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About Development Tools

Computer programming had come a long way since when programmers used to type codes into black and white DOS screens. These days, software development tools software have made life easier for developers and other people working in the industry.

Simply put, a software development tool is a program that simplifies the process of making software. For this, such a tool offers a platform to write your codes and run it for checking errors and editing the code. Some tools also combine project management features inside these tools because, in large organisations, many people will be working together on the same project. Read this article to know more about software development tools software. Having a better understanding of them will help you make the right choices when you are making the purchase.

Four best software development tools software

We are living in a digital age. Today we depend on computers and other digital platforms for a lot of our everyday needs. Basically, the software acts as a medium of communication between humans and devices. Because we will only be increasing our reliance on these machines, the reach and scope of software also increase. Millions of developers around the world are working on a new project every day. Therefore, it is not surprising that development tools software are increasing in demand at an exponential rate. Here is a list of four of the most popular development tools software out there. In this article, you will also find some tips that you can use while finding the right development tool for you.


Undoubtedly, the most popular development tool among software developers these days is GitHub. It is basically a Git repository hosting service where you can upload your own codes and also search and find the codes that you need. GitHub is also useful for collaborative development of software. If you want to share your project with others, you can simply upload it on GitHub. Despite these, the major advantage of it is that it has a wide user base. Therefore, plenty of projects and codes get uploaded to it on a daily basis. Even though it is not necessarily a development tool, it can definitely help the development process.


This is free to use software development tool that is pretty popular among developers who are just starting out and even the experienced ones. It is a text-editor tool that allows customisation using the config file. One major attraction of this development tool is that it is cross-compatible across operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and OS X. The autocomplete feature in this software can speed up coding and also help you keep it free of errors and typos. Along with the editor, this software also has a browser feature that allows you to compare multiple files by splitting the interface into two.


Bootstrap is first and foremost a development tool for mobile-first projects. This tool supports programming languages like CSS, HTML, JS, and a few others. Because of its focus on mobile platforms, it is easier to design faster and simpler websites that are also responsive using this tool. Despite the fact that bootstrap has been improving its features, the popularity of this tool is actually going down because of the rise of other software development platforms. However, this is still a great option if you want a lightweight tool for developing mobile applications and mobile-based websites.

AWS Cloud9

Amazon Web Services is a new player among development platforms. When it first started in 2010, it used to be an open-source program. But after Amazon acquired the platform in 2016, they further improved this tool massively and made it chargeable. You can use this tool for both scripting and debugging codes. Because AWS is primarily a server provider, Cloud9 offers the feature that enables users to seamlessly switch between local and remote testing and debugging. This tool is useful for developing both websites and mobile applications.

Tips on how to buy Development Tools Software Online

The success of any software development project depends a great deal on the tools that you use. So, it is worth investing some time into finding out the perfect tool for your project. However, because there are so many different tools out there, finding the right one can be an overwhelming task, especially if you are new to it. But it is easier if you know what criteria to consider while selecting a tool. Here are some tips that you can follow while buying a development tool.

  • Type of tool – There is a variety of different development tools software. These include Integrated Debugging Environments, Build Tools, Source Control, Profilers, Bug Trackers, Automated Deployment or Continuous Integration Tools, and Testing tools. Make sure that you are selecting a tool that offers the right set of features for your purpose.
  • Standards and usefulness – If you are working in an organisation, you might have to follow some standards required by the organisation. Often, they dictate the tools you can use for a project. But if you are working on your own or if you are the one who decides what tool to use, you can select one depending on how useful it is going to be for a particular project.
  • Integration and compatibility – These days, developers have to use more than one tool for any software project. So, when you are buying tools for the project, make sure that all of them are going to be cross-compatible. It would be even better if they also offer integration between various different development tools software.
  • Price – Most development tools software offers a free version that is dumbed down or a free-trial period. Always make use of it. This will let you evaluate the usefulness of the tool. Also, when you are actually buying the software, you can save a bit of money if you spend some time looking for offers. In some cases, you might even save more than half of the actual price of the software.

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Question & Answer

What is a development tool?

In the earliest days of software development, the only tool developers had at hand was just the basic text editor. Not surprisingly, it took really long to develop applications, especially if they were complex. There was no way to find out errors or to check the efficiency of the tool. The introduction of development tools software has greatly simplified the process of software development. These days a developer does not have to go through every line of code to do the editing or debugging. Most development tools software also allow efficient management of software assets as well.

What is the difference between Oracle XE and SQL Developer?

Basically, SQL Developer is the integrated development environment for Oracle XE. While Oracle is a database server, SQL works as a client. SQL, which is the client, connects to Oracle and allows submission of queries to access data from the database. However, SQL is not the only developer tool for Oracle. Many other tools can also work with Oracle. Similarly, SQL is not a developer tool just for Oracle. You can use SQL Developer for connecting with many other databases as well.

Why is GitHub so popular?

There are many notable reasons for the popularity of GitHub. But, the most important one is that a lot of people from the developer community are already using GitHub. This allows both programmers and hobbyists to review and evaluate each other’s work and also download them. GitHub has an active user base of over twenty-eight million. That means hundreds and thousands of projects are being uploaded to GitHub on a daily basis. This provides developers with a platform to access the code written by others and learn from them.

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