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Water sports and activities are unique in their way. They give you a sense of enjoyment and a feeling of rejuvenation like no other. Requiring simple accessories like boats, paddles, and some safety gear, it’s something you can do every weekend or on holiday. 

When it comes to boating and fishing, these are sport & outdoor activities that don’t need to have particular skillsets or in-depth learning. They both allow you to learn as you practise, and it keeps getting better as you gain knowledge. Plus, they are great to enjoy in a group with friends, family or just by yourself. Today, there are many places where you can find kayak paddles for sale or boat paddles in bulk as per your requirement. Over time, you will find yourself going back to kayaking or boating whenever you get the time. It’s a beautiful hobby too and something that you can pass on to your kids from a young age. The best thing is that the activity is outdoors, so there’s no screen-time involved.   

Different types of paddles for water activities 

Paddles are quintessential for most water activities. Everything from boating, fishing, and kayaking needs paddles. It is easy to pick any of these as an activity or a hobby that you can learn. Over time, the amount of joy and contentment you gain from it is unmatchable. You don’t have to strive and become a professional in it, but it’s something to make the best use of your time. In the beginning, you don’t need to empty your wallet to buy the supplies. The kayak or boat is the most significant investment here. After that, you can easily buy smaller accessories as per your need and convenience.  

Kayak paddles  

Kayaking is a water activity that is so enjoyable on a trip or holiday that you’ll never get bored of it. The main aspects of this are the kayak and the kayak paddles. With the enormous magnitude of choices, it is also possible to find some cheap kayak paddles to give the activity a try. Kayak is accessible near the shores or in places where there are significant water bodies. However, while on holiday is the best time to give it a try. If you find it interesting, give it a few more tries, and you can always invest in your gear after that, so you can kayak whenever you feel like it. This is a great option to keep at your family home.   


Stand-up paddleboarding, or SUP as it is commonly known, is a great beach activity. The person doing it stands on the board and uses special SUP paddles to push himself forward. These boards are broader and more spacious than the regular ones, so you get a better grip while using them, and it’s more comfortable too. It is easy to use SUP paddles since the activity is growing very popular these days. What is essential is making sure you train well under an expert. Stand-up paddleboarding is not as easy as the regular kind as injuries can prove to be fatal, so it’s best to keep safe. 

Canoe paddles 

The most straightforward boat alternative, the canoe, is straightforward to find at most small water bodies. The primary purpose of these is to help you cross to the other side of the shore. However, its growing popularity has also caused it to become an exciting hobby seen at many holiday destinations. Please don’t enjoy adventurous activities, but something calming and relaxed. Canoeing is simple, easy to learn, and you don’t need assistance either. It is also easy to find canoe paddles if you want them for personal use. Renting a canoe for holidays is also the right choice. 

Kids kayak paddle 

Kayak paddles should be chosen carefully, but when it comes to choosing them for kids, we need to be extra careful. They need the right length with a smaller shaft and something that is light in weight. There are also sized-down blades so that the kids can paddle easily. However, the selection also depends upon the height of the paddler. For example, little kids aged between 3 and 4 can start with a 152 cm paddle whereas, for 4 and up, one should choose a 182 cm paddle. The kayak paddles for kids also vary in materials. Like, the plastic ones are affordable and pretty good for starters, whereas fibreglass is a middle-grade option. Nylon and wood are other popular choices.  

Tips on how to buy Paddles for your boat 

Be it a boat, canoe or kayak, you need paddles. They are the most critical aspect to ensure your journey doesn’t stop and you reach your destination safely. It’s one of the things that you should not compromise on. It is easy to find the best paddles for your boat in the market today since water activities are getting very popular. The vital thing here is to make sure they work for the kind of boat that you own. Quality is also critical to consider.

  • The size – It is essential to ensure the size of the paddle works for the boat or canoe you’re picking it for. If possible, buy the same ones as the make of your boat.
  • Transportation factor – Ensure that the paddles are easy to carry. They should fit in your car or perhaps on the top, so you don’t have to rely on another mode of transport to take them.
  • Your budget – Both boats and their accessories can be pricey, so have a budget set to avoid feeling broke before the end of the month. Planning for a few months is a good idea.
  • The activity – Depending on the activity, the type of paddle also varies. Ensure you have sound knowledge about it or reach out to a reliable source to get the details.
  • Its quality and brand – The quality of the paddles cannot be compromised upon. Ensure you go for branded ones, so you don’t need to replace them after a few months.
  • The handle, shaft, blade and height – Easy to grip handles, shafts made of durable metals, large or small blades and a practical height are some other essentials.

It’s a good idea to go with someone who knows a bit about paddles, boats and water sports. They can give you recommendations and help to choose the ones you think will be the right choice. If you don’t know someone who can assist you, do your research. The internet is full of ideas, recommendations and brands that make the best quality equipment for boating. You can select the ones that work for you and check online for buying.

Question & Answer

Where can I buy boat paddles online in the UAE?

Boat paddles can be found at any offline or online boat supplies store. You can also consider accessing a product search engine like Here, you can find a wide array of options offered by trusted stores of industry. Moreover, you can filter and sort products to quickly find the varieties you look for. Rather than roaming here and there in the market, you can find many varieties here with just a few clicks. If you are in search of something specific, then you can also search it directly from the search bar. So, go ahead and start exploring now!

How many paddles should I buy for my boat?

It depends upon the type of boat you have and how many people are moving the boat. There are many types of boat paddles one can choose from. The selection relies on the type of boat. For example, the paddleboards are broader and more spacious than the regular paddles. Kids kayak paddles, on the other hand, come with a smaller shaft and are lightweight.

What size paddles should I buy for the kayak?

Finding the right size or length of the paddle is straightforward. If your boat is wider, then you will need a longer paddle. The selection of size also relies on your height. For a narrowboat, taller paddlers will require longer paddles. No matter what type of boat you have, it’s great to try out different paddle sizes and types before you purchase one. Some retailers even offer on-water demos that help you determine what size and type will be perfect for you. They also have size guides that help further.

Where can I buy dragon boat paddles online in the UAE?

If you are looking for Dragon boat paddles for sale in the UAE, then you have already arrived at the right place. Do not look any further, as you can find a wide range of options right here. There are over 500 sellers you can find here on that offer the best products at affordable prices. Moreover, you can compare prices to find things falling into your budget. Also, you can filter and sort choices to find the exact varieties you are looking for.

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