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Are you a professional swimmer? Or perhaps someone who loves kayaking? Well, either way, the act of paddling is an essential part of these activities. Therefore, you ought to have something that leverages this or trains you for accurate paddling. Is there a tool or an accessory that helps you do that? Yes – the hand paddles and they aren’t just one, you’ll find several versions of them out there on the market. Hence, purchasing a model that suits you might seem a little tricky. Well, in this post, we highlight all that you need to know about these paddles. Plus, we also give you some useful tips on how to get them online in UAE. 

Let’s first answer the most obvious question – what exactly are the hand paddles? Hand paddles or commonly known as the swim paddles are devices that swimmers wear during their training sessions. The tool comes with a plastic plate that the swimmers can wear over their palms. The very first mention of these paddles is found in Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography. As a boy, he created a model that came with two wooden pallets, oval in shape and a hole to slip in the finger. It helped him swim faster and required less strain. Later, in the year 1960s and early 1970s coaches around the world discovered the idea of handle paddles as training devices. Today you’ll find a wide range of these. Let’s take a look at a few contemporary models in the next segment. 

The top-selling hand paddles to choose from 

You are now aware that the swim paddles are an important tool when it comes to professional swimmers. That’s because it facilitates your swimming abilities. But did you know that you can also use different kinds of hand paddles for kayaking? Well, their variety is endless. Moreover, they are tools that no professional swimmers can avoid. But where do you start? Which ones do you buy? Are all of them equal? Of course not! Some are better than others. Therefore to buy one, you need to first know a few trending models that you can consider investing in. Below we’ve compiled some of the best hand paddles that you can buy today. Let’s look at them in detail. 

The Speedo hand paddles

Speedo is the world’s leading swimmer products brand. It brings you a comprehensive collection of active swimming accessories that helps you increase your performance. When it comes to hand paddles, the brand offers you the biggest selection of paddles. The various models here enable you to enhance your performance, swimming strength and help you maintain perfect hand position while swimming. Apart from that, with these hand paddles on, you can confidently engage in resistance drills. One such product – the Speedo Power Plus models come with a unique design to help you achieve this. 

The Finis hand paddles

The hand paddles from FINIS are unique, innovative, and attractive. Their Agility paddles designs aim to correct your form, increase stroke efficiency, build upper body strength, and promote a proper catch position. Also, the convex shape of the product encourages an early catch and helps develop correct palm positive hand position. Moreover, it also reminds the swimmer to maintain the correct vertical forearm position. Furthermore, the strapless feature of the product forces good entry, catch and stroke technique while swimming. Better yet, the ergonomic nature of the model fits the natural contour of the hand. 

The Aqua sphere hand paddles

What makes the Aqua Sphere swim paddles among the best swim paddles is their optimal design and smart rubber construction. The product has a large size and doesn’t have holes in them. Thus, they offer good resistance. This, in turn, forces the upper body to work harder and builds muscle strength. If you have a kayak you can even carry these paddles in your backpack, as a backup in case your paddles fail. Furthermore, their contoured shape fits your hand’s natural curve, thereby offering you maximum comfort while wearing. Today there are different sorts of these kayak hand paddles to buy online. 

The Strokemakers swimming hand paddles

Whether you’re a synchronised swimmer or someone who loves performing water aerobics, this pair of swimming hand paddles serve you well. They not only help you perform rehabilitation exercises but also train you for competitive strokes for drills. Better yet, they come with a well-designed structure that improves your stroke technique. Furthermore, they help you strengthen swim-specific muscles while reducing stress on your neck and shoulders. The product come in seven sizes that are suitable for both kids and adults. The reviews by professionals, state that the model last for years in good condition.

Tips on how to buy Hand Paddles online

Getting a high-quality paddle, that also works well with your body and paddling style isn’t an easy job, especially when you have so many models in the market. So, does that mean you need to run around each shop or store? Well, not necessarily. You just need to keep in mind a few critical factors that determine the paddle performance. We’ve listed here a few tips that will guide you towards your perfect hand paddle without much hassle.

  • Assess the size – Size is of prime importance when it comes to paddles. That’s because only a right sized paddle will help you maintain proper paddling form and efficiency. Moreover, when it comes to kayak paddles, you need to consider the grip size. In other words, the grip circumference must be correct for your hand. Playing with a paddle that is too big or small may result in elbow problems.
  • Look out for the material – The paddles come in various materials. However, the common one is polypropylene or plastic blends. The ones made of such materials are long-lasting and excellent when used in water. Apart from that, they offer high flexibility and prevent them from snapping over. Therefore, always look out for the materials when buying them.
  • Explore their types – Hand paddles for swimmers or kayakers-you’ll find a plethora of their types in the market. Each of them has different features, advantages and disadvantages. For example, assess the blade design, length and material for kayak paddles. Moreover, the one that suits you might not go down well with others. Hence, check out the various features and go for the ones that best suit your needs.
  • Set aside a budget – You’ll find all sorts of hand paddles out there on the market today. Each one of them has different straits. Hence, they’re priced at various rates. You’ll find both expensive and cheap hand paddles. Therefore, it’s always better to figure out your budget before you buy them online. This will help you narrow down on your choice and get what’s within your range.
  • Read reviews online – Reading reviews online is one of the reliable ways of assessing a product, especially when you are buying them online. The genuine customer feedbacks help you weigh the product in terms of their style, features and models. Moreover, you can also check out the expert product reviews if you feel that the random customer feedbacks are not reliable enough. Either way, make sure to go through a ton of reviews online before you buy the product.
  • Go for the branded ones – Since paddles are an essential tool for both swimmers and kayakers, it is imperative to buy a high-quality product. Therefore, it is best to go paddles from reputable brands. That’s because they offer you quality products. Moreover, such products would have a longer lifespan as compared to the other local items.

In the end, it all boils down to your preference. What kind of colour would you go for, which brand you’ll choose, or the material? But, these tips will help you spot the perfect one for your needs and will guide you to make an informed decision when it comes to buying them online. Don’t worry; you do not need to spend much time scrutinising the hand paddles. Just visit and you’ll quickly know how to pick your hand paddle.

Question & Answer

How do hand paddles help swimming?

You must have often seen swimmers looking to develop their upper body. Besides, using hand paddles when training offers you excellent benefits. Firstly, they help you build your swimming techniques. You become more aware of your general swimming stroke and arm pull. Secondly, it enables you to position your hands correctly hand help you push the maximum amount of water under your body to help you move. However, remember that you need to pick the right size hand fins to experience its benefits.

How to thread hand paddles?

Hand paddles usually enhance your rowing experience and lessen the strain on your shoulders. However, since there are many of their types and each of them comes with different features and assembly methods. For instance, for a regular hand paddle, place your hand comfortably over the contoured rise. Then thread the ends of the finger straps through the holes and notch it tightly to your hand. You can use the various holes to find the best fit.  

What size hand paddles should I buy?

The hand fins come in various shapes and sizes. However, you must choose the one that best suits your hand. Generally, you must get yourself a set of these paddles that are around ten per cent larger than your hand. Not more, not less. Using a hand fin larger than your hand may result in many shoulder troubles. That’s because you will be adding too much resistance and force to your muscles with each row. Similarly, if you buy a smaller one, it might slip from your hand and will spoil your rowing experience.

Which hand paddles are best?

Best swim paddles are always those that offer you high efficiency, performance, durability, and comfort. One of the best ways to ensure you have the best-quality swim paddles in hand is to get them from well-known brands. For this reason, you can check out notable brands like Speedo, Arena, Zogg, Nabaiji, Attwood, Caviness, Shoreline, Marine, and Seasense to buy your favourite swim paddles online.

Where to buy hand paddles?

Hand paddles are an essential tool for both swimmers and kayakers. Therefore, you need to buy one that displays quality and efficiency. Several online platforms today bring you a wide collection of hand paddles online. You could also check out our product search engine to explore the biggest selection of handles paddles with different features and characteristics. Here, you could buy freestyler hand paddles for boats in UAE, the classic models, and also high-end ergo versions. Better yet, you can shop them along with many other boat supplies and other essential sports & outdoor essentials from your favourite online stores as well.

Hand paddles are unique, useful, and innovative devices for any swimmer or kayaker. Therefore, owning them is a must. Feeling motivated to get one? We bet you’re! Why wait then, get started and get your best hand paddle right here.