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About Billiard Cues

Billiards is a classic game that so many people over the world seem to love. In this game, the pool cue is an important aspect. This fantastic game has the power to keep you glued with a bunch of friends and is perfect for a lovely weekend indoors. 

With games, our thinking and reasoning capacity becomes better. We pay attention, our mind works to determine moves and chances to win, and it’s a time when you can forget your troubles. It’s the perfect distraction and a much-needed break at times. With or without friends, such sports & outdoor activities work wonders. You can pretty much play any board game indoors, even when the weather is unfavourable. Plus, these aren’t the ones that you get bored of, after a couple of hours. You can easily pass the whole day, and it’s a break from technology and social media for good. Billiard is one of the many games that are very popular and easy to play too. 

Different types of pool cues and sticks

A lot of games have the power to enable better concentration and keep us occupied. Indulging in them is as good as going for a nice long walk or reading a book. Yes, all of them can help in sharpening your memory and reduce strain on your eyes too. They also boost concentration and sharpen your skills, depending on the type and level of focus the game requires. Today, billiards is one of the games that are both enjoyable and popular with so many age groups. The game is also amazing to sabotage boredom as it can keep you glued to it for a good couple of hours. 

The billiard stick

The classic billiard stick is one of the two essential things you need to play the game, the other being the billiards table. The sticks come in various types, sizes and qualities, so you can pick the ones that suit you best. Having the set in your home is also a great idea if you frequently entertain people. It is also an excellent choice for people who work from home, retired individuals etc., who can make use of it to pass their time. Over time, billiards has been known to help improve the concentration and reasoning power of the mind. The sticks can be purchased online, but it’s best to buy them as a set. 

The custom billiard cues

For those who adore the game, how about some custom billiard cues to add a personal touch! Yes, billiards is so popular that brands have gone one step ahead to make the game even more enjoyable. A lot of game brands and designers have come up with custom-made cues. They can have your initials, designs you’re fond of, pictures, colours, and much more. It’s easy to find cue makers online, who have their websites and samples of the ones they have made. The best thing is that these are a one-time investment and you can use the cues as much as you want.

The snooker cue

Very common to the regular billiards, snooker is a typical game that people often tend to mix up with its counterpart. Billiards is played with three balls while snooker has twenty-one, plus a snooker cue ball. They, however, work on similar rules, and if you play billiards or snooker, you can catch up with the other one easily. The snooker cue is also accessible and readily available in most online stores. The most important thing here is the quality of wood. A lot of makes use of premium quality rosewood, maple and ash wood. However, if it’s your first time and you don’t want to invest, cheaper options are available too. 

Billiard cues for beginners 

For those who have adored the game but never got to play it, well the billiard cues for beginners are precisely what you need. With some fantastic choices, you can pick some reasonable and reliable options as per your preference and budget. It is also an excellent choice to try your hand at some billiards cafes in your area to get the hang of it. This is also a way to determine which cues will work for you. You can keep that in mind when you go shopping. The beginner cues are also shorter and easier to handle. Of course, after getting the hang of it, you can go forth and invest in the regular ones, perhaps the custom ones as well. 

Tips on how to buy Billiard Cues

Billiards is undoubtedly a game like no other. It’s one of the reasons why people seem to love it even after so many years. It’s the best pastime at someone’s home during a dinner party, gathering or just a meet. It is also the best way to bond with a bunch of other people. Plus, you have so much fun playing it. Be it alone or with a team, billiards is hands-down one of the most enjoyable activities to do. Here are some if you’re thinking of getting a set for yourself.

  • Check the size – The size of the table should work for the room. There are different styles and sizes, and it’s not required for you to go for the traditional, more massive sets. Choose as per your requirement.
  • Invest in right billiard cues – The better half of the game, your cues should be of good quality to allow you to do indeed have an enjoyable experience each time. This is one factor where you should not compromise on quality.
  • Check online – Online is the best way to check out all the options before you invest. It also helps you to get some great deals and freebies when you purchase.
  • Start playing – To understand the game, you need to start practising. This will also help in gaining a better judgement of the products when you go shopping.
  • Educate yourself – Research is golden. Once you know the value, price and quality of the right products, you won’t get fooled. This is very important while shopping for expensive things.
  • Wait for a sale – This is one of the things that can wait until there is a mid-season or half-yearly sale. So, if you can put off buying it until then, it’s a good thing.

It helps to also get an opinion from someone who has been playing for a long time. Billiards cannot be understood in a day, and some people have spent their years trying to perfect their game. They are the ones who know a good set when they start playing on one. You should take someone like this along when you’re shopping or ask them for a few tips. Researching online is also a good start and can give you many suggestions.

Question & Answer

Which are the best billiard cues?

The Mc Dermott Billiard Cues, Seybert’s Predator Cues, Champion Sports White Spider Maple Pool Cue Stick, Imperial Officially Licensed NFL 57-Inch 2-Piece, Cuetec Professional Series 1-Piece Canadian Maple and Viper Signature 57″ 2-Piece Realtree Camouflage are some great choices. Make sure you never take a rushed decision when it comes to buying billiard cues. Without them, a brilliant table or players won’t matter, and you’ll have to reinvest in a couple of months.

How should you care for your billiards table and cues?

The billiards table, cues and the entire set are pretty rugged. It is designed for the right amount of handling and for multiple people to play at a time. However, some care and caution definitely go a long way in helping to increase its year’s overtime. For starters, avoid eating or drinking while playing. The table should be in a cool room that is moisture-proof. If sunlight falls directly on the table, it can cause the paint to fade. Also, avoid leaning or sitting on the table. Wipe it once a week and keep covered if you don’t use it frequently.

What factors to consider while buying a billiards set?

The slate, legs, frame, cushions, cloth and paying equipment are the six primary components of the billiards set. For the cues, choose between simple or ornate. The hard or soft-tip cues are another critical choice to make. The cues are of varying lengths, and you should consider one that you’re most comfortable with. The wood will last you over the years if it is of good quality. Also, the table sets come in a detachable version these days that make them easy to transport and store. Make sure the game is high in terms of quality and comfortable to play.

Where can you find billiard cues for sale in Dubai?

Games are an essential part of our lives and help in keeping us relaxed. The bonding we share during a game is unmatchable. Dubai is home to many gaming stores, which have new and traditional games. So, you can quickly check online for the best choices before making a pick. Make sure you check out this excellent product search engine, With over 500+ online stores under it, it makes online shopping practical and very simple. You can browse through choices and easily find the details for each of them.

Brands such as Seybert’s, Mcdermott, Lucasi, Meucci, Predator, Peradon, John Parris, Balabushka and Players are some stunning choices when it comes to billiards sets.