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‘Ladies and gentlemen! You are cruising at 10,000 meters’. You hear this often when you are flying. But have you ever wondered, how on earth do the pilots know this? Well, it is not as if the plane is like a car, where you can easily keep track of far its wheels have rolled. How then, does a pilot measure the height of the plane in the air? Simple! Using the handy altimeters. Let us take a look at these smart gadgets and how they work.

With altimeters, you can measure the vertical distance of an object concerning a reference level. For example, in the case of aeroplanes, you can measure the altitude of the land surface above sea level. For this reason, these altimeters are an essential gadget in planes. However, there are many different applications of altimeters. Therefore, they also come in diverse types. However, understanding this alone doesn’t guarantee you a good buy. You have to go in-depth to understand its various aspects too. Luckily, in this article, we have covered almost everything you need to know about the gadget. Moreover, we’ve also listed out a few tips to make your buying process an easy task. Keep reading to find them out.

All you need to know about altimeters

It is now evident that altimeters are an essential gadget that is used in many ways. But, like all other devices, these too had their humble beginnings. The very first model of Altimeter was developed by a French physicist named Louis Paul Cailletet. However, it is Paul Kollsman, a German-American inventor who changed the world of aviation with the altimeters invented in 1928. Since then, the altimeters have been developing, and today you’ll find a plethora of them. This is also one of the reasons why it is hard to pinpoint the one that is perfect. Below we’ve compiled the essential things you need to know about the altimeters that’ll simplify your buying process.

The working principle of barometric altimeters 

The conventional altimeters that you find in aircraft’s work by measuring the atmospheric pressure at the flight’s altitude. The device then compares these atmospheric pressure readings to a pre-set value. Technically speaking, you’ll find three aneroid wafers inside the casing of the meter. They expand and contract. That is, if the outside static pressure is lower than 29.92Hg, the wafers expand. Whereas, a higher static pressure outside causes the wafers to contract. This increase and decrease of the pressure trigger the altimeter needle. This, in turn, shows you the corresponding reading. You can use digital as well as analogue displays to check these readings.

The various types of altimeters 

Of course, like any other gadget, these too have many different types. However, we shall look at the major ones for now. The Three-pointer altimeter is one of the most common types of instrument used in general aviation. Like the name, it utilizes a three-pointer to display the current altitude. Among the three-pointers, one displays 100ft increments while the second and third show 1000ft and 10,000ft increments respectively. However, there is a meter that utilizes a single-pointer and a drum. You call them counter drum meters. Here the rotating drums show the ten thousand and one thousand foot increments. Apart from this, you’ll also find encoding altimeter, blind and altimeter watches.

The difference between analogue and digital altimeters

Typically, you’ll find two different types of meters, the analogue and their digital counterpart. Both of them have their pros and cons. However, one of the most important differences between the two is going to be their batteries. The digital meters may use up more batteries than the analogue. But, digital meters come with a lot of fantastic features. It tracks your elevation ascent and descent rates and warns you immediately when a potential storm is rolling in. And, the best part, you can do this all without having a GPS. This means you need not reset the meter every time to know elevations frequently. But, the analogue display gives you the visual picture. This makes it a lot easier and quicker for your brain to interpret the readings.

The best altimeter watch on trend right now 

A quality altimeter watch is a worthy addition to your gear if you are a mountaineer or hiker. Moreover, you popularly refer to them as the acronym ABC (Altimeter, barometer and compass). These watches offer the most vital information for backcountry adventures. Apart from that, these watches come in distinct looks with durable, scratch-resistant faces and large screens. Out of all the watches, the Casio altimeter watch is one of the most popular and high-quality ones. For instance, Casio’s Pro Trek line is one such altimeter watch that has delivered tough performance. Apart from these, you’ll also find some useful Samsung altimeter and Fitbit altimeters too.

Tips on how to buy Altimeter online 

Trekking through the mountains, or flying up above the sky, either way, an altimeter is a handy gadget that everyone must have. Moreover, you are now familiar with their various aspects and types. But are these enough to achieve a good buy? Unfortunately, no! There are many other factors you need to keep in mind. Here are a few tips below that will guide you in rooting out the bad ones and will help you buy Altimeter online in UAE effortlessly.

  • Understand their working principle – Unlike other gadgets and electronic devices, it is imperative to know the working principle of an altimeter to buy a perfect one. That’s because some work is based on the pressure criteria while some work is based on the altitude alone.
  • Assess the quality – By now, you must have gathered that these devices play an essential role in assessing various crucial readings. Hence, undoubtedly, you must get one that displays high performance and quality. Moreover, high-quality ensure that there are fewer errors and glitches in the reading.
  • Look out for their features – There are different types of these meters. Hence, it is apparent that each of them comes with different characteristics and traits. Moreover, not all models may suit your needs. Therefore, it is crucial to understand their features and pick the one that best suits your needs.
  • Check out their types – Knowing their kind is as important as understanding their principles. Today you’ll many types of altimeters. Some are analogue while some are digital. It is also a good idea to weigh the pros and cons of each type. This way, you’ll see what you are getting into.
  • Know their usage – Know that the altimeters are not just for flights. You can use them for trekking, mountaineering and many such activities. Though the function of these devices remains the same, your usage might differ. Therefore, know where you are going to use them and then buy one.
  • Know the cost – The cost of these meters depends on their features and performance. The higher the embedded features, the higher the price. Therefore, it is always a great idea to set aside a budget before you head out to buy them. If you are buying them online, check out online stores with offers and deals to buy cheap altimeters.

Flights or not, the altimeters are an essential part of any journey that has to do with height. That’s why they are a must-have, especially for trekkers and hikers. Hopefully, the tips above will steer you towards your perfect Altimeter and will also help you narrow down your search and pull out the ones that aren’t of much importance. Check out to explore some of the top-quality altimeters and their various other types.

Question & Answer

What do altimeters calculate?

An altimeter, also known as an altitude meter is an instrument that helps you measure the altitude of an object above a fixed level. For this reason, they are one of the most critical gadgets in conventional aircraft. That’s because they measure the atmospheric pressure at the aircraft’s flight altitude and compares it to the pre-set value. There are many different applications of altimeters. Therefore, they also come in diverse types. They have both digital and analogue variants.

How much does an altimeter watch cost?

Like any other watch, the cost of the altimeter watches depends on the features and characteristics they offer. For instance, a watch that has an excellent design and build may cost you more than one that has a plastic build. Similarly, if the watch has peculiar features, it will be priced high. However, you can find watches priced as low as AED 100 to ones that come around AED 700 or more. Hence, you can get it for any cost depending on the characteristics and brand.

What’s the best altimeter watch to buy for hiking?

An altimeter is a must-have when you are out hiking or mountaineering. Check out the altimeter watches from brands like Garmin, Decathlon, Oris, Barigo, Casio, Protrek, Bremont, Citizen, Favre, and Leuba. They offer high-quality watches that are best suited for you when you are out hiking on those gigantic mountains. Moreover, you’ll get them all at affordable rates. If you are looking for the best options, you can find them all here on our shopping search engine.

Where to buy altimeters online in the UAE?

If you are searching for a top-quality altimeter, then is your destination to purchase them. Here you can buy an altimeter GPS pro, buy an Altimeter with a compass, and more as such. Moreover, our product search engine also features analogue altimeters for sale and skydiving altimeters for sale too. And the best part, you can shop all of this from over 500 online shops. Since there are all good brands here, you can rest assured of the quality.

So, there you have it! Everything you should know about the smart devices, the altimeters. Remember that the altimeters are still developing, and you’ll see many new models every year. Stay tuned with us, if you want to be ahead of the trend and get yourself the altimeters with the latest technology. So, are you now an altimeter buying pro? Or not? Well, find that out and other sport & outdoor products by browsing through our comprehensive range of products in