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Everyone deserves to sleep like a king or queen. A good mattress is what can help you enjoy a comfortable sound snooze, no matter wherever you are. An air mattress is specially designed to help people get the comfort of home while travelling places. So, whether you are camping in the woods, crashing at a friend’s place, or sleeping over at an outdoor festival, the solid air mattress gives all the support and cushioning one needs.

Have you ever seen a wide flat cushion floating in the pools (often at the pool parties)? These floatation devices are technologically advanced air mattresses (or inflatable sleeping pads). Commonly they are made of PVC or textile-reinforced urethane plastic and rubber. These blow-up mattresses are often used for camping, temporary home use and emergency guest serving. Although you can use them as traditional beds in your home, the health experts suggest some precautions. Regular use of air mattresses has been reported causing issues like back and muscle pains. In today’s discussion, we will share some pros and cons of these pads so that you can make better choices for yourself.

Pros and Cons of using an inflatable mattress

For a first-time user, it is important to note that camping mattresses come in many different types. However, all types are made from Polyvinylchloride, polyester fibres. Some air mattresses have flocked and a soft upper surface that offers additional comfort. At the same time, others have features like built-in pillows, headboards and side rails. These mattresses are available as a single air bed, twin, full or in queen sizes. Although these mattresses are not as expensive as traditionally used spring or latex mattresses, they are still a serious investment to plan. With various shapes, sizes, materials and uses, it is important to know the goods and bad of these mattresses before buying one.

Pro- Custom firmness of intext air beds for pains

Air beds offer custom firmness. It means you can add or remove the air to make it adjustable to your individual preferences of softness or firmness of the mattress. Add air for a firm finish or reduce some of it to enjoy a plush and soft surface. This feature helps, especially when you are using it for guests. As with the custom setting, you can serve each guest according to their comfort level. In the meantime, this adjustable firmness helps those suffering from issues like back and other types of joint pains. You can adjust the firmness of your bed with a single click and enjoy a comfy and painless sleep all night. As a result, it offers better pain relief and body contouring.

Pro- Durability and versatility of camping mattresses

The air mattresses are made from hard-wearing PVC. Thus, they have the ability to counter issues like sagging. This is why these mattresses last longer as compared to traditional counterparts made of latex or innerspring. At the time when an average mattress last from seven to ten years (depending on the quality), a Bestway air bed stays with you for about 15 years or so. Moreover, despite being low cost, these mattresses are suitable for many occasions (both indoor and outdoor). You can use a twin-size low profile for camping or in the car, or wrap it and keep it aside to use as a guest bed for occasional visitors. Hence, making it a versatile and worthwhile addition to your household and life.

Con- The hectic assembly issues

If you wish to have a comfy sleep on an air mattress, you need to do some real exercise that will take about 30-60 minutes of your night. Additionally, this assembly process demands the help of a minimum of two people. However, once the assembly is done, all one may need to worry about is adjusting air pressure based on preferences. Another point to consider is that if you need to blow air into the mattress, do it before everyone at home is asleep. This is because air mattress pumps are noisy. Keeping a pump working for an hour might end up gathering some complaints from neighbours or family members. However, you can avoid the problem by buying pumps and beds from good brands.

Cons- Warranty and spare parts issues

No matter how good you are at taking care of your stuff, things get damaged. In the case of air mattresses, the most common reported damage is in the pumps. Many mattresses come with built-in pumps. If these pumps become faulty, you will need to repair them either by way of cost or the warranty offered with it. But the warranty is often minimal. Contrary, if the mattress work with an external pump, you can buy an external pump from However, if your PVC structure gets damaged, you might need to pay for the repair or go for a new product again; this is costly.

Tips on how to buy Air Mattress online in the UAE

As we are talking about first-time buyers, it is important to note that all well-made air mattresses come with plenty of support and air pockets. So, while looking for a mattress, try to prefer one with internal air coils and chambers. Also, note that there are generally two main components of an inflatable mattress. The first one is the main cushion, and the second one is the pump used to manage air pressure in the mattress. Also, note that you can find these air pads with built-in pumps or with external portable pumps. Luckily, helps to get access to a variety of air pads in online stores. However, with such a wide collection, choosing a suitable product is a hectic job. But here is how you can do it nicely.

  • Know your needs – As mentioned earlier, not all products are made equal. A style or size suitable for use in the car might not serve you well in the Rocky Mountains. Likewise, an inflatable mattress for camping is slightly different from the one we can use in our living room. Buying a product specific to your needs is always a good approach to invest in.
  • Check the inflations and deflation system – Most people prefer using a mattress with a built-in pump. Such air pumps work much quicker. It will take a maximum time of 4 minutes to inflate or deflate a queen size mattress. Moreover, they are easy to use and work with simple dial controllers. However, the option of an external pump is always open to choose.
  • The storage system – For sure, you will need to store the deflated mattress after use. Luckily, when deflated, these beds make a tiny proportion of their actual inflated size and weight. Hence, you can easily store them in small places like back on your car or in your storeroom. However, it is better to check the casing and make sure they are easily portable and durable.
  • The warranty and price matter – These mattresses are cheaper than other styles and materials available in the market. If you are using them nicely and taking good care, you can enjoy the comfort for a long time. Thus, the price is justified for even the most expensive item. However, damages are also obvious. Hence, look for a product with a maximum warranty.

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Question & Answer

Which air mattress to buy?

Today air mattresses are available in many different shapes, sizes, quality, weight, colours and materials. Different brands offer products with varying pricing models and features. At times when some articles are best for camping, others are finest to use in the car. Therefore, it important is that the type of mattress must be according to your needs and intended use. However, some of the bestselling articles of this year include; Intex Comfort Plush, Coleman Double High QuickBed, and SoundAsleep Dream Series. Some others on the list are; King Koil Luxury Raised Airbed, Colmen airbed cot, and the Intex deluxe pillow rest raised.

What is the best inflatable mattress for camping?

Air mattresses are ideal for outdoor activities like camping. They are inflatable, and you can pack them in a small proportion when not in use. This feature makes them versatile and easy to carry in small packing. This year’s best-selling camping mattresses include; Therm-A-Rest MondoKing 3D Self-Inflating Foam Camping Mattress and Etekcity Camping Portable Air Mattress Inflatable Single High Airbed. Other items are; SoundAsleep Camping Series Air Mattress with Eco-Friendly PVC, Intex 68765E Classic Downy Airbed Set, and Lightspeed outdoor PVC free air mattresses.

How long do air mattresses last?

The life of an air mattress depends on the quality of the mattress, how you use it and what kind of care you are offering. The construction of the mattress and the frequency of use also define the life of your product.  However, high quality and branded mattresses can last for about 15 years. But the air pump might get out of order, and you may need to replace it after some time. Changing a pump is easier and more economical as compared to changing the mattress itself.

Can air mattresses have bed bugs?

The most common material used is PVC and Urethane Plastic. Both materials are not hospitable hiding places for bed bugs and other insects. While air mattresses are unlikely to feast on bed bugs, they are not always a bug-free sleeping solution. The flocked top and sides of the mattress can be ideal hiding spots for bugs or their eggs. Thus, there are chances that the bugs will lay eggs in the seams and wait for human hosts in between the sheets. However, with proper care and deep cleaning, you can keep the bugs away from your air beds.

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