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About Outboard Motors

Until the engines came in, the only way to power your small boats was to row them with sails or oars. How calm and elegant it might have been! However, it took ages to get anywhere quickly. Moreover, you had to rely on wind and muscle power. But, the outboard motors have changed all that. But to what extent you can scrutinise a product you want to buy? Well, let us take a closer look at these handy machines.

Ole Evinrude, a Norwegian immigrant from the US, invented the very first versions of these machines in 1906. The tale of the invention is quite famous, that’s because it is an excellent example of American ingenuity. According to lore, Ole and his fiancée, Bess, were out picking on a boat. When Bess expressed her interest to have ice cream, Ole jumped into their rowboat and took off to get her one. However, by the time he returned the ice cream, he bought melted. Ole knew there was a better way, and he was right. That’s why he invented the 1.5-horsepower outboard motor. These machines have advanced so much. Today, you’ll find all kinds of motors. On this page, you will read a few types from popular brands and check out the list of tips and tricks to get the best motor for your boats.

The best electric outboard motors to power your aquatic adventures

Now that you know their history, it is time we define what precisely these machines are. The outboard motors are fully contained marine propulsion devices. You can mount them onto the transom of the boat. Additionally, the running gear, a lower unit, powerhead and driveshaft all come in one unit. As with other marine machines, here too, the engine spins the shaft. It then spins the propeller shaft, which in turn kick starts the propeller to create the thrust. Considering the popularity of the outboard motors, you might think that several brands offer these machines. However, know that there are only a limited number of major players. We have listed below a few notable brands of outdoor motors and their advantages.

The Yamaha outboards

If you are a recreational boat owner, then do not ever let go of a Yamaha outboard motor. That’s because the Yamaha outboards have been operating in the US market for more than three decades. They produce the most advanced and unique types of machines for your boats. Moreover, all the outboard models from Yamaha portray high innovation and reliability. Apart from that, you’ll find everything you need on their official website. For instance, you can find out the maintenance resources. You could even check out the best time to go fishing.

The Mercury outboard parts and machine

The brand Mercury marine has been selling some of the best powering boats for over 75 years now. Though it was founded in 1939, the company now has branches worldwide. Speed, exceptional engineering and innovation have always been the motto of Mercury. And obviously, they have applied this to all their models of outboards. Besides this, the outboard models from Mercury ranges from 2.5 to 350 horsepowers. Hence, you could find the perfect power motors for your vessel. Moreover, you could also buy a wide range of products that accompany the engines, such as propeller, precision parts, gauges and controls.

The Suzuki outboard motors

The Suzuki Marines created their very first outboard motors in 1965. Moreover, you will find both two and four-stroke motors here. Of course, they sell some of the top quality motors, but you’ll also be able to find some of the best accessories you need for your boat motor. Apart from that, Suzuki gives away maintenance kits with their outboard motors. The contents of the kit will let you perform the routine maintenance of your motors. And the best part – they are available for each engine category. However, the point noteworthy here is that these motors from Suzuki are great for recreational boat owners.

Tips on how to buy Outboard Motors

Of course, you are now familiar with the brands that sell some of the best outboard motors. So now, it is time to shop! But remember that knowing the brands alone isn’t enough to buy for your perfect motor. You need to consider several other factors that determine the performance of your engine. The correct size and pitch of the propeller are some of the factors you must consider while you buy outboard motors online in UAE. There are many more as such. Below we’ve listed a few of them. Keep them in mind to achieve a perfect buy.

  • Think about the power – Your needs in this category will depend on the size of our boat and the way you will use it. For instance, you’ll find some big motors with a higher power. If you want to participate in water sports or want to tow huge inner tubes, they are the best. But, if you have a small fishing boat, then a modest motor will work fine. One of the best examples of this is the 5hp outboard motor and four hp outboard motor.
  • Set a budget – You’ll find a wide variety of motors, both big and small. Each of them has different features, capacities and output measures. Hence, each of them is available at various price points. Thus, setting a budget is always a good idea. That’s because your budget will affect the kind of motor you choose.
  • Consider the fuel efficiency – You need to consider fuel efficiency while buying outboards for a couple of crucial reasons. One, it is better to choose an efficient engine. This way, you’ll use less fuel and reduce your carbon footprint. Apart from that, the more efficient the engine performs better. In other words, it allows you to go farther between fill-ups.
  • Check for durability – Of course, buying a new motor is exciting. However, that does not mean you do it every couple of years. Therefore, it is better to do your research well and find an outboard that has a longer lifespan. To do that, you must choose a trustworthy vendor and shop for motors that are known for their durability.
  • Choose the branded ones – There are many brands out there. However, some of them have established themselves as the leading outboard motor sellers. Therefore, it is best to research the different motor manufacturers and sellers to decide which ones make the best products. For instance, you can never go wrong with brands like Yamaha, Mercury, Honda, and Evinrude.

When you buy a car, you know that it comes with a built-in engine. Hence, you hardly need to think about the engine and can concentrate on things like the colour of the paint, the best place to hang your fuzzy dice, and so on. However, that isn’t the case with the outboard engines for a boat. You have a luxury of choice here. Not just between models and types, but between weight, outputs, and even methods of power generation. Hence, keeping these tips in mind will steer you towards a product product without any hassle.

Question & Answer

Where to buy outboard motors?

These engines are one of the critical boat supplies. Hence, you need to pick them with caution and care. In other words, you need to choose them from a reliable source and a high-quality one too. If you are looking out for a place like that, then check out the collection of outboard engines at Our super-smart platform offers you an extensive collection of top-quality engines for your boats, regardless of your boat size. From high-end to simple ones, you’ll find all kinds of motors here.

What outboard motors are the best?

Knowing a vendor alone isn’t enough to buy the best engine out there. You must also consider a few more factors that determine the motors to be the best. Bass Pro, Minn Kota, Torqeedo, Epropulsion, and LEADALLWAY are some of the ways that you can never go wrong with, especially when it comes to buying higher powered motors for your vessels. Check out our product search engine to buy mercury outboards online, Honda outboard motors online, and more.

How long do outboard motors last?

Regardless of a new or old boat, it is essential to know how much your engines will give before it dies out. By the way, many things determine the lifespan of the motor. From maintenance to age and model, everything plays a role in assessing the longevity of the engine. Moreover, it is crucial to know that these engines, like any other machine, are bound to wear out at one point in time. That’s why you need to maintain them well, to use them for a more extended period.

Why are outboard motors so expensive?

If you are eyeing a boat and an outboard motor for it, you’ll surely be amazed at their high price. Well, one of the biggest reasons is supply and demand. These engines are less common, and hence people sell fewer of them. Apart from that, the design of the motors comes with features that cope with being submerged in water. This, in turn, means that they come with inexpensive materials. Furthermore, these engines go through rigorous tests to ensure safety. Last but not least, they are seen as luxury products by the manufacturers.

What’s new in outboard motors to buy?

The outboard engines have been continuously evolving since their inception. In other words, better versions are released every year. This year too, isn’t an exception. For instance, Honda has come up with an excellent collection of new outboards. This includes the flagship 3.6-litre BF200, BF225 and BF250 V6 outboard engines. They feature a new look, easier maintenance, and more rigging options. Similarly, Yamaha has also introduced 2.5hp portable outboard. It tops out with a massively powerful, very new apex predator, the 425hp V8 XT Offshore 5.6-litre V8.

Which is better: two-stroke or four strokes outboard motor?

Many of you may easily conclude that the two strokes are less potent than the four. However, this isn’t necessarily true for the reason that every product has its benefits and limitations. Hence, it is the potential buyer’s interest, intentions and boating style that will determine the better choice. Therefore, it is best to compare and buy motors. You can compare and buy some of the best small outboard motors for sale on our product comparison site.

You are now almost an outdoor engine buying expert. However, it is always essential to stay ahead of the trend and keep track of the new products and versions of these engines online. Well, you can do that and more only on We have a dedicated section of sports & outdoor for you to explore the product you deserve.