About Trainers

Sports are fun, but they can also put you at risk at the same time. Thus, choosing the right pair of trainers is important to protect you from common injuries when doing rigorous activities.    

Training shoe is a common term used for all types of sporting footwear. At times they are also known as trainers, sneakers, tennis shoes, kicks, runners, or athletic shoes. Trainers are majorly designed to protect feet and bone structure from substantial physical activities. However, today they are also used casually. Experts agree that choosing the right type of athletic shoe as per your activities is as important as the workout itself. A good feet stretcher can help to strengthen the foot muscles and ease short term pains and aches. However, they cannot undo the real damage from improper footwear.  

Different types of trainers

Wearing the wrong shoe has an impact much more than we all can ever think of. They not only lead to less effective workouts but can also result in severe and permanent damage or injury. Wearing a shoe with a thin tread can increase the risk of a twisted ankle, whereas wearing cross-training shoes on a multi-mil jog can lead to aching feet, plantar fasciitis, shin splints and much more. Hence one way or around, choosing the right shoe according to activities is of great importance. There is a long list of trainers available in the market. Each of these is designed for a specific activity. Here are some of the most commonly used trainers that you may need to buy.  

Walking and basketball sneakers 

Lightweight shoes are for walkers. This is because you need a little extra shock absorption in the heel and ball of the foot to cut down the pain and tenderness as you run. Shoes with rounded soles (also called rockers) help shift the weight smoothly from heels to toes. Walking shoe is rigid in front and help you roll off your toes rather than bending them away whereas basketball sneakers are stiff and thick. The stiff sole gives you extra stability when you run up and down the court. The high-top shoes support your ankle during quick changes in direction and when you jump and land.  

Tennis shoes  

These are other important and widely used types of sports shoes. Tennis shoes support your body structure while you make excessive quick side-to-side moves. These specially designed shoes also offer you all the needed support both in and outside of your feet. When playing tennis, flexibility is also a much-needed element to maintain performance. A high-quality tennis shoe offers all the needed suppleness in the sole, just under the ball of your feet for fast forward movements. All you need to do is to pick a soft-soled shoe if you play on a soft court and choose a trodden one for hard-court play. 

Soccer and football boots 

A soccer player must wear shoes with cleats, studs, or spikes on the sole. These shoes give you traction on grass and soft turf. A soccer cleat does not have a toe–spike, so there is no drag when the player kicks the ball. These shoes are firmly fitted with a tight feel. On the other hand, a football cleat is stiffer with a centre toe cleat for fast starts at the line of scrimmage. Here it will help if you look for a shoe made for specific football positions. This is because the linemen will need a shoe with a high top for ankle support, but the wide receiver will need a low-cut shoe to facilitate running. 

Running shoes  

Running is the most common physical activity and demands special types of shoes for comfort and safety. Jogging shoes offer plenty of cushioning to absorb the shock. These shoes are designs for forwarding motion and protect the front of your foot and the heel. A good pair can also help you avoid stress fractures, shin splints, and tendinitis, whereas trail running shoes are ideal for jogging off the road. These shoes can stand up to dirt, mud, rock and are water-resistant. These shoes have a heavier tread than a traditional running shoe. They also have better heel and side-to-side support to keep you safe while running on uneven surfaces.

Tips on how to buy the best Running Shoes online in the UAE 

When you head to look for cross trainer shoes for sale, getting overwhelmed with choices is obvious. This is because there are dozens of brands presenting hundreds of options to choose from. Every second option on the shelves will look better than the previously explored article. This is the reason why people generally fail to make a choice.  But today we are here to share tips on how you can make a smart buying decision without regret. These tips will help you process all the essential information that you need to check while dealing with the purchase process online.

  • Avoid multitasking shoe – Trainers are of many different types, and each of them works well for specific physical activity. So, when it comes to buying a new pair, you need to be specific about which activity you need to use them for.
  • Know your size – Every time you head to buy shoes, you need to check your recent sizes. Also, make sure that you are taking size with fresh feet and not the one after a long day of walk or work. Once you have the measurements, compare them with the charts online to find your shoe size.
  • Consider space for socks  Going for a too-tight shoe is never a good idea. This is specifically important when you will be wearing socks in the shoe. Make sure your foot has sufficient space in the shoe even with socks. It will give you a snug fit, comfort, and freedom of movement all at once.
  • Trust a brand  Look for trusted brands. Trainers will cost your bucks anyway. But with a reliable brand, you will be sure of having the quality of the product that can serve you well and stay with you for long.
  • Consider the price As said earlier, trainers are expensive and when you shop brands, consider more bucks added. It is thus better to set a realistic budget for your shopping venture and look for options within that price limit. It will save you from excessive spending.

In the end, we will recommend you get some expert suggestions and start searching with these items. However, no matter how much you are into the product on your screen, always read the product description section to know everything in and out of the shoe. It will give your idea about the cleaning and care instruction and educate you if the selected item is ideal for your needs and style of sporting or not.

Question & Answer

What are trainers shoes used for?

Trainers are also known as athletic, gym, tennis, or kick shoes. They are majorly designed for sporting activities and other formal, less aggressive physical exercises. However, today they are widely used for everyday casual wear. These shoes are also ideal where the wearer need multi-directional movements – especially in lateral to side movement. Plus, the flatter sole of these shoes offers a wide range of movements, which makes them ideal for use in the gym. What’s great is that there are gazillion options in the market. So, you will enjoy the hunt for the perfect pair that suits your needs. taste, and budget.

Can you use training shoes like running shoes?

Training shoes are not recommended for use as running shoes. Though they offer a lot of cushioning, that’s not as much as a running shoe does. And if you wear a pair with insufficient cushioning, there are chances of getting injured, muscle cramps, and bone cracks. Moreover, the soles of training footwear are flatter and wider, making them extremely flexible and outstanding for traction. Whereas for running footwear, the soles are narrower and flexibility is mostly positioned at the forefoot. Therefore, using trainers is not recommended for running.

Why are trainers shoes so expensive?

According to experts, higher costs of trainers is basically because of the escalating demand for them around the globe. The increasing demand for these shoes is basically due to the perks it has to offer. From a casual workday to a day out with friends, these shoes can blend in every outfit and situation. Not to mention, they also offer a range of health benefits by offering excellent cushioning and flexibility. These two elements keep your feet protected and comfortable all day. No wonder, everyone has a pair of trainers on their wardrobe.

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