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Anchor Chains

About Anchor Chains

Support, no matter in what shape, is of great importance in the life of a human being. Apart from human life, interlinking is important to keep things aligned and intact. This is where chains hold an important position in life. Unlike human emotions, these are tangible items.

Technically speaking, a chain is a serial assembly of well-connected pieces (links). The overall character of these chains is like a rope with compression, curve and liner shape. These chains are rigid with load and tension bearing abilities. Chains consist of multiple links and are of different types. Some of the most common uses of chains include lifting, pulling, securing, transfer of power and quick linking. Anchor chains are the most common type of chains for securing bigger objects like boats or cars. Today’s discussion helps to generate understanding about the anchor chain, its types, uses and importance.

A layman’s guide to understanding anchor chains

It is a common misconception that all chains are the same and the only difference is in size. This is an entirely false belief. To the fact, there is a variety of grades and types of anchor chains. Cruising sailors use these chains. Each type, style and size serve different specific functions. What follows is the basics of understanding the anchor chains and how to use them accurately. To generate understanding about the boat anchor chains, it knows types is crucial. This discussion will help you know what some possible options are and how they are helpful in different processing. This discussion will also give you an insight into the maintenance of your chains like a pro.

Common types of ship anchor chains

In most parts of the world, there are types of chains. The first one is Gr 30- Proof Coil, which is a general-purpose chain with normal commercial quality. Surely, it is made from low carbon steel and has an uneven pitch. While a BBB Anchor chain is a short link with normal commercial use and works well for gipsies and standard windlasses. Another known type is Gr 4- High test, which is like Gr 43 chain with comparatively smaller chain links with ISO standards. It bears twice the working load BBB bears. If you are looking for a chain with high carbon steel, Gr 43- High Test is best to enjoy strength and size. Meanwhile, Gr 70- transport is a common type with high strength-weight ratio than many other chains. 

Your anchor chains explained

The most famous varieties of windlass chains include high-test; triple B or grade 30; proof coil or grade 30 chains. Each of these has attributes as well as shortcomings. The BBB and Proof Coil are made of low-carbon steel which is heat-treated and comes from high-carbon-manganese alloy. The HT is famous for its strength in the link. Its working load ability is twice the BBB chain with the highest weight-to-work local ratio. Thus, it allows using a thinner link, which means more chains can be stored in the same locker. Another famous type is PC chains. These are non-calibrated for windlass use. These chains have almost the same working load as BBB and the same number of links per foot as the HT chains

Inspecting your chains regularly & carefully

All the quality chains from known brands have embossing of destinations explaining the grade. Without one, you can just keep guessing the capabilities of the chain. If you fail to use the chain for a specific windlass or function can lead to potential disaster. In most cases, the BBB is the most popular and powerful chain. The reason is that it is calibrated explicitly for activities like windlasses. Meanwhile, weight is another concerning attribute. Here you need to consider that with anchor rodes the weight becomes a critical factor. Likewise, every added pound will increase the catenary of the chain. In the end, another consideration should be the tensile strength of the chain.

Maintenance of your mooring (Marine) chain

An anchor chain is a considerable investment, and it demands a lot of time and attention. To keep your investment secure, it is important to take care of the chain. It is important to check your marine chains regularly and carefully. Make sure the links fit evenly into each recess in the wildcat. Also, make sure the wildcat is equipped with a stripper (a steel bar that divides the tensioned chain from the wildcat while being retrieved). If you are facing jams, probably the stripers are bent or absent. Hence, make sure the bitter end of the chain is connected to the vessel with the help of the spliced-on section. Hence, care instructions can help you keep your chain handy at times when sudden actions are required.

Tips on how to buy Anchor Chains online in UAE

One of the most common questions asked here is that “what size/length chain should I buy?” Surely the question is important but solely relying on this information while buying a chain is a bad idea. So, the discussion till now has explained the concerning factors. Each of these takes part in increasing your chances of safety on the waters. However, buying online may demand some additional steps while exploring the cheapest place to buy anchor chains online. Hence, today we are sharing some general steps to follow while you plan to reinvest in an anchor chain. These tips will help you go through the shopping process systematically and make the best of your time and money.

  • Know your needs – As discussed earlier, every chain comes with different sets of abilities and setbacks. It means a chain that serves best in one way might not go well in the other. Thus, important is to choose an anchor chain that meets your needs.
  • Write down the specs – Did you do the brainstorming? Once you are done with the brainstorming, take notes of your needs. So, make a list of all the essential aspects that you need to have in your chain. It may include the make, model, brand, strength and other features.
  • Search with the right terms – Every chain has a name (or code). Make your online search easier by searching the desired product according to name. At retail search engines, giving the right name or search term will give you dozens of options to choose from. Make things easier for you.
  • Consider price – Considering your budget limitations is mandatory. You need to know what amount of money you can spend on your next product. Different brands have different pricing models. So, search and search until you can find a quality chain in the budget.
  • Read Carefully – On websites, all the details about the make and model of the product. It is present in the product description section. It is better to read the section carefully and understand the details about the product. These details play a role in decision making.

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Question & Answer

Why use an anchor chain?

An anchor chain is the most important part of the whole anchoring system. While some brands claim that anchor does not need chains, history says otherwise. Surely, years of research and experience in anchoring recommend the use of anchors. Here most common reasons include faster and reliable sailing, keeping the rode horizontal while set and protecting the nylon line from sea debris. Apart from these basics, there are many other uses and benefits of anchor chains in the sea.

How much anchor chain do I need for my boat?

There is a rule of thumb to calculate the length of the chain. The most basic way is to calculate the speed of the wind and add it to the length of the boat. The resulting number is the length of the chain that you will need. Another way is to calculate the tide. Here you can find the length by converting the tidal force asserted to the boat into a relative speed of the wind. However, experts recommend considering the conditions of the anchorage as well as any unexpected situation. Hence, it better is to always keep an additional amount of chain handy while sailing.

How to choose an anchor chain for a boat?

Ideally, the anchor rode, and chain contains a rope as well. The chain should be at the end of the anchor. This combination helps to keep the nylon rodes from wearing. This is tearing that results due to rubbing in the bottom of the seafloor as the boat swings. While choosing a chain, you must consider the shock absorption, flexibility and strength and links of the chain. These features help in sailing and managing your boat while in the waters.

Where to buy an anchor chain for a boat?

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