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About Ship Horns

Water sports and activities are growing increasingly popular these days. With safety being a top priority, it helps to be cautious about certain things while indulging in a new hobby. Among others, ship horns are the most common way to alert everybody on board. 

Going on a ship is a great way to enjoy a vacation. There are all kinds of choices available today. You can go on a dinner cruise for a week or month or even a world cruise that quickly takes at least six months or more to compete. This sport & outdoor experience is truly unique, having to dine, enjoy and spend time amidst the water. It is easy, fuss-free and a great way to spend time with the family. It’s also an excellent thing to do for a bachelor party or someone’s birthday. The fact that you get everything in one place without searching for a good restaurant, place to stay etc. makes it very easy. 

Different types of ship horns you should know about 

Enjoying a boat or ship is the best feeling! It’s some carefree days, with everything pre-planned that makes the process better. With everything flowing smoothly, certain things go beyond your knowledge but are happening on the deck. Things like safety precautions, directions, next halt and the on-coming posts are essential things and keep the crew engaged. You may have often noted things like safety, ship horn, lifebuoy, and other aspects that you see now and then while on the ship. All of these have their importance and are essential. 

The boat horn  

For a boat, the horn is an important aspect. Some of the smaller ones may not have it, and it is not necessary in this case. Unless you use the boat very often, most of them don’t have it. However, in this case, the boat horn is to not only call for attention from other boaters but also signal in case there is some danger. If you often boat alone, it is good to have a boat horn that you can use in an emergency. Often, due to the sound of the water, it is difficult for the human voice to flow the distance. At times like this, a boat horn can do the trick. 

The cruise ship horn  

The cruise ship is massive and holds many passengers. They travel long distances. The world cruises are an example, whereas it may sail for as long as a year once the journey takes off. There are, of course, halts and port days in the between, but these don’t allow to do much, except some basic checking. In this case, the cruise ship horn holds a lot of importance. These are the biggest ones, although many options are readily available when it comes to horns. Many different factors like distance, sound, requirement, etc., also come into the picture when it comes to choosing the right one.  

The electric boat horn  

The electric horn boat is the most commonly used variation. You can use this for boats, ships, cruise liners etc., depending on the requirement and if it serves the purpose well. These are the latest variants to control it through a switch, just like any electronic gadget. They don’t need a person to be in charge of the horn, which saves a lot of time, planning, and energy. A lot of the big ships have this in place, and the older ones are slowly disappearing. They are mostly used in smaller variants, which don’t carry a lot of passengers. 

The yacht horn  

A yacht is the most enjoyable kind if you love a private vehicle. These are generally used for weddings, birthdays or grand events since you can reserve the whole place for your family or friends. They are pricey; however, it does make for a unique experience. The yacht horn again is large and is mostly the electric variant that needs no manual handling. A switch is the only thing that is required to control it. It is, however, essential for signalling, and every yacht will have it. Some of the yachts are not moving, i.e. they are just at the shore, so people get on them, have the party and leave. 

Tips on how to buy the best marine horn 

Whether you own a yacht or a boat, a horn is something that every water-based transit vehicle’s needs. The purpose of getting one are several – they are the quickest way to reach out to someone, signal, call for attention and goes a long way in ensuring the safety of that onboard. While it is not the most common boat accessory, today, many online stores have some great options when it comes to horns. Here’s how to pick the right one.

  • The horn’s purpose – If it’s for a boat, your primary intention would be to signal someone so that a small horn will work. However, for a cruise liner or ship, you need an industrial horn required by the law.
  • Manual or electric – The manual none is suitable for small vehicles; however, it won’t serve the purpose well with a yacht or ship. The electric one is expensive but practical.
  • Keep a budget – These accessories can put a hole in your pocket if you don’t know the actual prices. Always do a quick online check before heading to the store.
  • The quality – Since you won’t be investing in horns often, it’s a one-time investment, so put in the extra few bucks if you need to for a better quality one.
  • Warranty and durability – Even horns that you buy from reliable brands offer you the convenience of a warranty if something goes wrong later. Make sure you check on this before the purchase.
  • Buy online – It’s truly the best way to have a stress-free and secure shopping experience. You also save time and money in the process.

Not being a standard accessory, it may get confusing to buy one, even if you have been using a boat for a while. The best way to get over your doubts is to research and enlighten yourself. Be it whatever type of horn you like, it is vital to get an honest second opinion. Speaking to a friend or colleague who knows about them is the best way to make sure your choice isn’t a bad one. However, you can also communicate with a reliable salesperson and understand more before buying it.

Question & Answer

Can you have a boat without a horn?

Yes, it is a possibility and not something that is required by the law. Since a boat is small, it’s okay to use it without a horn. Even for a group of people, the traditional one is compact and doesn’t allow you to work a horn into that space. However, for safety reasons, it helps to put it to use. You can always choose something small but powerful that can work well for you. If you can’t fit it, you can slide it below your seat to be used as and when needed.

Should you buy a used tugboat horn?

Buying a second-hand one as long as it’s in good condition is okay. It’s not a very important consideration, like a lifejacket etc., in which case a used one may not do the job well. If the horn works well, you can go in for it. However, make sure you get a good bargain on the price. With any accessories, especially the electronic ones, their worth goes down to almost half (or less) once they’re out of their packaging. A decent tugboat horn won’t be challenging to find, and many second-hand stores can also get you one.

What are the essential things to consider before buying a horn?

While shopping for a horn, make sure its decibel is perfect, as per the water vehicle you plan to install it on. For the electric kind, it should be easy to fix. Also, consider the after-sales service during the buying process itself. Storing and transporting it should be simple. The horn should be lightweight and not too bulky since you will be installing it at a height. The size should work well as per the space you intend to use it in.

Where can you find electric boat horns for sale in Dubai?

A lot of great options when it comes to electric boat horns are straightforward to find online. They are the most popular variants today, so the price is economical too. It, however, depends on the brand and model that you choose. You should check out, a terrific product search engine. It has more than 500+ online stores listed under it to help you get the best deals in an instant. It’s perfect for those who are new to online shopping. Brands like SeaSense, Seachoice, Marinco, Kahlenberg and DHR, are some of the best when it comes to boat horns.