About Walking shoes

A running shoe is different from a walking shoe. Likewise, walking shoes and fitness walking shoes are different as well. Some fitness walkers might like running shoes because they provide more flexibility. Therefore, we suggest putting your preferences on priority whether you are buying a pair for walking or fitness walking.

Walking shoes are designed to offer the perfect balance of comfort and style. You can wear them for a brisk workout or even when you are out and about. However, it pays to choose the right one when shopping online. The apt size and material can prevent a number of health issues such as foot pain, blisters, and calluses. Therefore, we recommend you research before buying a pair. On this page, we will provide all the information you need to have a great and convenient online buying experience. So, stay tuned and read until the end. 

Essential parts of comfy walking shoes 

Knowing the different parts would help you understand the features you need. First of all, look at the shoe as two different layers: top and bottom. The top layer consists of a tendon protector, heel collar, upper, toe box, and toe cap. The bottom layer consists of an insole, gel or air midsole, and outsole. Every part is associated with the functionality of your shoes. For instance, tendon protector reduces stress on the Achilles tendon by locking the shoe around the heel. Overall, the top layer parts are mostly responsible for holding your foot firm. And when it comes to the bottom layer, it enhances comfort through cushioning, ventilation, and maintaining traction. All of these parts make your footwear the best walking shoes for men and women. And if you are wondering about the top brands to consider, we have rounded up a few below. 

ASICS: Comfy walking shoes for men and women

Asics is one of the premium brands in the category of walking shoes. Here, we are selecting a few and telling you their unique features. First of all, if you have a high arch, Asics have gel-nimbus for you. This product’s arch support is impeccable, and loads of customer reviews who have a high arch and wide foot find “Gel-Nimbus the best shoe till yet. Well, just for wide feet, you can go for Sketchers Skech Air Element. You can find a variety of shoes from your favourite brands and online sellers on So, shopping for the most comfortable walking shoes for women and men becomes truly exciting.

Ryka walking shoes: Made for women 

Ryka’s shoes are exclusively engineered for women’s unique foot shape, muscle movement and build. They have a narrower heel for a more secure fit as women tend to have smaller heels than men. They also have extra space in the toe box and extra softer foot cushioning. You can choose memory foam insole and breathable mesh if you plan to wear them all day. To give you a good start, we shall suggest looking at “Intrigue Walking Shoe” and “Sky Walk”. Or you can also buy women’s walking shoes for travel. But before you hop-in, do not forget to read our crisp tips on buying the right pair of shoes.

Replacing worn-out walking shoes

The one thing you should do after buying those best long distance walking shoes is to track them. So, you will know when they are going to worn out. And, you can track your shoes by two factors. These include outsole mark or inside protection failure. Even if a shoe looks fine from outside, it loses its impact protection, support, or shock absorption. Considering all the factors, experts suggest replacing your walking shoe after 300-400 miles of walking in your current pair. We don’t think of any brand that promises more than that. Even if it does, you must confirm by looking at the specifications. You can track your daily miles and put a mark on your calendar, so you will know the exact miles taken.

Tips on how to buy Walking Shoes online in the UAE

As walking shoes are different from running shoes, they need to have some distinct features too. Knowing a few technicalities other than style and design can make or break the deal. We know and understand the importance of outside material being sturdy and spectacular. However, what lays inside is the comfort of your sole. Thus, we have compiled a few very essential features you must look for when buying a pair of sports shoes for walking.

  • Width and length – Knowing your shoe size is not enough as there exists a few exceptions. You might have one foot larger than the other. First of all, measure both of your feet whenever you do. Second of all, go for the size that fits your larger foot. If you are a woman with wider feet, go to the men’s section, and you will find your perfect fit. However, if you are a man, you can find many sports brands offering the right pair for wider feet.
  • Watch your arch – If you have a natural arch, look for firm midsoles. If you have flat feet meaning low arch, go for straight last and motion control that helps stabilise your feet. However, high-arched feet should focus more on cushioning to help shock absorption. All these features will enhance comfort as they personalise according to your feet.
  • Flexion is essential – The forefoot of the shoe must be flexible enough to roll through each step. Otherwise, your foot will fight with the shoe and end up worn down. It can also lead to shin splints. Those who don’t know, shin splints are pains in your lower legs due to overuse of muscles. Although the pain can be treated with self-care, you can lessen it by choosing the right pair of walking shoes.
  • Heel and flare – The heel height must not be more than an inch. Do not just look at the shoe from outside and conclude a higher heel because the real heel of your foot actually sits lower inside the shoe. So, read the specifications to get the actual height. About the flare, walkers do not need flare at all as it impedes the walking action.
  • Consider motion control – If you are on the heavy side, or if you overpronate, you may need a pair of motion control shoes. Well, overpronate is a kind of walk where your foot tilts either outward or inward toward the arch. Also, if you have other mobility issues, motion control can balance your walk. These shoes are built heavy to provide firm support. In addition, if your situation is severe, you may need to get a custom pair or find an orthotic insole.

We hope the tips would help you in grabbing the best pair. Apart from these tips, we would also like to list some top-notch brands you can explore. These include New Balance, Skechers, Ryka, Rockport, Saucony, Tiosebon, Champion, and ASICS. You can find all of them or even more at Do not forget to read some genuine customer reviews and compare different products before adding one to your cart.

Question & Answer

Are walking shoes necessary for babies?

No, they are not necessary. It is better if you let your kid take the first step barefoot because it helps them explore themselves. They will know if they step on something, that will hurt them. However, if you put on a shoe from the starting, their understanding will develop slowly. Let their foot touch the ground or grasses, so they know how it feels. But yes! You can have pre-walking shoes, warmer shoes, or boots. There are also those designed for wearers with special needs. These include orthopaedic shoes and footwear with anti-slip features.

Are walking shoes and running shoes the same?

No! Walking and running shoes can never be the same. The simple logic here is when you walk, you strike the ground with your heel, mostly. But runners do the opposite, and depending on the individual, it could be front toe or midfoot. Therefore, the design, cushioning, heel, flare, and flexibility would be different in both. In addition, you will find many styles underneath the category of walking or running shoes. And you should know what design fits you best. If you have just started your fitness regime, you better take an expert’s advice or read our tips section for precise information.

What are pre-walking shoes?

Pre-walking shoes are for babies when they start to crawl. These shoes do safety, styling, and comfort when your baby is crawling around like little bees buzzing everywhere. Well, they are just exploring their small world, and you should let them. What you can do is choose safety for them, and that’s what pre-walkers do. But remember not to have them all the time and let your child wiggle their toes and experiment with the grip. Our platform is a great place where you can find a wide spectrum of options for your bundle of joy.

Where to buy walking shoes?

If you are looking for the perfect pair, you should check out the collection of Ryka shoes. These are specially built for women looking for lightweight stability, premium cushioning, and comfort. Alternatively, if you are looking for walking and running shoes, you should consider the creations of Sketchers and Asics. These brands are known for creations that are lightweight, durable, and high-quality. Here on our retail search engine, you can get your hands on your favourite branded pair at awesome prices. As a bonus, you can also indulge in big discounts and exciting deals all year round.

We think you have enough tips and suggestions from our side. Now it is indeed a good time to explore various walking shoe options. is an excellent platform for that with not just the presence of top brands, but authentic online shops as well. You won’t disappoint seeing the diverse range of products making your shopping a seamless journey. Not just walking shoes, you can filter more categories of shoes here like running shoes, infant boots, formal shoes, and lots more.