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Football, cricket, basketball and volleyball are a few among those amazing games that bring billions of people together. And then, whether playing or watching the game, the centre of attraction is always the balls. The pass hit, slam and dribble all nullify without the perfect sports ball. But how much do you know about them? Do you know their history and types?

Well, before we dig in deeper, let us explore its long-standing history. The history of ball sports extends across numerous cultures. The solid archaeological records of them reach back to as early as 1600 BC. For instance, there were rubber hoedowns used in ancient sports like the Mesoamerican ball game. Another notable game with these was the game of Chuiwan originated in China. They were played as early as the 5th century. From the Middle East, Africa, to European regions, the ball games span across several regions. Today, you’ll find unique and peculiar games that incorporate them as the central piece to play the game successfully. This is why we have compiled this article for you to understand the various types of bowling balls.

The different types of sports balls

It is a fact that materials and technology have come a long way since ancient times. Therefore, the bowling balls in use today reflect these changes too. Compared to the ancient’s hoedowns, the one’s today are far more advanced and display amazing features. However, the most important thing to note is that you cannot define a ball as a spherical object because some are ovoid. Hence, the most appropriate definition of the hoedowns would be ‘a bilateral symmetrical object without sharp edges mostly spherical and sometimes ovoid’. Whether it be for a game of golf, cricket or football, the hoedowns are an essential part of any of these games. That said, let us now explore some of the major sports and the use of the hoedowns in them.

The best golf balls

This may be the most researched and detailed ball up till now. If you closely observe the ball, you’ll see dimples on it. It is one of the peculiar characteristics of the ball. You should know that it is not merely a design. It has a function too, which is, to decrease the drag of the ball in the air and to increase the flying distance of the golf hoedowns when you hit them. If you observe them in detail, you’ll find about 252 to 482 dimples on the ball. The very first golf hoedowns came in wood. However, the hoedowns stuffed with chicken and goose feathers soon replaced them. Nowadays, some of the best balls in golf have a solid inner core. It comes in colourful soft and light synthetic material. Moreover, it has a special resin’ surlyn’ covering. Usually, the golf hoedown has a diameter of 42.6 mm, circumference of 134.

The soccer ball

Many of you love this sport. But have you ever thought about the ball that is the centrepiece of the game? The soccer hoedown was originally made from inflated pig bladders and covered by leather. However, later on, the ones with vulcanised rubber materials replaced them. It was Charles Goodyear who invented the vulcanised rubber idea for the hoedowns in 1836. It clicked and proved to be excellent in terms of bouncing and kicking. To be more precise, the inner portion of football comes in latex or Butyl. Moreover, it is lined above with polyester or cotton layer and at last covered by sewed patches of synthetic leather (polyurethane). Further, the size of it is around 68cm, 70cm in circumference and weighs approximately 396 to 460 grams. Today you can buy cheap soccer balls from many online stores.

The tennis balls

Tennis is a fun sport and is also a great game for workout sessions. And what makes it even better is the tennis hoedowns. A typical and cheap tennis ball comes in a fluorescent colour. This increases speed and visibility. If you’ve ever touched the ball, you’ll know that it has a smooth structure. That’s because the entire thing is covered in felt material. This fur texture gives the hoedown an aerodynamic property. Additionally, you’ll also see a curved line running throughout the ball, giving it a characteristic look. You could only find wool and leather tennis hoedowns in the earlier days. However, that is not the case today. These days, you’ll see tennis hoedowns in materials like rubber with hollow interiors. Apart from that it weighs around 58gm and has a circumference of 7.85 inches.

Tips on how to buy Balls online

You are now familiar with some of the major sports that use balls for a successful culmination of the game. So, you can now head out and buy one, isn’t it? Nope! While buying hoedowns for sports, there are several crucial factors you need to consider. For instance, you cannot use a tennis ball for playing football. It will simply be a waste if you buy a football when you intend to buy tennis. We’ve compiled here a few tips and factors that’ll help you buy balls online in UAE.

  • Understand your requirement – Of course, you love watching all sports. However, there must be one that you favour the most and love to play it very often. That’s why it is always essential to know your requirement first. For instance, there is no point in buying a cricket ball if you intent to play volleyball.
  • Identify their types – It is crucial to identify and understand the various types of hoedowns. Knowing the characteristics and features of the balls for each type of sport will help you in spotting the perfect one for yourself.
  • Examine the size – Not all sports require the same size of balls. Each game has a different requirement. Therefore, you must always look out for the size of the ball. This will help you to spot the hoedowns for various types of sports easily.
  • Assess the surface types – Each game has a different ball, and each of them has different features and characteristics. The surface of the ball counts as one of the most important factors when it comes to playing the game. It decides the grip, bounce and trajectory.
  • Read reviews online – One of the best ways to choose your product effortlessly is to read plenty of genuine customer feedback. These comments help you understand the performance of the product from various perspectives. You could also look for reviews from the specialist for more credible feedback.
  • Assess their price – The balls generally come in nominal rates. However, it depends on the brands too. Also, you could look out for online stores that offer discounts and sales. Check out to get the finest sports balls for sale online in UAE.

Regardless of who made them, or for what, in the end, for better control of the hoedowns practise with the same size as the one you are going to use in the actual match. Moreover, you need to choose one that is of good quality. We hope that the above tips will lead you a step closer to your perfect hoedowns. Just remember that you can take your favourite sport to an entirely new level if you have high and good quality sports balls.

Question & Answer

Which sports ball is the best for volleyball?

It’s easy to see that volleyball is one of the most common ball sport across the world. And the ball is an integral part of the game. Therefore, you should always stick to premium quality volleyball for a good game. Some popular sports ball that’s best for playing volleyball include models like Mikasa MVA200, Molten FLISTATEC V5M5000FIVB, Wilson cast away, Tachikara, and many more as such.

How to choose a ball for tennis?

You might think that all tennis balls are the same. But boy, they aren’t! The balls you choose can make a lot of difference to your game. So how do you make sure that you’re using the right type of ball? Well, firstly stick to the best brands that offer high-quality tennis balls. Next, consider the colour. Unfortunately, the colour choice of the ball is fairly limited. Finally, explore the types. You’ll find many types. The one’s designed for fast surfaces, for standard-speed surfaces, for slower platforms, and for higher bounce surfaces.

How to choose a ball for basketball?

You need to consider a few factors before buying basketballs online. One of the foremost things to do is to consider your age or size. The size of the ball must be easy enough for you to handle. Secondly, you should consider your surroundings. You must know where you’re planning to play the game. That’s because the surface of the court changes the type of ball you should get. You must choose a compatible ball for which mentioned factors play the right role. Budget, brand, and other influential factors come later.

Where to buy sports balls online in UAE?

If you are someone who’s looking out to purchase balls or buy sports balls in bulk, then you are in the right place. Check out to explore sports balls from reputed brands like Adidas, Nike, Titleist, Volvik, Motiv, Ebonite, Rawlings, and Srixo. Also, buy them from your favourite online stores that offer you a wide range of sports ball in bulk. Better yet, you could also purchase many other sport & outdoor products from your brands and online stores right here on our product search engine.

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