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About Boat Lighting

As with all modes of transport, the lighting systems used at night are imperative. The boats and ships aren’t an exception. The boat lighting systems in the right place is integral for the safe navigation of the vessel. Moreover, it is one of the most important aspects of nautical studies too. 

One of the primary functions of navigation lights is to aid the prevention of any major accidents. All boats-whether big or small require must have some light for easy navigation during the night. Did you know? The ship illuminations were introduced in the year 1838 by the United States. Later on, the United Kingdom followed them and launched these lights in 1849. Moreover, the International Maritime Conference, established in 1889, brought out proper guidelines to prevent marine accidents. These rules were officially adopted in 1897. Besides that, the rules specified the colour of boat lights that you can use. Based on these rules, three colours were agreed upon; red, green and white. Even today, the ships and boat lights come in these colours. Today, in this article, we will go through the various types of boat lights and a few tips to choose them. 

Different types of navigation lights you should know about 

You must have gathered by now that the ship illuminations help you and other boaters determine the give-ways when encountering each other at night. Moreover, it would help to display them from sunrise to sunset and during periods of restricted visibility. For instance, during the days of fog. So, whether you want to improve, replace or completely overhaul your ship illuminations, you need to understand their various available types to buy a perfect one. That’s why we have enlisted a few of their major types and a few tips that’ll help you get the best one. 

The LED boat lights 

Big marine vessels require bigger lights. However, doing so will certainly increase power consumption. Now, this is when realizing huge energy savings with the boat lights is important. And what can be better than marine LED illuminations? The LED lights use significantly low battery juice and also lasts longer as compared with the others. Moreover, LED’s provide energy-efficient and longer-lasting ship illuminations. Apart from that, these illuminations are vibrant and water-resistant too. Besides navigation lights, you can replace the courtesy lights, reading lights, cabin lights or virtually any lights on board with these LEDs. Brands like Perko offers some of the best boat drain plugs LED light. You can buy ocean led drain plug lights or buy Perko led navigation lights effortlessly from 

The underwater boat lights

Underwater ship illuminations are basically the lights that light up the underwater world. You generally mount them on outrigger spreaders on the transom or under the hull. Also, you use them to power up the night fishing time to call up those baits and forage on them. Moreover, those new generation underwater lights that you aim horizontally or straight down are more reliable and electrically efficient. You could also add action to the nighttime trolling spread with a flip of a switch. Additionally, they also look cool when fired up at your dock. Also, the latest trendy LED underwater boat lighting systems to operate at lower temperatures, use less energy, and tolerate vibration better. Also, you can follow many mounting styles with these LED underwater boat lights. 

The interior boat lights

Of course, it is imperative to have exterior illuminations for safe navigation. However, it is also important to have good interior boat lights too. Typically, your boat’s interior lighting enhances your after-dark fishing experience. It illuminates the cabin of your boat and ensures that you do not blindly stumble upon something. Hella Marine offers a wide range of such products. For instance, the EuroLED 75 range is one of the excellent boat lighting systems. You’ll have considerable power-saving benefits with these lamps. That’s because they produce a soft spread of light and follows the industry-leading colour rendering. Hence, even being a soft boat lighting system, it provides you with a well-lit and relaxed atmosphere. 

Tips on how to buy Boat Lighting online

Whether you want to remove, replace or completely reconstruct your boat lights, you need to get the boat lights best suit your needs. However, you should know that there are many challenges along the way. This is especially true when dealing with this equipment that is constantly in touch with the water. Here are some tips and tricks that’ll help you buy the best boat lights out there. So, keep reading!

  • Quality is of prime importance – The durability of the boat lights is very crucial. You must see if the boat lights can hold up against the strong water turbulence of the sea. Moreover, the lights might also succumb to the unpredictable corrosive marine environment. Therefore, you must always go for corrosion-resistant boat lights. You can check their material to see this.
  • Understand the available types – By now, you know that you’ll find several varieties of boat lights when you drop in the market (both online and in-store). Hence, it is imperative to know and understand the various types of boat lights. That’s because each of them come with different features. Therefore, you need to assess their features and pick the one that best suits your needs.
  • Consider the rules for boat lighting systems – As mentioned earlier in this article, there are certain rules you need to follow when picking your boat lighting systems. These regulations depend on your location. You usually require unique navigation lights for sunset and sunrise or when there is limited visibility. Hence, while choosing your boat lighting systems, check for restrictions and requirements.
  • Understand the installation procedure – Whether boats or ships, you know that boat lighting systems are mandatory. Hence, you must pick the lights that come with easy installation procedures. Of course, none of you prefers complicated wiring and sockets that take hours for you to install. Time is of the essence, especially if you plan cruising trips. Hence, it is better to go for weightless mounting and installation lights.
  • Consider the design and aesthetics – Apart from easy installation, you must also look at the aesthetics of the boat lights. You do not want to pick large lights for small boats and vice versa. Moreover, you should be aware of the various boat lighting systems designs before you pick the one. This will help you pick out the perfect one without much hassle.
  • Read reviews online – Today, online reviews are the most significant source of social proof. Reading online reviews of the boat lights that you intend to buy will help you better assess the product’s performance. Moreover, genuine customer reviews will give you an idea of the various features of the product and its pros and cons. In other words, it is always good to know a few genuine feedbacks.
  • Check out the price – Price is always a prohibitive factor when buying any product online, and boat lighting systems are no exception. There are several types of boat lights, and each of them come with different features and benefits. For this reason, you’ll find them at different rates too. So, it is best to set aside a budget for yourself and then buy one.

Hope these tips and tricks will help you pick out the best boat light and install them effortlessly. However, if you still feel that you are in over your head, then browse through sports and outdoor products on, and you’ll know! You’ll find here a wide range of boat lighting systems and boat lights. Moreover, you can shop them at different price points from popular brands and online stores. In other words, we ensure that there are boat supplies for each of your requirements.

Question & Answer

Where to buy boat lights?

From boat bow lights to bass boat lighting, you’ll find them all at our product search engine. Moreover, you can shop for some high-quality and trendy boat lighting systems from popular brands like Attwood, Tree Leds, Mictuning, and Lumitec. Furthermore, you could also buy a 12 volt led boat light online or even the ones that offer high-range only on our smartest retail search engine.

How to install a boat drain plug light?

LED lights for boats and ships have gained popularity over the years. The drain plug light is one of the most popular ones. You can replace your boat drain plug with these lights. All you need to do is feed the wires in the boat drain hole and then tighten the light. Also, connect your inline fuse to a 12-volt power source inside your boat. And you’re done! You’ll find them both in blue and white colours. Apart from that, they illuminate a full-size area when you are cruising in the dark.

How to wire boat light?

Typically, you store boat electricity in one or more batteries. Moreover, these batteries hold an enormous amount of energy. They are capable of pushing hundreds and thousands of amps. That’s a proper circuit important. To wire a boat, you must have the main battery switch and the switch bypass loads in place. Moreover, you must also get the source to the boat’s helm. Keep in mind that all your wirings must be appropriately checked and sealed to avoid any damage or corrosion.

What is the boat navigation light?

Navigation lights are illuminations used on boats and ships to prevent collisions at night or in times of low visibility conditions. Moreover, these lights keep you safe and secure during your journey. However, remember that you are legally responsible for displaying lights of the proper colour, location, intensity, and visibility on your boat. You can explore several brands in to find high-quality reliable boat navigation lights within your budget.

What colour light should I buy for a boat?

The boat lighting systems are of extreme importance, and there are several rules to follow, especially when it comes to the colour of the boat lights. For instance, you must choose all-around white navigation lights for powerboats. For sidelights, you could choose red on port and green on starboard. Additionally, you can go for a combination of sidelights. But, it is always best to go through the official rules, regulations and restrictions of boat light colours before you buy one.

Do not assume that your boat came with appropriate navigation lights from the factory. It is your responsibility to ensure that your boat has proper boat lighting systems before you set sail. Moreover, you’ll need many kinds of boat lights to illuminate your deck correctly. And where can you find the best boat lights? Well, of course at! Check them out now!  And while you’re here, do take a look at several other sports & outdoor products right here on our shopping search engine.