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A game that has captured the hearts of many people all over the world; the pool table (billiard tables) is truly remarkable in so many ways. An indoor game option, it takes the cake when it comes to gatherings, parties or simple meets.

A reliable pool table is an investment that you’ll never get bored of. Something that not a lot of people buy as a personal sports & outdoor accessory for their home, if you love staying indoors or often entertain guests, you’ll be glad you took the step. Today, everything from snooker tables to kids’ pool tables is readily available, giving you so many choices. The best thing is that it’s a natural activity to pick and doesn’t require any professional training. Yes, once you get started you will want to keep playing to get better, and that is undoubtedly something that develops over the years. You take an immediate liking towards it, and it’s the best way to give social media and technology a break on the weekends.

Different types of playing tables you can consider for indoor games

With some fantastic options, it helps to have a few choices when it comes to picking out a game. Table games are comfortable and the best because everybody can play them easily. They are fun, allow you to have a drink while playing and bond with buddies or people who you’ve just met. Yes, playing requires you to communicate, through which you share and get along. It is also the best way to break the ice when you have a date or meet someone for the first time. Despite the interesting rules of the game, there is a wide range of amazing tables that you can use for your sporting area in your home or office. Here are some fantastic choices of pool tables that you can choose from.

The old-fashioned snooker table

Those who don’t like to diverge from the basics should opt for the outdated snooker table. This one is simple, allows you to play a good game when needed and the vintage ones will last long. If you don’t feel like shelling out the big bucks for the antique kind, a lot of new options with a useful lifespan are available too. Check online for some brands and deals that work for you. It is a good thing to verify the quality of wood, its durability, read some reviews, compare prices before you buy. Personal recommendations from people you know also help. Check out the actual products in-store if possible, before you buy.

The kids’ pool table

They say it’s the best thing if you start them young. Indoor games like pool tables help boost confidence and concentration, focus and open a whole range of options later in life. If you see an inclination in your child towards games, the kids’ pool table should be something to consider. This one is a smaller replica of the regular, plus it has billiard cues, balls etc. which are easy to handle. They are perfect for giving the young players a real idea of how it feels to play the phenomenal game and can keep them occupied for hours. If you have more than one child, it’s a real treat as a team.

The custom pool table

The customised staff looks spectacular, and sometimes it’s the one thing to bring a smile to your face when you come back home tired. It’s also a great idea to enjoy yourself with your family or friends on weekends. A lot of designers and sports brands have started creating custom pool tables that are a sight for sore eyes. Be it your initials, family pictures, favourite pool players or something else; you can get it on the table and cues to make it personalised. This one will surely be in the family for ages and is well worth the investment. Make sure the quality of wood is excellent in this case.

The billiard table for professionals

If you’re well-versed with playing billiards and need a good table for home use, then go for the billiard table for professionals. Here, it is essential to consider the brand and make of the table before going in for a purchase. If you have been a professional player, you may very well know the factors that separate an average table from a good one, so make sure you consider them well. With several fantastic options and often a substantial investment, they are indeed a once-in-a-lifetime investment that will allow you to play your favourite games in the comfort of your home.

Tips on how to buy Pool Table 

Who doesn’t love sipping on a glass of bubbly on a relaxed weekend afternoon and enjoying a good game? It gives you so much satisfaction and refreshes you as well. So, if you are on the lookout for a beautiful pool table for your home, you don’t need to look further. There are brands all over the world with some fantastic choices and table options as per your budget. Here are some handy tips to consider before you head on your buying spree.

  • Consider the room size – It’s an excellent decision to first measure the room or the area for the table before you go to buy it. This helps make the process of moving and setting up easy.
  • Be practical – It doesn’t make sense to go for a custom-made or antique table if your usage would be minimum or you’re a beginner. Choose as per your needs.
  • Ask for options – Never hesitate to ask the owner or seller about some choices and some advice in areas that you’re not well-aware of. However, make sure they don’t try to upsell their products.
  • Keep a budget track – With pool tables being pretty pricey, check online for price quotations. Once you know what to expect, you’ll be cautious if someone is overcharging you.
  • Ask for recommendations – Friends who have been playing pool for a while may have an idea about where to buy, which tables and cues to consider, and so on. Always reach out to them before buying.
  • Wait until there is a sale – With such things being expensive, why not wait until there is a sale? Along with buying the tables, you will perhaps be able to buy accessories too, in your original budget.

While shopping online is highly recommended for just about anything, when it comes to expensive products, it’s a must. It allows you to compare products on different sites and makes the buying experience stress-free and smooth. You can also save a lot on online-only deals and discounts. Thus, before you head to the stores or the mall, makes sure you do a quick check online to see if anything catches your eye.

Question & Answer

Which are the best billiard tables to consider?

The best billiard tables should be sturdy and give you plenty of room to play in. Since it is a game that involves multiple people, the table setting should be comfortable, with a proper height. A lot of brands generally have the average billiard tables at a standard size and height that you can choose to avoid confusion. However, for home use, individuals also go for smaller tables to make sure it fits in their home. If this is the case, go for the customised ones in god quality wood.

Is a custom billiard table worth it?

If you love standing out from the crowd, then the custom billiard table could be your thing! Expensive and stylish, they are a style statement n their own. A lot of people also use it to decorate a space in their office, conference rooms etc. However, if you will be using it, make sure it’s made with the best quality wood like tulipwood, black walnut or cherry, as per your colour choice, availability and pricing. They are worth it depending on how much you’ll be using them.

Can you have a pool table in an office?

A lot of offices promote the concept of having a few indoor games to give their employees a break. It helps break the monotony and keeps the staff active. It’s also a great way of bonding. The pool table is one that is very common in several offices. If you have an office that is considerably large, you can choose a pool table for it. It also sits well in a spacious cafeteria or relaxation room. The best part is that you don’t need to keep adding supplies, accessories etc. to it and its something that everybody can enjoy.

Where can you buy a billiard table in Dubai?

With so many sports stores, brands and accessible options, the UAE is home to several different indoor games and activities. The pool table is one that you can commonly sport in pubs, bars and restaurants, sometimes in malls too! So, it’s undoubtedly the best place to invest in a billiards table. To make it easy, make sure you check out This fantastic product search engine has more than 500+ stores to make your buying process a breeze!

Barrington, Eastpoint Sports, Brunswick, Rasson, Wiraka, Kangaroo, Star Strachan and James Perse are some fantastic choices for billiard tables.

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