed pumps

These air injectors are also known as mattress pumps or external airbed pumps. They are used for inflating and deflating the air mattresses in a timely and hassle-free manner. Hence a good pump for an air bed can turn the process of pumping air into the mattress from a turmoil to a casual task. Although many beds come with built-in pumps, the external pumps are more versatile in nature and use. However, in both cases, they work efficiently to maintain your bed’s level of air and firmness. Today you can find these pumps with many unique features like a locking system and digital meter. The common classification of external air pumps for air mattresses are as followed;

Electric air mattress pump

These are the most widely used type of pumps. These pumps have an electric set in the machine. This electric power backup makes the operating process easy. All you need to do is to plug the pump into a nearby socket. Click the button and inflate or deflate the mattress as per your needs. The automated system minimises the efforts of pumping air with hands and feet. Hence, they are efficient, easy and save time. However, they only work well indoors, like homes or places with a constant supply of electricity. Moreover, these pumps need a specific voltage to work properly. You can explore and find a wide range of electric pumps for air beds online.

Battery operated air pumps.

Are you a frequent traveller? Or your work calls for moving to remote areas where you might have to compromise on your sleep? A battery-operated air pump can help you carry an air mattress with you to enjoy a comfortable sleep wherever you wish. The battery mattress pump operates with portable batteries that do not need any direct power supply. These pumps are portable and come in handy in any situation, especially when you are out of any other power source. Like an electric pump, these are also handy to inflate or deflate any size of the air mattress. However, if you are heading for camping or far remote areas, don’t forget to keep a backup as they work on D-Size batteries.

Rechargeable air pumps for inflatables

This is a great option for those who use the air mattress and pumps occasionally. These pumps come with a rechargeable mechanism. Thus, you can recharge them whenever you plan to go to any remote place for a night or so. These types of pumps work in a way similar to electric pumps. Moreover, these pumps don’t need to charge the batteries after a while. This means you can charge them properly once, and they will stay with you for a very long while. In this way, it combines the experience of both electric and battery pumps and gives you a unique experience and convenience. So, you can trust these types of pumps, especially when you are with the family.

Foot mattress air pumps for air beds

Do you have a limited budget? Need a highly economical option as compared to automatic pumps? The foot mattress pumps can be an ideal choice. They are fully manual types of the pump; Hence, you need to put a lot of effort and energy to inflate or deflate the mattress using it. In these pumps, you need to kick the pedal downwards repeatedly. This way, the pump will suck the air and release it into the mattress. Although it demands a lot of physical effort, it has some leverage over automatic pumps. At first, you do not need to rely on any power source. Secondly, they are cheaper, and at last, they are secure and reliable in any emergency.

Tips on how to buy Air Pumps for inflatables

These pumps are of many different types of mechanisms. With so many varieties online, choosing the right one can be a tedious and time-consuming task. Here are some quick tips to have better chances to select the right manual or electric air pumps on sale. These tips will help you make a list of core features you must lookout. Moreover, to save your time, our retail search engine offers you easy searching facilities. Here, you can use automated tools to search for a product with your price or brand priorities. However, it important is to know what to look at and consider while shopping online. Let’s review the quick checklist of essentials to consider.

  • Know your needs – Decide if you need to buy a pump for in-house use or you want to take it with you on your next trip to the mountains? Consider the power source, size, and shape of the pump according to your needs and place use.
  • Check the compatibility – Not all pumps will work well with your mattress. Specifically, is you have a queen size air mattress. It is thus important to know what size of the pump can work efficiently with your mattress size, saving your time and energy.
  • Consider your budget – Thousands of brands are manufacturing and selling such pumps around the globe. But each brand comes with its price range for the same product. Likewise, the price of one model is different from the other. Decide your limit and look at a product accordingly.
  • Know the product – The best part of online shopping is developing a familiarity with the product even before buying. So, once you can find a compatible and economical option, look deep into details by reading the descriptions and details about the product.
  • Consider the rating – Another benefit of online shopping is knowing what real-time customers think about the products. The customer review and rating section tells you about previous users’ comments and experience and can help you make a wise decision.
  • Check the warranty – Air mattresses and pumps come with a minimal warranty, although the pumps are economical and easy to buy again. It is better to look for a product with a warranty that stays with you for a long time. Play wisely to save your hard-earned money.

Luckily here at you can enjoy all the above-stated perks of online shopping. Here, we offer the most user-friendly interface with a highly reliable product range from top global brands. We deliver you the brands trusted by the world. Some are Hailea, Bestway, Baden, Etekcity, Coleman, Intex, Stermay, and Eurohike. So, buckle up to compare brands, choose the best price, and know what the customer says about it before you pay.

Question & Answer

Why should I buy an electric air pump for inflatables?

These pumps help in our living in many ways. One of the common uses of these pumps is to inflate or deflate objects like air mattresses. The variety of use is the reason why these pumps have advanced with time. Among all types of pumps for inflatables, electric pumps are highly efficient. Many people like electric pumps because they are easy to use with one click. Moreover, with a high energy supply, these pumps help inflate and deflate the inflatables quicker than any other type of injector.

How long does it take to pump an air mattress?

The time of inflation and deflation of your bed depends on many factors. At first, it depends on the size of the mattress and pumps you are using for pumping air. It is a common understanding that a single mattress will take less time than a queen size mattress. Secondly, what type of pump you are using for inflation. An electric pump is efficient and will complete the process soon. At the same time, a foot pump takes a longer time. Generally, a built-in foot pump can take about 15 minutes to fill one layer of the airbed, whereas a built-in electric pump will do the same in 3 minutes.

Where to buy an air pump for inflatables?

Right here at you can find the most variety of pumps from top global brands. We have gathered a wide range of highly appreciated and trusted products for home and outdoor activities with years of working. Here, you can find products from a reliable brand and compare them in price and other features before buying one. This is the reason why we have a long list of loyal and returning customers who love to shop from us.

Where to buy a foot air pump for an air mattress?

Online stores are the best place to look for any such products. As more companies are coming up with their unique blend of technology and comfort. There is a wide range of automatic and foot air pumps for air mattresses. Hence, the busy process demands a bit more concern. However, if you decide to take the gut and pay a reasonable amount, a branded pump is the best. But if you are looking for an economical and high-quality product, is the only reliable and efficient platform to help you.

Whether you pick a manually operated foot air bed pump or go for an efficient option like an electric pump, we have it all. Here you can also check sports and outdoor products from top global stores and make your decision wisely. Meanwhile, you can also explore products from stores available on our retail search engin e.