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Out in the wild or an opera theatre, you are no longer deprived of the opportunity of optimal viewing with the binoculars. From idyllic activities such as bird watching to adrenaline-pumping events like watching races, you can use these binoculars everywhere.

That said, have you ever wondered how binoculars came into being? Let’s step back in time for a second to have a look at it. J.P. Lemiere invented the very first binocular telescope in 1825. However, the modern prism binocular began with Ignatio Porro’s 1854 Italian patent for a prism erecting system. Cut to the recent times. Today, you’ll find several types of binoculars in the market. That’s because they have now become an essential part of one’s outdoor gear. So, why are you exactly buying a pair of binoculars? Are you upgrading your old one, or is this your first set? Either way, it is crucial to understand the various aspects of the device and its types before you buy them. In this article, we shall discuss it and more.

The various types of binoculars

So, what exactly are binoculars? They are also known as field glasses. These are typically a pair of mirror-symmetrical telescopes that allows you to view distant objects using both your eyes. The size, shape and model of these field glasses vary. But the primary function remains the same. You can boil down these field glasses into two main categories – roof prism and Porro prism. It is their different styles and themes that make the world of binoculars diverse. You can use them to watch wildlife, track game and see the cosmos. And, of course, you could view the finer details of any events and situations. Though the world of binocular is comprehensive, we’ve compiled below a few significant ones. This will help you to understand their possibilities better.

The night vision binoculars

So, who is keen on getting up well before the sunrise to explore the wilderness? If so, then you certainly know the importance of owning a pair of binoculars with night vision. These night-vision field glasses eliminate the possibility of your light source scaring off your prey. In other words, from scouting hunting areas to hiking after the dark, a pair of field glasses opens up an entirely new world. It enables you to see your surroundings clearly like never before. Moreover, they prove to be an excellent safety tool. Particularly for those who spend their time boating in the dark or perform nocturnal hiking. Also, remember to look out for a pair of night vision field glasses that come with the best image quality. After all, the primary purpose of these products is to make you see things clearly.

The infrared binoculars

Infrared field glasses is also another form of night vision binoculars. They make a great addition to a bird watcher’s collection. In addition to that, it enables you to perform several recreational, professional activities. Some of them include astronomy, camping and exploring, night boating, and property management. Above all, they prove to be extremely useful during the search and rescue process. Also, they play a vital role in security and surveillance. But how exactly do they work? Well, the infrared night vision binoculars collect and amplify the existing light. They amplify lights like starlight, moonlight or any other infra-red light through their objective lens. The light then focuses on the image intensifier. Usually, the image you see after this process is a green-hued amplified re-creation of the scene. They typically allow you to see around 100 yards or so.

The binoculars for hunting

Hunting is a fun activity for the bravest of the brave. Hence, you must do with extreme care and safety. Apart from that, you must have a great deal of skill and patience too. Yet, specific tools can make your hunting process a little easy. Well, the hunting binoculars are surely a tool that proves to be very useful. These field glasses come with different features as compared to the others used for bird gazing and other activities. Nowadays, you’ll find a wide range of hunting binoculars in the market. Therefore, it is quite challenging to separate the wheat from the chaff. Nevertheless, famous brands like Nikon offer some of the finest collections of hunting field glasses. For example, the Nikon 16002 PROSTAFF 7S is one of the premium models that offer you high performance.

Tips on how to buy Binoculars online

You’ll find thousands of binocular options ranging across several price points. With multiple options out there, choosing perfect binoculars is quite challenging. However, looking out for certain important factors will make your buying process a breeze. We’ve listed out those factors that help you buy binoculars online in UAE effortlessly.

  • Explore the types – There are several types of binoculars out there. You must’ve gathered this by now. From night vision, Porro prism, roof prism to marine and astronomy, the list is endless. With this list, it is evident that each type has a specific purpose. Hence, it is always better to consider the activity for which you want to use the field glasses. This will narrow down your search and will help you pick out the one that best suits your needs.
  • Check out the magnification – Once you choose your type, next checkout magnification. Typically, you’ll find two numbers in its description. For instance, you’ll find a combination such as 7×42, 10×25, or 8×30. The first number in this is magnification. And what exactly is magnification? Well, it is the number of times an object magnifies through these binoculars. Note, it is always better to pick binoculars with magnification between 7-10x.
  • Examine the objective lens diameter – Objective lens is the one that sits far from your eye. In other words, it is the closest to what you are viewing. Considering the above, the second number in line is the diameter of the objective lens. You usually measure them all in millimetres. So, a 10×42 mm binocular will have a 42mm diameter. Remember, the size of the objective lens is essential, as this is the one that controls the flow of light into your field glasses. It is always better to go for binoculars with 30-42mm diameter.
  • Consider the field of view – This is one of the crucial factors to consider when buying binoculars. That’s because this determines the visible area seen through your binoculars. It is the amount of action you can see through your optics. Note that having a small field of view while bird watching or hunting can be frustrating. Therefore, it is best to go with field glasses with larger FOVs. You usually measure them at 1000 yards.
  • Look out for waterproof and fog proof models – There are many times when you have to head out in rains or even in chilly winters. You can stay carefree if you have fog-proof or waterproof binoculars in hand. Most companies offer field glasses with both these features to keep your binoculars safe and secure during harsh weather conditions. In fact, these are especially useful for security and surveillance purposes.
  • Check out the ease of focus – There is nothing as frustrating as not being able to focus on objects that suddenly land close by. This holds especially true for bird watchers. Getting the focus right is important. Also, remember that every optic focuses a bit different. Hence, the ease of focus is crucial to consider. Note, it is always better to go for binocular models with central focusing knobs. Their comfortable positioning helps you to adjust the focus with your index finger quickly.
  • Read reviews online – One of the best ways to assess the quality, performance and efficiency of the product is to read a bunch of genuine customer feedback about the product. The customer comments and feedbacks help you quickly weigh the pros and cons of the product. You could also check out a few expert product reviews by the specialists to get a fair idea about the specifications and other technical details.

Well, that said, it is essential to remember that the binocular industry is a very competitive one, and you’ll find contemporary models popping up now and then. Hence, it is important to assess the various features and characteristics of individual models before you purchase them. After all, it all boils down to your personal preference. Nevertheless, we hope the tips above will help you scoop out the best among the lot and root out any others in the way.

Question & Answer

How to choose binoculars?

You must’ve figured out by now that you can use these field glasses for various purposes like bird watching, astronomy, or for even watching action sports like car racing and more. However, not all binoculars come in the same size and shape, also though their function remains the same. Hence, to pick out the right pair of binoculars, you must know your purpose or the sport & outdoor activity you eventually decided on. Typically, the features you should focus on include the type, magnification, ease of focus, anti-fog properties, weight and feel, price, quality, warranty, eye relief, and close focus. Check out these significant factors, and you’ll surely get a pair of perfect field glasses.

Why are binoculars important?

Who would love to have a portable, relatively inexpensive and user-friendly tool that helps you see far away tiny things in their much bigger version? From stargazing to hunting and birdwatching, the uses of binoculars are endless. You can use them for security and surveillance purposes as well as for recreational idle activity like bird watching. In other words, they are quite an essential item for professionals and non-professionals alike.

Can you repair the binoculars?

Like any other product, the binoculars succumb to wear and tear along with their ageing. You could certainly try your hands on while repairing a few usual glitches and damage. Also, if you have a newer pair that is under warranty, then you can get it repaired from the brand itself. Again, you can fix pretty much every problem, from collimation to even modifying some binoculars to focus closer. You can also service them regularly to increase their lifespan. This process involves stripping down the entire binocular ad cleaning it inside out.

Why are binoculars so expensive?

The binoculars price is always a paramount concern when you set out to buy yourself a pair of these. You still want the best binoculars for the money you pay. Indeed, you’ll also find them at different price ranges. You can find top-quality high-priced ones to cheap binoculars at incredibly low rates. In other words, binoculars are not always expensive, and you get what you pay for. May online stores bring to you binoculars for sale at incredible rates. Moreover, you can get a few branded ones at affordable prices.

Do not miss out to browse through the extensive selection of premium quality binoculars at Our product search engine houses an assortment of field glasses from popular brands like Zeiss, Olympus, Swarovski, Leica, Canon, Celestron, Tasco, Fujinon, and Steiner. Moreover, you could shop these and other high-end products from over 500 online stores.

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