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Playing badminton is fun. However, it isn’t a game that most people think about when they look at fast-paced action. But, that’s precisely what a professional badminton match involves. The players not only move around in the court with great speed, but battered badminton can reach speeds up to 500 km/hr. The combination of airy strokes and dribbling makes the tempo of badminton game to the point. And it is the badminton shuttle that culminates a successful match.

Badminton birdies or shuttlecocks, whatever you call them – they’re indeed an integral part of the badminton game. But what exactly are they? Well, the badminton shuttles are a high-drag projectile that comes with an open conical design. The cone usually forms from sixteen overlapping feathers embedded into a round cork base. Moreover, the cork comes with a thin layer of feather or synthetic material. The definition aside, the origin of these shuttlecocks can be traced back from more than two thousand years. Moreover, in China, the shuttlecocks was played as a kicking game, called ‘Ti Jian Zhi’, as early as 5th century BC. Cut to the present, today you’ll find a wide variety of badminton shuttles. Which is why, in this article, we shall understand the various aspects of the badminton shuttles and look at a few tips for their hassle-free purchase.

Understanding the most critical item in badminton – the shuttlecocks or the Badminton birdies

Choosing the right shuttlecocks is not always an easy job, especially when you are an amateur or a recreational player. That’s because, not only there are several types of badminton shuttles, but they come in all kinds of numerical ratings. Moreover, you’ll find some of them to be expensive. Therefore, it is imperative to know and understand the various facets of the shuttle. For instance, the birdies you buy for the workout is very different from the ones you purchase for a professional game. Therefore, you must carefully analyse their anatomy to get them right. So, let us understand, evaluate and inspect these birdies.

Knowing the difference between badminton shuttlecocks

You can label the shuttlecocks a good one, only if it reaches the right speed level, blows in a predictable and standardised level. To achieve such kind of equilibrium, you’ll see that it comes in highly specific materials. A typically high-quality shuttlecock starts with a heart of cork. It is made of the same stuff that stops your wine bottles. This forms the face of your shuttle. Moreover, most of these corks come with a very thin dermis that is slightly stretched. This ensures that your cork is protected. Furthermore, it improves the aerodynamics too. However, today, you’ll find a harder plastic cover. Well, all this adds up to the action you get when you operate your badminton. But did you know there is more than that? You know there are the different speed of shuttlecocks?

Understanding the badminton cork speed and its significance

Typically, the badminton shuttles, under optimal conditions, must reach a certain distance over the net, provided you throw them usually. It is the distance it travels that determines the ‘speed’. It is quite evident that the shuttlecocks have an unusual nature. For this reason, local conditions like temperature and humidity play a significant role in the speed of the shuttles. That’s why some speeds in some time zones and places work better. For instance, usually, a badminton shuttle has speed 77 at sea level. Similarly, when you are out playing in the cold climatic conditions, the speeds of shuttlecocks will be around 75 or 76. Likewise, the hotter it gets, the more you want to tilt towards speeds like 78 or 79. These speeds are less important to recreational players, while professionals must consider them.

Yonex shuttlecocks: nylon vs. real feather

The badminton shuttles come in two major types, the feathered and nylon. That is, the Nylon shuttles come in synthetic materials while the feather shuttles come in natural duck or goose feathers. It is essential to know the fact that the goose feathers have thicker bristles than the duck. Moreover, they have better flight quality and durability. Also, most recreational players go for nylon shuttlecocks as they are cheaper and a lot more durable. These features make them an excellent choice for practising skills and for a casual play. However, when it comes to feather shuttles, only professional players go for them. That’s because they come with more natural flight characteristics. But, most of them go for nylon as the feather ones are expensive and less durable.

Tips on how to buy Badminton Shuttles online

You must have gathered by now that to make the most out of playing badminton; you need to have the best badminton shuttles. And luckily, you now know their various aspects, so that you could shop for them easily. Well nope! It isn’t that easy. Understanding their aspects alone will not get you your perfect birdies. You need to consider several other things to purchase your ideal shuttlecock. Luckily you are at the right place. We’ve here enlisted a few fundamental tips you need to consider while you head out to buy badminton shuttlecock online in UAE.

  • Understand playing level – The first and foremost thing to consider while buying the shuttlecocks is your playing level. That’s because there are different types of badminton shuttles for various playing levels. If you are a novice player, you will need a plastic shuttlecock with a foam head. Whereas for intensive users and professionals, you must go for feather ones with cork heads. They give you more control and comfort.
  • Examine their various types – You’ll find two significant types of badminton shuttles, namely feathered and nylon. You might also find some that come in hybrid materials. Each of the birdies has its pros and cons. Therefore, it is best to weigh them well in advance to avoid any purchase blunders. While nylon shuttlecocks are more durable and long-lasting, the feather ones are the best for any professional games and tournaments.
  • Check for the speeds – Shuttle speeds are a significant thing to consider, especially if you are a professional player. Remember that the climatic conditions primarily affect the speed of the birdies. Hence, it is essential to find the weather of the place where you intend to play the game before you buy the shuttle. Though, the feather shuttles are deemed to be the best; they are pricey. That’s why you could go for their nylon alternatives.
  • Consider the badminton shuttle price – The shuttlecocks aren’t generally pricey. However, a few that come in genuine feather materials will cost you more than the nylon ones. Plus, they easily get damaged too. Therefore, while picking out your perfect badminton birdies, check for the quality and then go for the final purchase. You could also lookout for the ones on deals and discounts. Many online stores these days offer good deals when it comes to the entire badminton kits.
  • Look out for the durability – This is one of the most important factors when it comes to buying shuttlecocks online. The nylon shuttlecocks are some of the most durable ones when compared to the other shuttles. That’s because the natural feathered ones come in goose or duck feathers that tend to get easily damaged after a few uses. Moreover, it is quite apparent that the genuine feathers will be much softer than the nylons. Hence, pick them wisely, especially if you are a professional.
  • Read reviews online – Online shopping is incomplete without reading reviews online. Genuine customer feedback plays a vital role in choosing your product. Also, you could understand their pros and cons from the customer reviews. This is will significantly help in weighing the advantages and disadvantages of the product. Moreover, you could also consider watching expert product review videos to pick out the best among the lot.

So now you are aware of what to look for when buying the badminton shuttles, be it the types, quality or brand. And of course, you are now planning to try your hand at the game. Though any old shuttlecock will do the trick, nothing feels as satisfying as a new one. Therefore, if you are serious about taking up this sport, even as a hobby, do not miss to browse through the vast array of shuttlecocks at Experts or not, we have a perfect birdie for each one of you!

Question & Answer

Where to buy feather badminton shuttles?

Feather shuttles are one of the best ones if you are a serious player. Hence, it is crucial to get good quality too. Check out the extensive collection of feather badminton shuttles at our product search engine . Here you can browse through the shuttles from various popular brands like Yonex, Wilson, Adidas, Kawasaki, and get the best badminton shuttlecock for training.

Why is it called a birdie in badminton?

If you have seen professionals playing badminton, then you must have often heard them referring the badminton shuttle as a ‘birdie’. Well, it is called so, because the ball, which is more like a cork and feathers held down its base. In addition to the feather and cork design, it looks like a cone with feathers. Hence, when hit while playing it gives the impression of a bird in flight. This gives them the name ‘birdie’.

How much is Yonex badminton rackets price in Dubai?

Yonex is one of the popular brands that offer the finest shuttlecocks all over the world. However, their price ranges differ in each country. Here in UAE, you’ll find them from prices as low as AED 57 to rates as high as over an AED 1000. However, it all depends on the place you buy from. Besides, many online platforms provides you stylish badminton shuttlecock for sale online in UAE. You can also check out various shuttlecock options on our retail search engine. Better yet, you can get them from your favourite online stores.

Which is the best badminton shuttles?

There are several types of birdies out there. However, many factors determine the shuttlecocks to be a good one. For instance, the speed, material, feathers and price – you need to consider them all to decide whether or not a shuttlecock is perfect. Moreover, you must also consider your playing level when it comes to badminton quality.

Which badminton shuttle brand is the best?

You can never imagine a badminton game without the shuttle. It is just impossible. Which brings us to the fact that you must necessarily choose the best one if you want to culminate your game successfully. For this reason, birdies from known brands. And luckily you can do that without much hassle at In other words, you can browse through various best brand badminton shuttlecock online like Apacs, Gosen, Slazenger, Nike, and Artengo here. Moreover, you could also purchase best plastic badminton shuttlecock and best feather badminton shuttlecock from these sport & outdoor brands.

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