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About Punching Ball

Those who are already using the punching balls can tell you the variety of workouts this boxing equipment can offer. Besides training you for punching, they are also used for technique and speed. Besides, these balls are also used by individuals in contact sports willing to work on their reaction time.  

According to experts, the punching ball is a dynamic and active sport that offers many benefits. They can help you burn fat faster and increase the toning of muscles. Likewise, they help in strengthening the bones and ligaments and increasing cardiovascular fitness. Punching balls can also increase your muscular endurance and improve core stability. It also helps increase overall power and strength, so the boxers always include it in their routine. Whereas if we speak of psychological benefits, it helps relieve stress and improve coordination and body awareness with greater self-esteem and confidence. 

Types of boxing punch balls 

Whether he be interested in fighter training or martial arts, no equipment is vital than a punching ball for an inspiring boxer. These balls act as a target practising and help the player develop and perfect the punching and kicking techniques.  And just like any other sports equipment, the punching bag must also mesh with the athletic goals—understanding which size, style, and material you need are essential for stepping up your skills. Today, several punching bag styles are considered, and the choices vary based on the sport you want to pursue. Some of these styles are discussed as follow.  

The speed bags 

The speed bag is a design that almost everyone has seen; it is a small round ball used in every movie ever made on fight training and boxing. This is a hanging punching ball, hung to the ceiling or a stand on the swivel. The loose end swings back and forth after each punch. It demands the boxers to use an absolute rhythmic style of punches developing muscles speed and memory. A speed bag workout also develops hand-eye coordination as it is no easy to keep going as it might seem while watching. Working with speed bags deliver the same results as you get after jumping ropes. 

Double-end punching bag 

The double end bag looks much similar to the speed bag, but this one attaches with a second strap to the floor. It prevents it from bouncing around. Such features allow the boxer to incorporate more realistic footwork and punching combination. The boxer will move around the ball to utilize different angles as it swings around in a controlled manner. Practising with such a ball also develops the ability to strike at multiple levels. A Mexican style double end ball will use two balls, forming an outline of figure eight. 

Wrecking ball heavy bag 

The wrecking ball bag allows the user to experience a variety of punches. These include short jabs, uppercuts, and hooks. These balls are more transient and bigger around as compared to standard size regular punching ball bags. These balls are ideal for straight boxing training compared to kicking boxing or any other versatile martial art practice. This is because these balls cannot provide room for practising full-body attacks or kicks at different levels. So, you cannot aim for higher and lower legs. However, it does offer a greater upper body workout of quick jabs and harder cross body punching. 

Maize ball or slip bag 

A maize ball is an interesting workout. But it can and will hit the person in the head if the person is not used to such training. These balls hand form a rope section that is longer than the traditional speed bag. It swings back at the person using it. The upside of this is how it trains head movement and push the boxers to keep the hands up and dodge the bag itself between throwing practice blow against it to keep it moving.  

Tips on how to buy Punching Balls online in the UAE 

Before you head to purchase boxing gear, evaluate your boxing style and preferences. They will help you decide if you need to buy the best free standing punching ball or the best reflex punching ball to help you step up your skills. Each type of punching ball is meant to polish your boxing skills in a particular manner. Once you decide the type, dozens of cheap punching balls to buy online in the UAE. But here are some pointers you need to consider while making the purchase.

  • Type of ball – Make sure you are picking a ball that is not complicated to deal with. Each class will be subcategorized into more types, like the hanging punching ball will come with adjustable filling, filled and unfilled punching balls. Know each kind before going on a search.
  • The material – Unlike the ball itself, you need to pay a little more attention to the headband material as different materials will give you a different feel on the hit. In both cases, pure plastic is not comfortable to use. Instead, it would help if you prefer using a mix of rubber and some silicones. In some styles, textile-based materials are also good for you.
  • Training balls – The number of balls in a set can vary. Sometimes you can find a single piece while you will find them in sets of 4 or more. For versatility, we recommend buying a solution with balls that match the needs of users. But if you are a beginner, start by using a heavier ball and upgrade accordingly.
  • The adjustability of the ball – Here, you will mainly deal with eh adjustability of the headband. Not all users come in the same size. So, if you think the ball will be in use by more than one person, look for a style with an easily adjustable design. This system is generally based on Velcro straps as they are efficient and lightweight to hold the headband in place.
  • Brand and price – Sports accessories can be expensive at times. Therefore, when buying online, look at products from more than one brand. Or for an easy and quick search, use the price comparison tool at It will give you cheaper branded and high-quality products in just a few clicks.

Once you get hands-on with a cheaper branded item, dig into the product description section. This is where you can read about the size, material, and other specifications of the ball. If you are not sure about the selected item’s appropriacy as per your skills, seek an expert opinion. You can also find advice in the customer review section. Here the customer shares their experience about the performance of the item you choose to buy and also come up with advice on the suitability of the particular item as per the skills or experience. An insight into such user experience will always lead you to make smart buying decisions for yourself.

Question & Answer

How do you know if you are punching hard?

Most of the boxers can tell if they are hitting too hard or low. But as an easy way to check strength that you apply on the punching ball, check how high the ball goes in the air. You can also look down to add a bit more travel space for the ball. Then you can punch the ball so that it can fly up in the air at the head level. For more details, you can consult your trainer to ask him answers to all such questions.

Which is the best punching ball for beginners?

Without any doubt, the Tekxyz Boxing Reflex Ball is an ideal item recommended for beginner boxers. They are best for the individual seeking versatility with at-home training. They come with an adjustable headband that can support two balls. You can quickly change the balls for varying punching experiences. They are lightweight balls (lighter than a tennis ball), and you can easily use them for 15 to 20 minutes.

Which punching ball should I buy online in the UAE?

One of the best overall items to buy is the Everlast 70-Pound MMA Heavy Bag. Other items include Portzon Resistance Loop Exercise Bands and beginner special Meister 100lb Heavy Bag.  For added length, buy Combat Sports Muay Thai 100-Pound Heavy Bag, whereas Out-slayer Boxing and MMA Heavy Bag are recommended for their exceptional durability. Likewise, if you are looking for a BOB, buy Century BOB XL Body Opponent Bag and perfect your competition skills at home.

Where to buy punching balls online in the UAE?

For all types of sports and outdoor gadgets, you can explore any retail search engine online. Such platforms offer you thousands of products from top global brands. With a trusted search engine, you can find the best brands delivering products at your doorstep. For instance, at, you can find products from top brands like Everlast, Adidas, Supreme, or TA Sports. Here you can also use the price comparison tool to find the cheaper product easily.

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