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A good sports bottle to store and carry water while at the gym, during outdoor activities, or hiking is important. You cannot indulge in any physical endeavours without relying on water to keep you hydrated and cool. 

The sports bottle is a unique accessory that many individuals use when they take part in sports and outdoor activities, exercising etc. The concept is like any water bottle, except that it is designed to avoid spillage, keep the water cold, help you keep track of the water you’ve consumed and so on. The better ones also have a watch embedded in them. With so many choices, buying one is an absolute must! The bottle is also a practical investment, so you always ensure you’re hydrated. If you are an outdoor person, you can use it for treks and picnics or even when you prefer carrying water from home while heading out. The possibilities are countless, and all in all, it is a must-have product. 

Different types of gym bottles to ensure you’re always hydrated 

The best thing about a sports bottle is that it isn’t restricted to one single activity. You can use it for several different activities. If you’re not working out, you can also use it to carry water anywhere. Popular choices like the Adidas water bottle and similar brands have some exclusive styles for sports bottles. Be it quirky, sporty, compact or straightforward; you’re sure to find the best container for your personality when you check the fantastic sports stores online in the UAE. The best thing is to start with one bottle and then go ahead to add more to your collection. 

The cycling water bottle  

Love biking? Well, who doesn’t? This activity needs one bike, and it can give your entire body good exercise. For those who don’t find time to hit the gym, cycling is the simplest thing. You also get access to fresh air if you choose to ride in the early hours. It is the best way to start your way, and over time, you improve your immunity, metabolism and keep your health and weight on track. For those who love it, the cycling water bottle is the thing for you. This one allows you to sip and carry the bottle with you to be hydrated and keep going. 

The BPA-free sports water bottle  

A lot of local makers use cheap-quality plastic and other materials to make water cases. Over time, these materials tend to release their plastic threads due to contact with water and seep through. We may, at times, not even realise we’re consuming this bad stuff along with the water. Thus, BPA-free sports water bottles are something that everybody should consider in this case. Made from durable material that does not cause damage or release harmful substances in the water, these are a must. They are pricey, but then again, you can’t put a value on your health, can you? 

The infuser sports bottle 

For those who don’t like sipping plain water or find it annoying, the infuser bottles help make it fun. These come with a single long cylinder in the middle of the container that runs from the neck to the base. You can fill your favourite fruits and veggies to stuff the column (lemons, strawberries, mint, cucumber, sweet limes etc., are popular choices). The tube is perforated, and within some time, the fruits start releasing their juices into the water and flavour it. The water ends up tasting delicious, and since there is no sugar, it’s healthy and natural. You can refill the bottle throughout the day and reuse the fruits. 

The copper/stainless steel sports case 

Metals like stainless steel and copper have been in use over the years to store water. It is said that they help provide natural cooling to the body through the properties of the metal container. Many brands have gone back to this concept and have started designing sports bottles using these metals. With additional details like no-spill and an easy to drink mouth, it is safe and practical to buy a metal bottle for sports and gym. They also help keep the water cool for longer. Ayurveda, a traditional practice in India, advises on using copper for storing water since it has several health benefits. 

Tips on how to buy Bottles online 

If you don’t have a sports bottle, it is the best time to pick one now, thanks to the choices you have at your fingertips. Be it going for a jog, cycling, exercising at the gym or a sport you love to play, you can use it for everything. Buy something that will easily fit in the bag you carry. Since you don’t want to be buying one every time, make sure you get it after some research, so you end up picking the right one for yourself.

  • Check the right type – With so many types and styles of workout bottles, choosing the right one for your workout or activity is essential. Make sure you do a quick check to understand the differences.
  • Make a note of the extras – Is the case leak-free? Is the material durable? Is the brand reliable? These are some of the questions you should consider asking before going for a purchase.
  • The size is crucial – If your workout session is long, you might want to go for a bigger capacity bottle like one 1.5 litres and or more. For short runs and workouts, around 750 ml to a litre is good.
  • It should be BPA-free – This one goes without a say. Make sure you don’t buy any of that cheap plastic bottle sold in every supermarket. They are not intended for long term use and especially not as a sports bottle.
  • Go for a brand you like – Check the best brands for sports and their collections of bottles. You’re bound to find something of your liking plus, thanks to their reputation, their products are bound to be the best.
  • Outdoor and indoor bottles – There is a slight difference between the two, i.e. the free ones are sturdy, dust-proof etc., while the other is designed for regular use. You can choose as per your activity style.

It always helps to know a little bit about the product you’re looking to buy. If you don’t know much about the sports water case, it’s never too late to read up. Research goes a long way in helping you understand the new additions, improvements, brands, etc., to make an informed decision. You can also get some advice from your trainer or a gym buddy. If you see someone using a sports bottle, don’t hesitate to go up to them and ask for an opinion about it.

Question & Answer

Which are the best outdoor water bottles online?

Be it trekking, adventure sports or just biking, they all require you to be healthy and hydrated, and what better than a good water case to help you with that? Klein Kanteen Insulated Classic bottle, Avex FreeFlow AutoSeal, Hydro Flask Standard Mouth, Pelican Traveler Tumbler and FuelBelt Helium Sprint are excellent choices. You can go for the one that best suits your lifestyle and makes sense depending on your activities.

Which are the best gym water bottles with a storage compartment?

The Embrava Best Sports Water Bottle, Nalgene Tritan Wide Mouth BPA-Free Water Bottle, Simple Modern Ascent Water Bottle are some of the best options you can find online. Other items includingUnder Armour Sideline 64 Ounce Water Jug and BuildLife 1G Motivational Water Bottle are all fantastic choices! When it comes to the gym, you want something unbreakable, will fit in your gym bag, is easy to hold and carry. You can check for all these while browsing online and decide on the best one.

What benefits does a copper sports bottle provide?

Possibly the healthiest water bottle for sports use, both stainless steel and copper have substantial health benefits, but copper takes the cake! It keeps the body cool, for starters, making it very important while exercising since you always feel hot and sweaty after sessions. It also promotes digestion, aids in weight loss, and helps fight anaemia. Natural copper water can help kill bacteria in your body and keep you healthy. It also helps improve memory and immunity.

Where can you buy cheap sports water bottles online in Dubai?

Be it a Nike sports water bottle or a classic Adidas water bottle, you can easily find it in Dubai. You don’t even need to hunt for it from store to store. The best thing is to shop online while sitting at home and making the best use of your time. Check out, a fantastic product search engine to make online shopping even more comfortable for you. It is also easy to buy portable sports water bottles in bulk when you check the right online stores.

You can also check out brands like Gatorade, NIKE, Reebok, PUMA, Cactaki, Uzspace, Klean Canteen, Camelback, ADIDAS, and Balhvit.

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