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About Outboard Motor Covers

Of course, your outboard motors are constructed in a way, that they will resist any marine environment. However, over time, like many other products, you might encounter wear and tear. Well, it is bound to happen. Moreover, if you live in colder climatic conditions, the frost and ice can create even bigger problems for your motor. But there is a solution to all of this and that is the outboard motor covers

Apart from the marine environment, long term exposure to UV radiation is just about the toughest thing on your motor’s finish. It causes chips, cracks and scratches. Of course, keeping your boat and the engine is a great option to overcome this issue. But, nothing is better than having an excellent outboard motor cover. In other words, having your boat motors covered helps you keep your engine in great condition. Moreover, it protects your engines from any harsh outdoor elements. However, to do all of this, you need to first understand the various options available in the market. And this is precisely what we are going to discuss in this article

Best trending outboard motor covers

You must have gathered by now, the importance of the full outboard motor cover. Hence, you need to buy the best motor cover to keep your outboard motors intact. However, to do that you need to understand the various types and models that are good enough to prevent any damage to your outboard motors. For that, you must find the best marine engine cover by considering the right materials, quality, and fit for your motor. Therefore, below, we’ve listed a few outboard motor covers that rank high in terms of performance, design and quality. Moreover, they are from reputed brands. This list will indeed help you in making an informed decision when you set out to buy outboard motor covers online in UAE.

Mercury outboard motor covers

Mercury is one of the popular brands that offer some top-quality engine covers. The smartly designed covers protect your engine from dust, grime, salt spray damage and even UV fading. For instance, the half cover usually comes in materials such as cyclone protect premium woven dope dyed polyester fabric with non-woven backing. Additionally, it comes with a soft, felt inner lining that helps the cover stay smooth and soft on your engine. Moreover, it has strong hems and buckles fastening features that help keep the cover in place when riding the boat. Above all, these covers are waterproof, breathable and come with high-quality UV protection.

Suzuki outboard motor covers

The outboard motor covers from Suzuki come in various sizes, models, shapes and patterns. However, it is the full covers that stand out amount the others. The dull outboard covers from Suzuki keeps your engine’s shine for a long time. In other words, it protects your motor from harsh climatic conditions and any harmful outer elements that might damage your boat’s engine. Apart from that, it also keeps the engine safe from any harmful UV radiation that might fade your motor’s paint. Furthermore, each cover designed suits any motor. That’s because there are different models of covers that vary in length from 15” to 30”. Moreover, fitting the cover is quick and straightforward.

Evinrude outboard motor covers

Evinrude is one of the very first brands that introduced outboard motors into the market. Hence, it is apparent that you’ll find all kinds of motor covers from this brand. With the vented covers, half and full you’ll get them all from this brand. Moreover, all of them portray high-end features that protect your motors from any harsh climatic conditions. For example, the outboard vented cover provides protection both on and off the water. Additionally, it shields your engine when skiing or fishing. Further, it helps you save your engine from UV fading, accidental knocks, scratches and any other damages. Similarly, the full cover keeps your boat’s engine intact. Moreover, most of the full cover models fit the range of engine sizes from 3.5HP to 300HP.

Vented Yamaha outboard motor cover

Vented motor covers come in the soft-lined, marine-grade fabric that is waterproof. Moreover, they are UV proof and breathable. However, you will find some of the best models of these covers from the popular brand Yamaha. That’s because most of the types and models of these covers come in designs that fit different models and types from Yamaha. Apart from that, their specific design enables you to leave them on your engines even when you aren’t in the water riding. Additionally, the covers are incredibly durable; to be precise, it comes with a 660lb breaking strength. Moreover, the non-abrasive polyester soft backing allows you to clean your covers easily. In other words, you can simply wash it with fresh water without any hassle.

Tips on how to buy Outboard Motor Covers online

Indeed, knowing their types to purchase a good quality cover is essential. However, that alone isn’t enough to achieve a smart purchase. So, you need to assess and examine several other factors to shop for the best outboard covers that are efficient, within your budget and come in good quality. Keeping all this in mind, we’ve enlisted below a few tips for you to consider while you set sail to buy outboard engine covers.

  • Consider the material – The material is a prime thing to consider. That’s because the material of the cover is what protects your motor. It needs to be waterproof but should also be strong enough to protect the engine from general bumps and scrapes as well. Polyester is one of the common materials used in designing motor covers. Also, remember that while material needs to be breathable. Because it is this feature that prevents mildew from forming on the covers.
  • Assess the fit – You always need to consider the fit, as several models in the market are specifically designed for various brands. Also, note that the motor covers only cover the engine part of the motor and doesn’t cover the propeller. Some popular brands also offer more specific sizes. Hence, you must precisely measure the size of your engine to fit the cover on the engine snugly. Moreover, you can consider having drawstrings and buckles to help tightly fit the cover.
  • Examine the quality – It is apparent that quality is essential when buying anything for your boat. You must ensure that you are purchasing a quality product; otherwise, you could be left with one that will get damaged easily. After which you would not be able to offer your motor the protection that it needs. Also, you must assess the breathability and UV protection capacity of the cover. Also, remember that high quality does not mean a high price.
  • C heck the price – It is always best to set a budget aside when it comes to buying outboard motor covers This way, you’ll not spend unnecessarily and will pick out the one that best suits your need within the set budget. If you are worried about the quality, do not fret. You could look out for outboard motor covers for sale. This way, you’ll be able to get good quality covers for half the original price. Moreover, you can also buy branded Yamaha outboard motor covers for sale.

When you want to fire up that motor again, you want to ensure that it is working without any glitches. This will enable you to get into the water and do things that you love without worrying about the engine getting stuck and damaged in between your journey. And now you know that the motor covers are extremely important to keep the engine as such. Hope the above tips will steer you toward the right choice of outboard motor covers.

Question & Answer

Are outboard motor covers necessary?

Entirely covering your boat and the engine is essential during harsh climatic conditions. Therefore, a separate motor cover is necessary, as most boat covers usually cover only the boats unless it is tailor-made. One of the prominent and primary reasons to have an outboard motor cover is to protect your boat’s engine. Apart from that, they also help prevent any damage both on and off the water. Additionally, most covers are made up of materials called poly soft. They are very soft on the outside, but it is also extremely strong to prevent any abrasions.

What is the best way to clean outboard motor covers?

Maintaining your boat’s shine is essential, and the boat’s engines are no exception. One of the best ways to keep your engine looking great is to keep it covered. However, other methods involve washing them carefully after every use. First off you can go with a nice rub down with soapy water on the motor. However, remember that the soap you use must not have any heavy chemicals, and the material of the scrub must be non-abrasive. Also, remember to coat your engine with some thick paste wax every three months. All this keeps your motor looking great.

Why use an outboard motor cover?

There is no doubt that an outboard motor is a significant investment in your boat. Therefore, you want to keep it looking and working fine for a long period. But, as you know, when you head for fishing, skiing and more such activities on the boat, the engine is prone to wear and tears. And that’s where a well-built outboard motor cover comes into play. The covers are an absolute necessity for prolonging the life of your engine. Moreover, it keeps your engine looking like a brand new product.

Where to buy an outboard motor cover?

Of course, by now, you’ve gathered that the outboard motor covers play a vital role in keeping the shine of your boat’s engine for a longer period. However, to achieve a quality shield for your motor, you must purchase high-quality covers. Well, to do so check out the sports and outdoor collection at . Here you’ll find some of the top-quality covers from popular brands. For instance, you can shop for Honda outboard motor cover, camo outboard motor cover, and many more from over 500 online boat supplies brands the world trust to buy from.

What outboard motor cover has the best warranty?

Damages, technical glitches and general wear and tear are synonymous with any material. The motor covers too aren’t an exception. Hence, repair is necessary. Many popular brands like Honda, Evinrude, Suzuki, Mercury, Tohatsu, Attwood, Johnson, OMC, Tracker Boats, and Force offer high-quality boat engine covers and also provide a warranty. However, covers from each brand have different warranty periods which you need to check at the time of purchasing your motor cover.