About Water Shoes

If you enjoy fishing, kayaking, or any other sport that requires you to be near water, a good pair of water shoes is a must-have piece of equipment. It protects your feet and makes them comfortable when you’re having a leisurely stroll on the beach. What’s more, it is also great for snorkelling and boating adventures.

People who take swimming and water sports seriously will understand that a good pair of shoes is equally important as having comfortable swimwear. Doing these activities without the right set of equipment comes with a slew of dangers. So, whether you are just starting to explore different water activities or have been doing it for years, we understand how excited you are to purchase the best footwear for your favourite activity. However, don’t spend a penny unless you are sure about the one that best suits your needs. Below is a buying guide that you can use to make the right choice.

Reasons to wear water shoes

Water shoes are a necessity for anybody who spends a lot of time enjoying water sports. They are appropriate footwear for anyone who climbs in and out of the water regularly because of the foot and toe protection, as well as the excellent traction that they offer. But some people tend to look down on water footwear. Regardless of what people think, however, having the right kind of footwear can make a huge difference. Waters shoes come with so many great features that make them a must-have. Here is a list of reasons why you should be wearing them in water. Furthermore, this article will also give you some really useful tips that you can use while shopping for water shoes.

Lightness and quick drying time

Usually, water shoes come with perforations, well-ventilated fabrics, and multiple drainage points to enable them to drain water more efficiently and dry faster. Well, that only means you can wear them when walking in the rain, in muddy areas, on the riverside, or when strolling along the beach. If you happen to wear regular shoes in such wet conditions, they get filled up with water. Not only will this weigh down your feet, but it will also pretty much ruin your shoes beyond repair. You can wear water footwear even underwater without any problem.

Better traction and protection

By having the right pair of water footwear, you can save yourself from the embarrassment brought by slipping on surfaces such as smooth rocks, boat decks, and docks when walking barefoot. To enjoy superior support and traction, choose water shoes featuring rubber soles. Properly closed water shoes offer superior protection to your feet from the burning boat deck, the rocky seabed, and the sharp shells on the beach. These can also come in handy when wading through a pebbly riverbank or murky waters.


Another great reason to invest in a pair of water shoes is comfort. Basically, they feature compression-moulded ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA) midsoles that provide your feet with supreme comfort and support. Hence, you get more freedom to enjoy being in the water to the fullest. If you want to go beach walking, sailing, or kayaking, then opt for a pair with proper heel cushioning for enhanced comfort. As it has better insulation than regular shoes, your feet will be warm even if the water is cold. This warmth maintains a comfortable temperature and helps with circulation.


Most water shoes feature flexible mesh materials that improve breathability. Not only this is designed to keep the feet cool, but it also ensures that there’s better drainage and better water flow when the footwear is submerged in water. The mesh construction also ensures that no water is held in the shoes while strolling by the beachside or swimming; thus, you will be able to comfortably indulge in whatever it is that you’re doing. Because of all these reasons, you should wear water shoes without socks.

Tips on buying Water Shoes online

It can be overwhelming when you try to choose a water shoe from hundreds and thousands of different models. For the same reason, it is very easy to make mistakes when you are shopping for them. But that doesn’t mean it is rocket science. If you know what to look for in water shoes, it gets easier to narrow down. Here are a few tips that you can follow when you are shopping for a good pair online. These tips, along with our shopping search engine, will help you find the right type of water footwear online.

  • Consider the type of activity or sports – Water shoes for fishing is not the same as water shoes for hiking. Fishing shoes have better grips that provide optimal supports to prevent fatigue while standing for long hours. In the case of hiking, the shoes have to be rugged and indestructible. The design priorities for water shoes vary from activity to activity, and therefore you should look for the one that is specific to yours.
  • Size and fit – This is important regardless of the type of shoes you are buying. In fact, the size and fit of the shoes will decide the level of comfort and even usability of the shoe in various situations. For instance, if the shoes are a size too large for the feet, they might come off when you are in the middle of an activity.
  • Check the comfort – Apart from the size and fit of the shoes, the comfort of the shoes also depends on the material. Although it can be hard to tell how it will feel on your feet when it is wet, you can look at the material or fabric of the shoes to find out initially. The material on the top and sole of the shoes should be breathable and have proper drainage for water to flow out.
  • Durability and price – Water shoes are usually more durable than the average sneakers. This is because they use materials that are resistant to water and sweat. But keep in mind that they are also softer. Therefore, you don’t want to use them as streetwear, as the soles do not hold up to that level of abrasiveness.

Although the primary function of water shoes is to protect your shoes and provide comfort while you indulge in water activities, it will be nice if they are versatile to be worn on solid ground for a short while. That way, you won’t have to switch shoes if you want to go and get some snacks. For more choices, don’t forget to check out our sport shoes category.

Question & Answer

Can you swim wearing water shoes?

One of the major problems swimmers face while swimming on the beach or a river is accidentally stepping on the sharp stones at the bottom. This can be painful. And even worse, these wounds can cause bacterial infections. Good thing, water shoes can protect your feet. But can you really swim in them? While they are designed for that, you mindful about the type of shoes you are choosing. The best ones for swimming are extra lightweight, snug-fitting, and have plenty of drainage holes.

Are water shoes worth it?

To find out whether or not water shoes are useful, you have to consider the options you have without them. If you decide to go to the beach without them, you can either go barefoot, wear flip flops, or wear your regular shoes. Going barefoot is not bad, but it leaves your feet unprotected. Wearing flip flops may protect the underside of the feet but still leaves the rest of the feet uncovered. Also, walking in flip flops gets pretty tiring after a while. Wearing your regular footwear to the beach is definitely a bad idea. Considering all these things, you can see that wearing water footwear will let you enjoy yourself without having to worry about stones and sharp objects in the sand. So, that’s worth every penny you pay.

How to get rid of sand from water shoes?

Everybody hates it when the sand gets trapped inside the shoes while enjoying a walk on the beach. Besides, it can be frustrating when you try to get rid of the sand. Yes, it is not easy. Therefore the best way is to choose a pair with good drainage. And clean the shoes after you finish enjoying yourself at the beach. To get the sand out of the shoes, if the shoes are still wet, you can simply wash them in fresh water under a tap. If the shoes are already dry and you don’t want to wet them again, use some force and simply beat the shoes on any surface.

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